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Dragon Quest IX: Legacy Boss Hunter - Malroth



If you've stumbled upon this hub, then I have to assume that you're looking for help on how to beat Malroth in Dragon Quest IX. Malroth is one of Dragon Quest 9's Legacy Bosses, and is a fair deal stronger than Baramos, which makes sense given the quest order for their respective maps, assuming you've been doing the normal quests before the Wi-Fi quests.

I recently vanquished Malroth, using a party of nearly level 40 characters, which is something I don't exactly recommend as he's pretty tough. Read on to see what I mean!

Previous Dragon Quest Appearances

Malroth (then called Sidoh) was the final boss of Dragon Quest II, where he was summoned by Hargon to destroy Alefgard. However, a trio of descendants of Erdrick put an end to his fiendish schemes before they could be put into place.

Besides that, he has appeared in a fair number of the Dragon Quest Monster spinoff games, as a high-level ??? family monster that can be bred and subsequently added to your party.

Acquiring the Malroth Map

There are only two ways to acquire a map of Malroth:

  • Complete Quest #151 (Pushy Peddler) by giving the quest-giver an Ethereal Stone. As this involves downloading the quest via Wi-Fi, you will not be able to acquire the map in this fashion if you do not have access to Wi-Fi.
  • Acquire the map from someone who has it by using Tag Mode.

Do keep in mind that you only need to access the Wi-Fi once to get the quest information, so you don't particularly need to have a stable or personal connection to yourself.

I'm going to assume you got the map, so keep on reading! :P

Suggested Party Setup

You're going to want a party that's in their 50's, as a bare minimum. Failing that, you can make do if you have plenty of good stat boosts from some of the VUSTs. I recommend the HP boosts from Virtue and Courage to start you off. You're going to want your tank to have Reverse Cycle (obtained by investing skill points in the Fan skill tree; you'll probably need 100 points since the best tank classes can't use Fans normally).

Here's my party setup so you can get a good idea of what the minimum to beat this Legacy Boss is:

Winter - Level 40 Priest

369 HP

204 MP

241 Attack - Falcon Blade

354 Defense

163 Agility

Pyro - Level 38 Gladiator

474 HP

47 MP

369 Attack - Uber Falcon Blade

468 Defense

81 Agility

Windia - Level 39 Sage

374 HP

272 MP
308 Attack - Friendly Fan

317 Defense

203 Agility

Terra - Level 39 Gladiator

319 HP

117 MP

430 Attack - Ice Axe

337 Defense

63 Agility

Malroth's Battle Strategy

If this is the first Legacy Boss you decide to engage, I urge you to leave the grotto and go take on Baramos instead. Malroth is so much harder than Baramos that it's ridiculous.

Here's what you can expect from a level 1 Malroth:

  • Double attack.
  • Critical hits.
  • C-C-Cold Breath, which deals around 160 cold damage to the entire party.
  • Blazing breath, which deals around 160 fire damage to the entire party.
  • Did I mention his physical attacks do upwards of 180 damage to a character with 400+ Defense?
  • Or the fact that his criticals do over 500 (!) damage?

With all of the above said, he isn't that difficult. You can abuse the fact that he'll usually use a breath attack each turn to bounce them back at him with Reverse Cycle. Woe is you if you've yet to get a character with that ability.

Malroth's Loot

Unlike most of the other Legacy Bosses, Malroth will never drop a grotto map leading to another Legacy Boss. Instead, he'll drop Midenhall equipment and Red Orbs (the piece of Midenhall equipment changing every few levels and the chance for Red Orbs dropping increasing as well).

However, he will drop a Mini Medal on defeat, just like every other Legacy Boss. Here's what he drops at Level 1:

  • Mini Medal: 100%
  • Midenhall Boots: 15%
  • Red Orb: 10%

My Party Strategy

As mentioned a few sections ago, you're going to want your tank to have Reverse Cycle. The book acquired upon completing the 100 Shields quest is pretty much an essential as well (instantly block critical hits while you have a shield equipped). Given that I revocated my Warrior a while ago, I decided to switch the vocations of the rest of my party so they could all level up at the same rate. So, if you see some weirdness going on, it's because of how I've spread out the roles:

Turn 1: Priest uses Buff on Sage. Gladiator uses Gritty Ditty (Minstrel scroll acquired by completing the Level 40 Minstrel quest) to boost the party's attack a little. Sage uses Reverse Cycle and Gladiator 2 uses Helm Splitter (Axe skill that deals damage with a percentage chance of lowering defense as well) on Malroth.

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