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Dragon City Guide: Tips & Tricks, Dragon List & Dragon Weaknesses

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Dragon City

Dragon City is a cool game on Facebook that features many different types of dragons. Your goal is to breed dragons, earn goal, collect new dragons and breed stronger dragons. After that, take them and challenge other players to earn prizes.

The main thing is to breed rare and legendary dragons. Not only do they earn you lots of gold, they are also great in combat.

I am going to break down the guide into several sections:

  • General Tips and Tricks
  • Dragon List
  • Dragon Strengths and Weaknesses

General Guide

Dragon Types

There are mainly 9 types of dragons that you can breed. They are:

  • Terra
  • Flame
  • Sea
  • Nature
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Metal
  • Dark
  • Legend

Depending on the type of dragon, each dragon earns different amount of gold/min. For example, Terra dragons earn a lot of gold per minute, but their Terra habitat limits the maximum amount of gold it can make. Flame creatures make less gold/min, but they have a higher maximum gold for the flame habitat, making it a longer term investment.

If you are an active player, Terra habitat is the way to go. For less active players, you will want to go for less gold/min but higher maximum gold habitats.


Gems are used to buy rare dragons. These are rare for a free player, as they are only obtainable through fighting other players and winning the combat tournament every 6 hours or leveling up. The Dragon Stadium will also allow you to earn Gems as well when you win fights every 12 hours. Build one as soon as you get the chance.


This is essential in every dragon city. Food levels your dragons, making them stronger at combat and also earning more gold per minute. To obtain food, you can build farms to grow food.


Gold is the currency in which you use to do everything in the game. To earn gold, you can either collect from your habitats, or do quests and participate in daily rewards. Selling dragons that are rare can also be a good way to make gold, but that will require time.

Dragon Training

Your dragon is eligible for training once it hits level 15. Choose the ability that you want your dragon to learn. Attacks surrounded by a gold border are very strong attacks, so you should prioritize and learn those first. Skills will take time to learn.

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By Hikapo

By Hikapo

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't spend unnecessary Gems on things such as speeding up hatch speed or breeding speed unless you do not mind spending real money. Save them for the hatchery upgrade, giving you more room to breed dragons.
  • Figure out your strategy. If you are less active, go for low gold/min dragons. If you are super active, go for the high gold/min dragons.

Dragon City Dragon List


Dragon Weaknesses

Depending on the element of the dragon, each element is weak to certain types of element attacks.

Earth Dragon

These dragons are not the prettiest, but they are very efficient in bringing in gold.

  • Strong against Fire and Electric Dragons
  • Weak against Water, Ice and Metal Dragons

Fire Dragon

These dragons are hot!

  • Strong against Plant, Metal, Ice and Fire Dragons
  • Weak against Electric and Water Dragons

Water Dragon

They live in water habitats and hates fire.

  • Strong against Water, Plant and Earth Dragons
  • Weak against Fire and Electric Dragons

Plant Dragon

These dragons enjoy the nature.

  • Strong against Dark Dragons
  • Weak against Fire Dragons

Electric Dragon

These dragons can zap you if you make them mad!

  • Strong against Metal Dragons
  • Weak against Electric and Water Dragons

Ice Dragon

They love icy cold habitats!

  • Strong against Water Dragons
  • Weak against Fire and Metal Dragons

Metal Dragon

These dragons are as hard as steel!

  • Strong against Earth, Metal and Fire Dragons
  • Weak against Electric Dragons

Dark Dragon

These dragons are hard to see at night!

  • Neutral against all Dragons
  • Weak against Plant Dragons

Dragon City Breeding Guide

by dragon-city-guide

by dragon-city-guide


Dragon City is a fun real time building, breeding and combat strategy game. If you enjoy any of these genres, you will enjoy it. The guide is made to help people who are trying to understand the game. Hope the above tips helped!

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