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Doom 2016: Video Game Review


History of DOOM

The original "DOOM" was made for just for computers, but the modern one was released to computers as well as consoles. The original game was considered revolutionary changing how people played video games, and it also created the genre of video games known as first-person shooters or FPS for short, although there were first-person shooters before it was the first to emphasize fast-paced action-oriented gameplay and why fps games that came after it, were called “DOOM clones”. That is not to say there is no story in the game but they never make it more important than the gameplay, which is the real point of a game, thus gameplay should always be the main focus of a game because without fun gameplay it’s just a story and not a game.


The DOOM 2016 Review

“DOOM 2016” is one of the best games I’ve played in some time, it’s fun but also challenging and even frustrating at times, but that is to the benefit of the game as it keeps the player engaged and adds to the overall enjoyment of it. The game is even challenging on easy mode, but it’s still meant to be played on the higher difficulty modes to get the most enjoyment from it, and the greatest challenge is on Ultra Nightmare, a game mode so insane if you die once you have to restart the entire game all over again. I first played this game on normal because I had never really played a “DOOM” game before, at least for more than a few minutes, and after playing this game I became a hardcore fan. This is a no-nonsense game and is meant to be played on the harder difficulties to truly enjoy it, the harder something is to defeat the greater sense of achievement that is felt when it is finally beaten and that’s how I felt when I finally defeated “DOOM” on the Xbox One for the first time.

My first experience with the series “DOOM” was many years ago as a 14-year-old as a freshman in high school, a classmate whose name I can’t remember had installed some games onto my computer one of them was called “DOOM”. I had never played “DOOM” before although I had heard a few mentions of it and how well-received it was, however, I knew next to nothing of it really, so I clicked on it. And before I knew it, I was in the middle of the first level and had no idea what to do then monsters started coming out of the walls to try and kill me, but before long it was “Game Over Man!”, and I had only gotten to play maybe ten minutes of the game before class ended and by the next class the teacher removed the game from my school computer and I never really played a “DOOM” game again until last year. After that, I began watching many gameplay videos of the original “DOOM” and quickly became taken with it because of what I missed playing it those years ago in high school.

There are 3 gameplay modes in “DOOM 2016”: Campaign, Multiplayer, and SnapMap, with the Campaign and SnapMap gameplay modes being my favorites. The campaign mode of this game is fun and favors fun gameplay over story, but still has a compelling narrative that does not take away power from the player to benefit the story. What I like most about playing “DOOM” is the feeling of power you get when you play it you are the Doom Slayer, a warrior capable of incredible feats of strength, skill, and cunning. However, the music and overall sound design of the game is also very well made and it ties in with the single-player gameplay for my favorite parts of the game. The music has a retro feel to it adding heavy metal riffs from the original “DOOM” had and adding digital distortion to make it sound more ominous and it gets louder the closer you are to combat making it all the more engaging. Playing the game gives you a feeling of power, you are a single individual who alone can defeat the vast armies of Hell, even the character you play as does not like to be ordered around and doesn’t take any nonsense from men or demons.

The SnapMap mode of this game has a strong community base to it with plenty of fun level designs and can be quite tedious at first, but it becomes very rewarding later on, to create your very own personalized design maps, and if you don’t want to create any maps you can just play other people’s maps and rate them on how fun they were. It gives the player an idea of what it’s like to design a game and test it which can be a rewarding experience for those who wish to someday make games of their own, but it feels like less of a game and more of a job though there are plenty of fun maps to play designed by other players who put nearly as much effort into making their maps as the developers did making the game.

The multiplayer is the weakest aspect of this game and is less innovative and fun than the single-player mode; higher level players have clear advantages over new players. Another noticeable difference at first is the frame rate which doesn’t feel as smooth as the rest of the game and the gameplay is tipped in the favor of higher-level players who have better weapons, armor, and power-ups making it harder for new players to become better and easier for the higher level player to always win. The multiplayer mode feels streamlined and generic compared to the rest of the game catering to high-level players while making new players quite weak. However, it still retains some of the fun gameplay of the single-player mode it’s fast-paced with no cover to hide behind so you always have to be on the run because and there is no regenerating health which gives a challenge to even the higher level players, which levels the playing field somewhat.

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If I were to give the campaign of this game a score I would give it a solid 10 out of 10 it’s very fun and enjoyable with plenty of fun gameplay hidden secrets and difficult puzzles. The SnapMap I would give a 9 out of 10 it’s fun to design your very own maps, though it can get quite tedious over time and can feel like a chore at times to make your map fun, it is still quite rewarding to play a map you created from scratch and have other people like it too. The Multiplayer I would give an 8 out of 10, it’s slightly above average as it retains the main game’s fast-paced gameplay, but still feels quite generic in comparison to the rest of the game. Overall, I think “DOOM 2016” is a game that deserves a solid 9 out of 10, with a great single-player campaign, a decent level designer mode that allows players to create, share and play maps with other players, and although it has some weaker multiplayer aspects, it’s still an impressive and innovative game with plenty of fun creative gameplay and a well-written story.

My DOOM 2016 Video Review

Side Note:

I started playing DOOM again in 2016 when this game out (despite what it says in my review because it was written in 2017), and ever since I've been a huge DOOM fan. The above video contains my gameplay from all 3 sections of DOOM 2016 first campaign then multiplayer and finally snap map.

The Doomslayer is about to "Change" the demonic horde into puddles of gore.

The Doomslayer is about to "Change" the demonic horde into puddles of gore.

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