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Does the Existence of Peachette Disprove the Mario Galaxy Reshuffle Theory for Rosalina

An old school gamer, Jennifer Branton enjoys her Nintendo titles on The Switch when taking a break from survival horror and RPG titles.

Our Princess May Be In Another Timeline

Super Mario Galaxy told fans a lot about the background of the Mario universe- more than anyone ever expected of the platforming franchise in fact.

As the Switch went on to release a revamped Super Mario U Deluxe edition with new playable characters Nabbit and Toadette whom with aide of the Super Crown power up can become Peachette, an evolved form of the toad that looks strikingly like Peach, everything we know about the Universe Reshuffle from Super Mario Galaxy is again making us question the way we look at what is true about the Mushroom Kingdom.

If this new Peachette is showing us that a chosen Toad can eventually be groomed into a Princess, what does that make Rosalina and does this finally explain how Princess Toadstool vanished after a few classic games to be revamped as Peach?


The Storybook Says Everything We Know About Mario And The Princess Is Wrong

Perhaps in the earliest Mario games, the Princess we see him saving is actually Toadstool, the woman that he has a relationship with. After a few games, the franchise revamped the dark haired woman with a similar pink dress to the blonde and blue eyed rendition of Peach we get these days.

And what exactly happened to Pauline from Donkey Kong who we later see in Super Mario Odyssey who was also Mario's love.

Although we can argue that Pauline eventually broke up with Mario when his adventuring took him away from her for an extended period of time and she went on to be the successful singing mayor of New Donk City, how do we explain Toadstool?

The answers lie in the storybook of Rosalina from the first Galaxy game.

Reading her story to the Lumas, Rosalina is telling her life story about her and a younger brother who also wears a green hat familiar to the franchise, they stand on the star gazing hill next to her mother's three towered castle on earth.

Rosalina is sad as they visit the hill over time because she feels so alone and just wants to be reunited to when her mother was still around. She is buried now under the tree.

Rosalina explains after the black hole had spit the galaxy back and (shown in the ending of Galaxy ) a remixing of everything from the Mario universe, this seems to explain spin off games where Mario and the gang can be competing with baby versions of themselves and their usual enemies as friends.

In the time that Rosalina is from Luigi is her father and Peach is her mother, something that is not often played up in other games as they try to pair Peach with Mario and Daisy with Luigi.

Because this alternate timeline exists where Luigi ends up with Peach instead, it makes sense that Toadstool and Peach have to be two different people from various timelines with Mario.


Becoming Peach

If Toadstool was from another timeline, why don't we see her in any of the other Mario titles along with everyone else that joins in the spin off titles?

I think honestly we will at one point.

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Perhaps Nintendo doesn't want to confuse continuity with Daisy sporting a similar look, but to be fair it was their information in the Galaxy storybook that supports the Reshuffle Theory.

The end of Galaxy even shows it in action as characters are rained down on the Mushroom Kingdom from various games into what is now the current timeline Mushroom Kingdom.

When in the timeline where Peach is now the ruler, we are expected to just be OK with the change in Mushroom Management.

Some wonder though from the liner notes if all the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom were originally Toads, how did humans get to be the royal family?

It finally begins to make sense with the introduction of Toadette.

Perhaps Toadstool is still out there, but she has evolved into a final form that we don't recognize her now.

Illustrations in an official coloring book to support the old cartoon show from the eighties and the liner notes from the original game all state that Toadstool was a daughter of the King and Queen whom appear very much Toad-like themselves so perhaps the humanoid form only is the form that the ruling monarch wears.


Toadette To Peachette

Again from Nintendo's own mouth, Toads, can evolve into the Peachette form by aid of a power up, the Super Crown.

Toads don't have genders according to Nintendo so why only the pink Toads can become Peachette's is still on the table.

Toadette after using a Super Crown grows twice it's size and takes on the humanoid from that looks nearly identical to Peach except for a difference in eye color and some fashion including new shoes, earrings, and a pink dress of another style.

Overall it is so similar it could be considered another costume for the reigning Peach.

We know from playing New Super Mario U Deluxe that Peach and Peachette can never be in the same scene together due to winning the game as Peachette will change back to a cut scene of Toadette standing with the Princess for a kiss on the head. Is it because they are too similar?

Can the next to become the Princess not be seen with the current Princess?

Or could it be from the moment you win the game and save the Princess as Toadette/Peachette, that Peachette had finally taken the throne and is now appearing as Peach during her time ruling the kingdom?

Did the Reshuffle Theory have anything to do with the ending of this game and change the timeline to including the ascension of a new Peach?

Perhaps Peach finally fades away because she is back on the timeline where her daughter needs her the most?


So What Is Rosalina

If Peach has been born a Toad and eventually, like Peachette came into her mature form, and Rosalina is the space traveling daughter of Peach, does that mean that Rosalina is also an evolved Toad?

I believe the change had nothing to do with the timeline and and that no matter what the Reshuffle Theory has done to the games after Galaxy that Rosalina appears in her memories in the storybook as a young humanoid looking child, because she gets most of her genetics from her father.

Rosalina is the tallest character in the games, unless you count characters like Bowser and some of the enemies. She favors Luigi's great height and has his blue eyes, the same color as Peach but similar in shape to those of Luigi. She also favors his left handedness we see from when she plays the spin-off games and uses her wand in her left hand. Luigi we also know is left handed.

Another thing that Rosalina gets from dear old dad is being a human as a young child rather than growing from a Toad like mom.

We know that Luigi and Mario are both human-like in their infancy as we see them in the events of the Yoshi games as infants when they are fighting through the events of the islands as red faced humanoid children.

Rosalina and her brother take after their dad.

So if the brother someone we know in the current reshuffle of the timeline? I think we will see him worked in at some point and that we haven't come across him yet in one of the adventures.

The events of Galaxy have done strange things to families like making Bowser the proud papa of the Koopalings for two games only to be reduced to the motherless Bowser Junior in later games.

The other child of Luigi will show up and we will know that its him even if he is not introduced as such.


So What Happens When Peachette Takes Over

In short, probably nothing too different than the ascension of Peach from Toadstool's departure.

Could it be that Toadette/Peachette are from another timeline and Rosalina and her storybook haven't foretold the this timeline?

Not being able to have Peachette and Peach in the same place seem to suggest that something happens, if that is Peachette now taking the crown or not. Odyssey seems to suggest too that Peach was at the end of her time as leader and wanted to have more time for kart racing and tennis in the future without all the hassle of being kidnapped once every few years.

Maybe releasing Deluxe after showing Peach trying to get away in Odyssey shows that in the next new Mario release we will be in the time where Peachette had taken over the duties.

As Rosalina visits the world where her mother's castle sits every hundred or so years, could she disrupt the current timeline by passing through another black hole and bring about another timeline shift in the universe?

It is entirely possible that the newest games in the franchise could be the aftermath of Peachette on the throne.

These events have been pointed to way back in Galaxy in the Reshuffle.

I would like to see a timeline where Rosalina chooses to stay in the Mushroom Kingdom and live aside her parents finally getting what she wants most, more time with her mother.

I hope that if the Switch will remaster Galaxy to see added material as well that will give more insight on where the current timeline fits now in the Reshuffle.

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