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Doom Eternal: A Modern Video Game That's Even Better Than Its Predecessor - 10/10


A Summary of The Best Game of 2020

Doom is one of the best game franchises, Wolfenstein started to suck recently since Wolfenstein 2 because it was developed by a team who didn't understand the franchise it should've been made by id who originally created the game like doom was and I think they would be better games overall. DOOM 2016 was a big hit and renewed interest in the franchise and reinvigorated the gaming industry which is so full of boring walking simulators it just makes me angry and bored that I hadn't played video games for a while until I played DOOM and I gained renewed interest in video games. DOOM Eternal has raised my interest in gaming once again setting the bar even higher while the original game did allow you to create your own levels, which was very fun, this game improves on the multiplayer which was sorely lacking in the last game. I would give this game 5 out 5, 10 out 10, maybe even 11. This game is amazing fun invigorating makes you feel like a powerful badass and still challenging.

Best Soundtrack of 2020!

DOOM ETERNAL IS BETTER THAN EVERY OTHER GAME FROM 2020 (especially animal roadkill)

Doom Eternal for Xbox One is an amazing first-person shooter 10/10!

10/10 Graphics- Amazing graphics and HDR lighting with beautiful visuals in the environment and partial effects at a locked 60 FPS. Demons look realistically terrifying gross and bloody.

10/10 Audio - Sound is amazing and has a subtle 3D surround effect. Music is great and overall sound delivery of weapons and demons is incredible.

10/10 Gameplay - The game drops you right into blasting demons with the combat shotgun in mere minutes. The level design feels easy to comprehend and it's hard to get lost, but there are secret areas to explore and collectibles. The shooting is very fluid and there are a lot of settings in the options menu to adjust to get the perfect shooter setup equivalent to the PC edition. The story is very good as well, you are a badass demon Slayer trying to save the world and the game makes you feel like an unstoppable unrelenting force of nature, and there are harder difficulties to choose from to give you more of a challenge.

10/10 I highly recommend Doom Eternal to anyone looking for a good first-person shooter that cuts the fat and is fast-paced and awesome and puts you right in the middle of slaughtering demons.

Other Versions of DOOM ETERNAL

PS4: Not as good as Xbox One or PC because PS4 is overrated and the interface is less well made and convoluted and has no backward-compatibility, but DOOM Eternal is still DOOM Eternal even on ps4 so It's still a great game even on ps4.

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PC: The original gaming console for many great games, including DOOM so it's a no-brainer that the PC version is just as great as the Xbox One version.


DOOM is awesome and should not be tainted with the stain that is animal crossing

DOOM is a game for real men! Not, little boys who still wear 'Pokémon' underwear and poop in their pants! Animal Crossing sucks it's boring the characters are stupid you can't go on a vendetta and kill all the stupid animals, basically it is a 0.001/10 game. Isabelle is a stupid ugly dog and should taste hot lead blown through her skull by the Doom Slayer's Super Shotgun.

DOOM IS BETTER THAN animal crossing, animals suck Nintendo sucks, and losers over the age of 4 who play animal crossing over DOOM SUCK! 'Animal Crossing' will be ripped and teared until there is nothing left!

DOOM is the best game of March 2020, and not Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing would be better titled as "Animal Defecation 2 - Electric Boogaloo". DOOM is the best game of 2020. id IS AWESOME! Nintendo SUCKS!

Dead Dog Got it What Deserved

Dead Dog Got it What Deserved

Here's first video with royalty free music

rougher video with less cool music


Doom Rules Animal Crossing Drools

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