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Dragonball Z Kakarot Doesn't Need to Come to Ps5

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Dragonball Z Kakarot coming to PS5.


Why, that's all I'm asking, why?


Dragonball Z Kakarot has been out since January 2020 and even though the game shaped up to be one of the best DBZ games in existence, it goes without saying that game devs are running out of ideas.

This game, awesome as it is, has been out for 2 years. You mean to tell me that in those 2 years time, those geniuses couldn't think to bring the game to next gen consoles. In a big way, I see why the game devs are doing that.

The Bardock DLC is coming out in January 2023 and if I'm being completely honest, this is their way of ensuring that people get the game pass along with the game on PS5.

While not a bad idea or bad way to go, I think it's a little pointless. I'll get into it in a little bit but if you're trying to sell the game then this is not how you should go about it.

If I was going to make the same game on PS5 as I did the PS4 before it, I would just make the DLC readily available instead of making the game for the PS5. I mean, it is sort of last minute. More on this.....

The pointlessness

I feel like this game is just another cash cow just like the first 'The Last of Us' game that came out on PS5. I can tell you that the game was a cash cow because you already have access to the remastered version on PS4 which I played and beat by the way.

I have no desire to spend 70.00 on a game that I already have sitting comfortably on my PS4. The desire to make people spend a lot of money on a game that they can get at a marked down price is just exorbitantly foolish at best, a piss poor plan at worst.

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I've known about this for some time now and I'm just going to say this is, to me, one of the those 'not very well thought out plans in video game history' scenarios. I mean, why would the devs bring this game to the PS5 when you can easily go to someone's Disk Replay and buy a PS4 then put said game on there.

I mean, you may have to wait a little and if you're really itching to possess a PS4 right now, go on eBay or Amazon.

The Season Pass

The Bardock DLC is going to be in the 2nd upcoming Season Pass which is coming along for the ride on said game. Now, while I think this wasn't such a good idea given the money involved, I can't, ironically, argue that it is a bit of a stroke of genius if those gamers or certain gamers have only a PS5 to their name, Conversely.

But I still can't help but argue that the logic of buying this game and/or bringing it to PS5 would only hold up in a world where the PS4 is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY fazed out.

However, that's far from being the situation right now. I mean, I can leave right now, go to any Gamestop or Disk Replay and walk out with a PS4 console. Not particularly a Pro but a regular PS4 console.

Plus, Playstation Direct keeps sending me invitations to get a PS5 even though I already have one. But if I was really on some scalper shit, I could get another PS5 and sell it for whatever I want but I'm content with the one I have because I'm not greedy but back to the cool mention of pointlessness at hand.

I think its pretty obvious that this is another game that doesn't need to be brought to the PS5 because this is time that the devs are wasting and could be trying to perfect that piece of crap Star Ocean: Divine Force, what a piece of crap!

Well, I'm going to close out with this. If you want to spend the money on getting a 2 year old game; well, it'll be 3 in January, on PS5 and spending the mucho luciano grande, see what I did there, then go ahead. I'm just saying, that 70.00 dollars plus could be better spend on something else.

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