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Don't Not Use Torrent

I'm all for doing things that I can to make a battle easier.


Overworld Ridin' with Torrent

When facing certain enemies, it is important to utilize every single resource that you have and one of those valuable as well as irreplaceable resources is your horse, Torrent. There are going to be enemies that might seem a little bit difficult to fight on foot and that's okay because with Torrent, you got speed, turnaround time and timing.

I should warn you though that it is better to wrap up a battle on Torrent because sometimes dragging out a battle can mean the difference between life and death but I know that's not possible because FromSoftware what to milk it for all its worth.

- The Group

As previously mentioned, there are some very powerful enemies that might seem a little too much to take out on foot unless you've got some build that protects you from damage. Here's a group of enemies that should be taken out on Torrent.

1. Tree Sentinel - recommended level, 30

2. Dragon Agheel - recommended level, 50

3. Night Calvary - recommended level, 65

4. Giant Golems (Bow and Arrow) - recommended level, 77

5. Full Grown Fallingstar Beast - recommended level 113

6. Fallingstar Beast, Altus Plateau - recommended level 118

7. Knights, recommended level, any

8. Fire Cannons, recommended level, 110

9. Any Dragon after Agheel, recommended level, 111

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10. Wormface - recommended level,100

11. Edtree Avatar - recommended Level, 92+

There are a dozen more enemies that I didn't mention but here's a little tip to keep in mind, anytime you face an enemy that is too fast to stop on foot, and you'll know quickly who these enemies are, use that instinct and try to destroy them while on Torrent.

The reason being is that more times than not, you died because you can't match an enemy's speed, if you're on something that'll help you do just that, you'll come out the winner. This is handy when dealing with enemies who have long reaching attacks that are hard to dodge.

This is another reason why you should keep this in mind, it helps and you have a tactical advantage because then you can match the enemy blow for blow.

- Keeping an Eye on the Ring

This is something that you should do that'll take you a long way and I mean in the aspect that if you should need to get on Torrent then you'll be able to better survive your bout with your enemy.

At times, it can be difficult to mind the ring while you're fighting enemies because at times when a quick getaway is needed, it is not there or not there at that moment. That's why whenever you're out and about, you should be ready to summon Torrent on a moment's notice especially since you can get to places faster with him.

When you reach Caelid, you're going to be counting on Torrent a lot because he's immune to all negative status ailments which means that he can ride across lakes of Scarlet Rot and Poison and he'll be okay.

Torrent makes taking out flying enemies easy because since he's fast and like I said, matching enemies blow for blow so you're going to be on even ground with flying enemies.

But, riding Torrent and attacking while on Torrent is best done with something that's not a Greatsword because it makes it hard to do a lot of definitive damage. From experience, I was trying to get in some hits on a Runebear and that son of a bitch tore my ass apart because I was trying to kill it with a Greatsword.

I later switched to my Sword of Night & Flame and was able to kill the prick because as it stood, I was able to deal several points of damage to it at once thereby killing it. Radahn can be taken out on horseback as well but there's a way you can provoke him then get him to follow you back to the cliffs where he'll meet his end.

Incidentally, doing this, luring Radahn back to the cliffs then climbing up and getting on a branch then waiting the battle out until Radahn kill himself which he will. Torrent is needed for this battle otherwise your attempt to fool Radahn will be for naught.

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