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How To Display Matchbook Collections In a Frame

Different Ways to Display Matchbooks


The simplest way to display your matchbook collection is to use a book case. Attach 2-3 long pieces of vinyl covered wire across the shelves and hang the matchbooks on the wire. Hang them so that the advertising or logo on each one is visible.

The box types of matches can be hung the same way. After attaching one end of the wire , slide the boxes on, insert the matches and then add the next box. When the wire is full ,attach the end to the opposite side of the bookcase. You may want to add a plexiglass door or cover.

You could also create a display case that can be hung on the wall. You would only need thin strips of wood to build a frame. 3-4" wide strips should do it. Just build a square frame. Attach each end of a vinyle covered wire to the sides of the frame.

String or cord can be used instead of wire. A #10 crochet cotton yarn will be strong enough to hold them. Make several holes on the side of the frame . Put one end of the cord through it and make a double knot so it won't slip out. Attach the other end of the cord to the opposite side and knot it as before. Plexiglass can also be used on the front and back if desired. Make two small holes on the back and use picture frame hangers to hang the frame.

A nice display case can also be made using a single cardboard box. Cut the box down so it's only 4-5" tall. Glue felt to the inside of the box. You would probably need about a half yard of felt , or use the inexpensive felt squares you can get at any craft store. After lining the inside , cover the outside with fabric or stick on vinyl. make holes in the sides for attaching the wire or cord. Attach another cord to the top to use as a hanging loop. You could also use twine or thin rope to give it an old fashioned look.

The two photos with this article are simply pieces of poster board. The green one is covered in fabric and the white one is covered in stick on vinyl. Any cardboard will do , just cut it to the size you want. Cover the poster board with fabric or stick on vinyl. Add a hanging loop to the top.

You could also use the cardboard from a picture frame and just reinsert it into the frame for hanging.

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Matchbook Collection Display

Display #1-Lg.size Bklets

Display #1-Lg.size Bklets

Display#2-small bklets

Display#2-small bklets

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