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DOS2 "Divinity Original Sin 2": Elf Summoner Conjurer Build Guide for Beginners

Copyright Larian Studios

Copyright Larian Studios

I recommend this for first time players who are not sure what build to choose. Summoning ability grants advantage the moment you get Conjure Incarnate and Elemental Totem from early to late game. That’s why some players considered summoning as slightly overpowered. But of course, summoned creatures can be killed and the skills has its cooldown. That’s where your other combat abilites like necromancer and warfare comes. In this articles, we will guide you on how to build your summoner based character.

Why Elf race?

Flesh sacrifice provides 1 Action Point and 10% bonus damage, giving you a head start. The blood that this skill produces will trigger Elemental Affinity as well, letting you cast as much necromancer skills as possible.


  • Intelligence – Necromancer skills that deal damage receives bonus from intelligence.
  • Constitution – Don’t forget to put some points here for better survivability.
  • Memory – You’ll be needing a higher amount of points here since the build needs a lot of skills to memorize.

Combat Abilities

  • Summoning – The primary combat ability that you should max first. This is the only way to increase the damage of your summoned companions.
  • Warfare – You will wonder why I placed warfare on a mage build. That’s because the offensive skills that this build deals is physical which warfare can increase.
  • Necromancer Most of your offensive skills will come from necromancer. You can add more points to this ability if you prefer more life steal.
  • Aerotheurge Place 2 points on Aerothurge for learning Teleportation, Nether Swap, and Uncanny Evasion.
  • Pyrokinetic – You need a single point for Peace of Mind, and Corpse Explosion.
  • Hydrosophist – For prerequisite of your blood skills and also for increasing the effectiveness of your healing spells.

Summoning Skills

  • Conjure Incarnate – The primary skill for this build. This is the only summon you’ll ever need since you can only have 1 summoned creature at a time. Conjure Incarnate can be customized with different infusions or different elements.
  • Elemental Totem – You can place it together with a summoned creature at the same time. It shoots enemies and can have elemental properties depending on where you placed it. One convenient tip: place it on a high ground.
  • Farsight Infusion – Grants range attack skills to your incarnate, as well as magic armor.
  • Power Infusion – Grants whirlwind and rush to your incarnate, as well as physical armor.
  • Dominate Mind – Use it to take control of an enemy, giving your side the advantage of numbers.
  • Soul Mate – Can remove certain negative status. But the main purpose of this skill is to have your character and incarnate get the same healing and armour restoration.

Necromancer Skills

  • Mosquito Swarm – The bread and butter offensive skill. It deals damage, restore vitality, can set bleeding, and has average cooldown.
  • Blood Sucker – This is your main healing skill. Blood Sucker can also damage enemies by combining it with Decaying Touch. Don’t forget that this skill only works when there’s a blood to consume in the ground. The more blood, the better.
  • Decaying Touch – Can deal good damage but what makes this skill special is that it sets your target to decay status. This prevents them from healing and takes damage instead. Be warned that the skill has limited range.
  • Raining Blood – You’ll be needing a lot of blood for this build. This serves as your primary source of blood when there’s no available around.
  • Shackles of Pain – Make your target receive the damage that you get. Useful when you’re being focused fired on.
  • Infect – It’s like a more damaging version of Mosquito Swarm without the healing and cost more AP. It’s an area of effect skill in a from of infecting a nearby character.
  • Bone Cage – Consume dead bodies around for tremendous amount of armor.
  • Totems of the Necromancer – Your ultimate summoning skill is under the necromancer ability. It lets you summon multiple totems that strike enemies in its range. The skill cost a lot of source point though, so you make sure to use it wisely.

Warfare Skills

  • Bouncing Shield – A great skill that doesn’t rely on attributes but on your shield’s physical armor. Yup. This build requires shield.
  • Deflective Barrier – Since we mentioned that this build requires shield. This skill works great against enemy archers.
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Hydrosophist Skills

  • Armour of Frost – For replenishing magic armour and removing certain statuses.
  • Restoration – The most convenient skill for healing. You can also use this to deal damage on decaying enemy.

Aerotheurge Skills

  • Teleportation – For tactically placing enemies and allies to your advantage.
  • Nether Swap – For tactically switching characters (including yourself) and corpses to your advantage.
  • Uncanny Evasion – This skill can save you from difficult position, like being surrounded by enemies.

Pyrokinetic Skills

  • Peace of Mind – This is great general buff. Use it on your character or on summoned creature.
  • Corpse Explosion – Deals massive damage. You’ll be needing a corpse to consume though in order for you to use this skill. Take note that the damage of Corpse Explosion scales with intelligence and warfare.


  • Elemental Affinity – This is the first talent you’ll be needing to gain an early game advantage with Flesh Sacrifice. If you don’t have an idea yet, casting Flesh sacrifice provides 1AP and leaves a blood on the ground which reduced the AP cost of necromancer skills to 1.
  • All Skilled Up – Extra combat and civil ability will come in handy to push your character further.
  • Mnemonic – Because this build needs a lot of skills to memorize.
  • Far Out Man – Increases the range of your skills.
  • Bigger And Better – Get extra attribute points. Either put it on intelligence, memory, or constitution.

How to play?

What you’ll usually do during first phase of battle is to summon Conjure Incarnate and Elemental Totem so that they can assist early.

Before you use your necromancer skills. It’s wise to cast flesh sacrifice first. This allows you to cast several necromancer skills in a single turn.

The recommended equipment is shield and wand. Focus more on getting the best shield to have a good armor and great Bouncing Shield damage. You will rarely use the wand. The only reason that you’re equipping it is because this character is intelligence based.

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