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Does the Evolution of Toadette Prove the Super Mario Reshuffle Theory

Since her first Nintendo, Jennifer Branton has been an avid gamer who fairs best in Survival Horror and RPG's.

This Is A Switch

Super Mario U Deluxe is slated for the Switch as a first quarter release in January offering a remix of both the levels from Super Mario Bros U and Super Luigi U released in the Year of Luigi, for one of the most dismal systems of Nintendo's history.

As one of the few gaming companies that still get the replay value of older titles on a new system- Nintendo has most of the their Switch Mario catalog do to throwbacks of other games that have yet to meet the success of the console's only new Mario title; which was one of the best received in gaming history.

Along with a remix of the games we may have played before on the Wii and Wii U,which no one I knew seemed to own, two new playable characters are available in the game reopening the Super Mario Galaxy Reshuffle Theory to another chapter.

While Nabbit, has been a character before, available in the U games, a new power-up called the Super Crown has been added to the game allowing for Toadette to change to an evolved form of Peachette.

This changes everything we thought we knew about the Mushroom Kingdom.


Everyday I'm Shufflin'

What we know about Rosalina's backstory is the key to the Reshuffle Theory.

On her spaceship, she had a storybook that spoke of her childhood in the first and second Galaxy title, although the second was a little more about the events of the first title than her involvement in such. What we know for sure is that Rosalina as a young child would go to star gaze with her family on a hill near her mother's castle under a large tree using her father's telescope.

After the death of her mother, Rosalina spent less and less time in the kingdom and eventually took over care for the Lummas while in space. Something happened that created a black hole and the elements from all the Galaxy were remixed in the worlds in later games and it was up to Mario and friends to save the day.

Why does any of this matter?

When looking at the pages of Rosalina's childhood book, we see her brother is dressed in green, staring at a castle that looks just like Peach's castle in the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi was the owner of a telescope that he had gotten from the Luigi's Mansion games.

It is pretty certain that Rosalina is most likely a child from a reshuffle when Luigi and Peach had a child and then Peach died and was buried under the tree that is shown at the end of Galaxy. Because Rosalina visits every few hundred years or so, her overlaps into reshuffles where her mother is still alive and around the same age, allow for her to play side by side in sports spin off titles and kart racing with her famous parents.


Types Of Toads

What do we know about the Toads?

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According to Nintendo, the little guys are servants to the royal family in the Mushroom Kingdom and the most of the population of inhabitants. From what we learned in the guidebook for the original game, Super Mario Bros, when Bowser invaded he turned everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom into brick and clouds or the types of enemies that invaded.

We know that Bowser had an alliance with at least one magic wielder on the bad guy side from the Yoshi's Island games. So if the Mushroom subjects can be turned into objects, why couldn't their evolution be stunted as well?

In a reshuffle where some of them are no longer Toads and others have become humanoids, this could make sense.

Another theory is that the Toad is only the first form of the species and that eventually they are groomed to become humanoids, after finding the right power-up as suggested with the Super Crown.

Toads come in the red, yellow, blue, and pink varieties.

Where have we seen those colors before but in the outfits of the characters that have made it to humanoid stage.

In the reshuffle, some of the Toads that have evolved have become Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina, which we know from their colors. Further supporting this theory is Waluigi and Wario from another reshuffle of the Mario Galaxy where they exist as a parody of the characters we love.


Toadstool To Peach

Long ago, Princess Peach was nothing but Princess Toadstool in an early reshuffle of the Galaxy, clearly when the Mushroom Kingdom was still populated by the Toads.

Through those eight bits, you can clearly see that the Toadstool of our childhood is much different from Peach and it isn't the use of more pixels. Toadstool was the same person, but an early evolution of Peach where she was between being a Toad and becoming a humanoid.

When you look at her parents, you can see they are half step as well, not as Toad-like as the rest of the kingdom but not really the same type of humanoid that Mario and Luigi are either. They still favor the Toad shape but their faces have evolved.

When we look at how Toadstool changed over to Peach, we eventually see her lose her fungi form and become whatever species we consider Mario and Luigi to be.

We know they aren't fully human do to the size difference in Super Mario Odyssey and their tiny size compared to other types of Nintendo characters in cross over titles.

When Toadette using the Super Crown, she isn't quite Peach either, leading to the theory that when it is time for the new Princess to ascend, the next Toad or Toadette slowly starts to process from looking like a fungi to a humanoid with the aid of a power-up.


Peachette For Thought

Why is Peachette's powers similar to Peach then?

I think that the powers we see from Peach title to title is not tied to her per say, but to the taking in the Super Crown to become the royalty of the Mushroom Kingdom. We never see Peach use any other power-ups the way the Mario Bros take advantage of Super Suits, except for Cat Peach.

If Peachette is the middle step between becoming the next Princess, does that mean that a blue Toad can use the Super Crown and become Rosalina and a yellow to be Daisy?

Rosalina is the daughter of Peach from another reshuffle so in theory, her being part of the Mushroom Kingdom royal family, the Super Crown would have been part of her evolution.

Daisy on the other hand, first thought up to be a sister of Peach before Nintendo changed her story, and is now maybe passed off as cousin at best, may or may not have the same power to evolve if she is not of the same bloodline.

But would that even matter?

Super Mario U Deluxe comes out in January for Nintendo Switch.

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