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Dragonball Z Kakarot

From experience to outright experimentation, I learned pretty quickly that there is nothing saving you from taking a heap of damage.

Dragonball Z Kakarot, My Progress thus far!


Dragonball Z Kakarot, My impression of the game!

So, I've been spending the last few days playing Dragonball Z Kakarot and even though the sagas are exactly like they were in the television series, I still found it to be pretty enjoyable.

Having said that, I want to touch on my initial reaction to the gameplay. The gameplay is solid, I like how easy it is to use your characters' moves. Some of them you might even forget like I kept doing with Goku and his Kamehameha Wave.

I spent most of my time with Piccolo, and despite him being the less powerful of the two rivals, he handled pretty well. I got to use his Special Beam Cannon which will put a hole in anything the beam touches.

To be completely honest, I'm having a whale of a good time playing the game. There's so much in the game that's immersive like the Z orbs you get from doing away with the enemies you encounter or in most cases, find you.

I've gotten to a point where I had to purchase certain moves and special attacks of the characters, so far its just been Piccolo and Goku. I'm learning how to use Gohan little by little. But as you know, starting out, he was a whinny, sniveling, spoiled brat.

But eventually, he grows up out of that. I can't wait to start buying moves for him and I really can't wait to start the Frieza Saga. But the game leaves little to be desired because it plays beautifully.

The Consecutive Energy Blast is a move that I found myself falling back on the most but I am trying to cut that out because the characters have moves that is more damaging, the aforementioned move is something that is cleverly used to close distance.

The one thing that I notice about the game that is sort of coming up as a dead end for me is the training grounds, it doesn't matter how many of them that I go to or touch down on, I just can't get them to work for Piccolo. I mean, I thought I was going to learn his Special Beam Cannon on a training ground but he learned that after the battle with Raditz.

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Which brings me back to, why was that asshole Raditz a lot easier this time around when last time I struggled to beat him. I did but just barely. I have a theory to that regard and I'll get into it later but Raditz seemed a little too easy to beat vs. last time when I beat him but barely.

See, when I first played this game for the ten minutes I did, just getting a feel for it. I took on Raditz and barely beat him. I completed the Saiyan Saga and Gohan was on his way to Namek.

Things that I did this time around that I didn't do last time I played:

  • Played patiently
  • Learned how to play offensively and defensively
  • Got some Z orbs which allowed me to buy upgraded levels of my special attacks
  • Explored and beat some enemies
  • Wasn't trying to make leveling up a priority more of a perk
  • How to effectively counterattack
  • The Vanish maneuver was my go to when it came to dodging out of the range of attacks
  • I took the time to learn the game and didn't rush any part of it

Dragonball Z Kakarot is shaping up to be the game that takes the Dragonball name to the next level, this is the impression I got as I was playing the campaign mode. Interestingly, there is another DLC on the way in the form of Bardock and his story.

But, that's not until next year but it does give me something to look forward to. However, as for right now, I am enjoying the game and sitting through the adventure of that of the Z-Fighters.

If I had to compare this to anything, I would say that this game personally tops the campaign of Dragonball Fighter Z. I like the game and I like that you're able to use different fighters but as far as living the adventure, nothing tops this game.

I also want to go on record as saying that no matter what happens, this game was definitely worth the money I paid for it. I just wish that I didn't leave it sitting idle on my PS4 dashboard for so long.

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