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Does Violence in Video Games Lead to Real Violence? My Opinion on the Matter

Jacob is a long time gamer and game enthusiast for all types of video games.

I Do Not Believe That it Does

I personally do not believe that playing a game that shows a violent act will influence a person into going out and then choosing to do something violent. Perhaps if a person was already going to do something violent, they may use what they saw in a game as inspiration for what they do, but they already made the choice to do violence without the games help. The inspiration from the game, of what the act may be, doesn't put the game at fault for the act itself.


I Would Even Argue the Opposite in Some Cases

I don't know about you but when i would come home from school after a hard day, turning on the PlayStation and killing a few zombies or ripping out Raiden's spine would help me get out any violent feeling I had. It helped me to relax and have some fun, never put any ideas into my head, and I had quite the temper and pension for fighting when I was younger. Video games still to this day help me to relax and have fun rather than make me want to act out any violence. This is, of course, my own personal feeling and not a studied position, but I would be willing to bet there are more people out there that would say the same.

Violence Is Nothing New

The biggest proof, I believe, is the fact that violence against others has been around since the dawn of mankind. There have been many wars and countless acts of brutality long before video games or any form of media ever existed, many ancient torture devices show the clearly violent thoughts that people could think up and put into action without any need for influence from a game. Honestly, the idea that video games cause anyone to choose to commit an act of violence while we have countless history books that show just how violent people could be well before video games is laughable to me.

It Can be Argued That They Inspire in Some Way

While I don't believe they cause people to become violent in any sort of way, there is an argument that someone who is already planning to make the choice to commit a violent act against another human being or beings, may use something they saw in a video game as their inspiration as to how or what they do. The problem I have with this argument is that it doesn't make sense to blame the game for the act, while the method or action may have been inspired by the game, the violence would have happened anyway as the perpetrator had already decided, without the idea from the game he still would have done the act but would have chosen a different method is all.


Causing and Providing Inspiration are Very Different Things

Its one thing to claim that a video game may give people ideas of what to do when commiting violence, but to claim that it will cause it is certainly wrong, in my opinion, and can be a very dangerous claim to make. With the argument of games causing violence being discussed more and more, lawmakers could be influenced to enact legislation to limit certain aspects of games, or make rules more strict for certain people to play them. I certainly understand that their should be limits on certain people or ages to play certain games, but at the moment that limit is on the parent or guardian of that person to decide, as i believe it should be. While I certainly believe that parents should be more informed on what they allow their children to play as a general rule, I don't think their should be, or needs to be any sort of laws put in to place to control this in any way. To put into simple terms, a violent person who wants to commit a violent act is going to do so whether they played a video game or not, and attempting to blame a game or anything else for this choice doesn't solve the real issue of why they chose to do it.

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Joshua Luke Da Costa from Port Elizabeth, South Africa on October 20, 2020:

It always annoys me when I hear someone say violence in video games cause people to commit violence in real life, especially since there are tons of psychology articles saying the exact opposite. Aside from that, it's such a fundamentally flawed idea because video games are a form of entertainment and are not real, in the same way as a book or a comic book. I have never seen anyone read a comic book and then go on a homicidal rampage directly after.

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