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Dispelling Misinformation on the Intellivision Amico

The Intellivision Amico is a brand new console inspired by the Mattel Intellivision of the 1980's. It hopes to bring families back together.


1) The Intellivision Amico is vaporware.

Vaporware is hardware that is advertised but was either cancelled or never manufactured.

There are rumors that the Intellivision Amico is not a real console. It is just a prop and the games just play from a laptop or from a hidden android device.

This has been disproven by Intellivision President and CEO Tommy Tallarico when he did a demo of the system on June of 2019 at E3. MetalJesus and John Riggs are prominent YouTubers who were able to experience the console for themselves. Smash JT, another prominent YouTuber was able to play it on November of that same year.

On February and March 2020, Intellivision released videos that show the system working and the controllers working as well.

On August of 2020, Intellivision released a video showing the Amico boot from sleep mode.

January 1, 2021 marked an important milestone as many people got to see the Amico be powered on and boot to the startup menu for the first time as Intellivision released a video demonstrating the system and its menus as well as play from its controllers.

The system is indeed real.


2) The Intellivision Amico plays mobile games.

The Intellivision Amico will have its own ecosystem. It will not get its games from the Google Play or the Apple App Store. It will have its own store where you can buy games from.

The games will not be free to play like mobile games and will not have microtransactions, lootboxes, in game advertisements or other forms of monetization.

The games will also be controlled using the Amico's unique controllers and can be played with up to 8 players simultaneously which is in contrast to a mobile game which is mostly a solitary experience.


3) The Intellivision Amico is a scam.

Tommy Tallarico, the president and CEO of Intellivision has been in the video game industry for more than three decades and has a sterling reputation within the industry. He has worked on more than 300 games in his lengthy career and has been able to build a nice life for himself.

He has a mansion in California which houses several Ferraris, numerous valuable collectibles and comic books as well as most of the consoles and games ever made.

He can be retired right now and can just do a few Video Games Live concerts if he needs money so he does not have to scam people.

Intellivision was able to secure initial funding worth several millions of dollars through private investors.

It secured additional funding from investors and backers through Fig investments. Fig is a legitimate company that has helped fund successful projects such as Outer Wilds, Psychonauts 2 and Kingdoms and Castles.Outer Wilds earned a 220% return for its investors and the game has been critically acclaimed and has won multiple awards. Psychonauts 2 earned a 139% return for its investors and was acquired by Microsoft when it acquired Double Fine Studios. Kingdoms and Castle was the first game to give a positive return for its backers with a 300% return.


4) The Intellivision Amico is being worked on in Tommy Tallarico's garage.

While Intellivision is not as big an operation as Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony, it is not a mom and pop operation either.

It has its own 15,000 square foot office in the Irvine, California area and has a dream team of people from the video game industry under its umbrella.

Think of industry legends such as J Allard, who helped start the Xbox project and was one of the key people in Microsoft during his time there and Mike Mika, who has worked on more than 200 games and on big franchises such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Spiderman.

If you would check the core team of Intellivision, you would also see other industry veterans such as John Alvarado, Scott Tsumura and David Perry in there.

Having Scott Tsumura onboard is a bigger deal than you may think as he was the former COO/President of Nintendo Software Technology. This is Nintendo's internal American development studio. He co-founded it with Claude Comair.

You can look up the core team on this link

Intellivision has operations in numerous locations - Irvine, CA, San Francisco, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, Nuremberg, Germany and Dubai, UAE.


5) Tommy Tallarico is purposely delaying the release of the Intellivision Amico.

The original release date of the Intellivision Amico was October 10, 2020 and this was done by Tommy as a tribute to his deceased sister Karen, whose birthday was October 10.

This was however delayed due to the lockdowns worldwide as well as supply chain issues caused by the pandemic.

The delay was caused by a worldwide phenomenon that is beyond Tommy's control. It does not benefit his company. Everyday, the company is paying for overhead and is not generating revenue.

As the president and CEO of the company, it is in the best interest of Tommy and his investors to get the console out as soon as possible.

If billion dollar companies like Sony and Microsoft could not produce enough consoles to meet demand, what more of a smaller company like Intellivision?


6) The Intellivision Amico exclusive titles are not exclusive.

The original Intellivision had a great library of games and some of these games are going to be reimagined. You would be seeing games such as Astrosmash, Shark Shark and Cloudy Mountain being reimagined on the Amico.

There will also be exclusive versions of games which have appeared on other platforms such as Sesame Street, Evil Knievel and Care Bears.

The debate comes with an exclusive version of the game not being considered as an "exclusive."

Think of a game like Soulcalibur 2. It had exclusive versions in the Nintendo Game Cube, PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. Soulcalibur 2 on the Game Cube has Link. Soulcalibur 2 on the PlayStation 2 has Heihachi Mishima. Soulcalibur 2 on the Xbox has Spawn. The three versions of the game are very similar but each version is still exclusive.


7) The statement of the Intellivision Amico team having 600 years of combined video game experience on its core team is an exaggeration.

600 years may seem to be farfetched when you are talking about one person or even a dozen people. But if you are thinking of 20 or more people, it becomes more feasible as you would only need 30 years experience per person.

Tommy Tallarico alone has more than 30 years of experience.John Alvarado has more than 30 years as well. Scott Tsumura has more than 40 years. That is a century worth of experience for just these three people.

Now think of a core team of 20 or more people with decades of experience each, 600 doesn't seem like a farfetched number doesn't it?


8) The statement of current day Intellivision having two members from the original Intellivision team is false.

The current Intellivision team has Bill Fisher and Stephen Roney who were with the Intellivision team since the 80's when it was started by Mattel.


9) There is no demand for the Intellivision Amico.

Research shows that there are 3 billion casual gamers as shown in a report by DFC Intelligence. The report can be found in this link.

The Intellivision Amico aims to capture a chunk of the casual market and not the hardcore gamer market which is already captured by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

The United States has 122 million families and there is a tremendous market for a family console.

The Nintendo Wii sold 100 million units on the back of casual gamers and the Intellivision Amico is the modern day Wii.


10) Intellivision lacks enough people to work on the system and games that is why they are hiring people.

If Intellivision just started today then this statement would be true. However, since Intellivision under Tommy Tallarico's leadership has been around for several years, any hiring Intellivision makes is for expansion purposes.

Intellivision is hiring for positions such as firmware engineers as they are expanding and have a need for such positions to be filled and this is not because they do not have any people in the position but it is because they need more.

The hiring of more people is a sign of growth and is a good thing.

There are people insinuating that Intellivision does not have enough people working on the console and game that is why there are delays. The delays are due to the lockdowns and government protocols as well as supply chain issues brought about by the pandemic and not due to the lack of manpower.

Prominent You Tuber Turbo Joe has done a video based on this article. You can check it out below. He summarizes the contents of this article in video form.

© 2021 Jan Michael Ong

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