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Disney's Toy Story Collection: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command … Space Ranger!

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Yes... I Am a Fan!

Drawn by our friend, Glenn.  Thanks, Glenn!

Drawn by our friend, Glenn. Thanks, Glenn!

I think he really 'captured' me!

I think he really 'captured' me!

The Start of My Buzz Lightyear Collection

The date was 22 November, 1995. Went to see Disney/Pixar's Toy Story the first day it came out. I've been a fan ever since. The entire movie is a wonderful experience. Watched it 3 times in the theater. Bought it when it came out. Loved the whole experience. To me, it was the perfect movie - no wasted moments, every line, every look, every scene furthered the plot. The voice actors, led by Tim Allen and Tom Hanks, were all spot on. This is a movie that never bores me.

Toy Story 2… saw it 7 times in the theater. When 1 and 2 came out as a 3-d double feature, I was there. Toy Story 3? Yep… only twice though, just didn't have enough time to go back before it was gone. Own the first 2 movies on dvd. I'll buy TS3 when it's released.

Oh, the caricature to the side? Glenn drew that for my 50th birthday. He and Monique snuck an end run and totally surprised me. Wow, he really did a great job!

Too Cool

Oh No... He's cooler than me!

Oh No... He's cooler than me!

Buzz Lightyear - The Ultimate Toy

All this to say, I admire, enjoy, and respect everything about the 3 movies. Each was great in it's own right, but together the 3 create an even stronger story arc. It's rare to find sequels that actually improve a story! But… all that said… The greatest toy ever, for me, is Buzz Lightyear!

From the moment Sheriff Woody saw Buzz standing in HIS place on Andy's bed, I knew Buzz was the ultimate toy. (I guess it's only fitting, then, that there have been at least 2 "Ultimate" Buzz Lightyear toys.) Even Woody had to admit it… "Buzz, you've got wings! You glow in the dark! You talk! Your helmet does that whoosh thing! You are a cool toy!... What chance does a toy like me have against a Buzz Lightyear action figure?"

Original Buzz

He's number 1!

He's number 1!

My collection - the first Buzz

Well, Woody is right. Buzz is the coolest. I've told Monique I want my gravestone to read "To Infinity... and Beyond!"

As a big kid that never grew up (Monique says my son is more grownup than I am!) collecting Buzz figures is right in character. My first one was the full-size (around 12 inches) original Buzz Lightyear action toy. A friend of mine had bought 2.  When I did a rather large and risky favor for him, his wife put him on the spot to give me one. Since the figures were already all sold out, this was the only way I could have gotten my hands on one of the first ones. Pure luck, right time, right place… willing to climb tall trees with saw and rope in hand.

Around that same time, the cereal prize Buzz came out. I managed to get at least one of those. And the Burger King Buzz. Ever since then, I've either bought them for myself, or friends and family added to my collection.

The Original Ultimate!

Hours of play

Hours of play

Hours of fun

Hours of fun

The Original Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

One of my all-time favorites, the first Ultimate Buzz Lightyear, is really amazing.  He was originally a Christmas gift that gave himself away.  When someone picked the package up, still in Christmas wrapping, he announced "I am BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!"  Talk about gadgets.  He has multiple position sensors so he knows what direction you're holding him, and says things that are appropriate.  I nearly fell out of my chair the first time I swooped him upside down in a steep dive - and he screamed "The feet!!  The feet!! Always land on The feet!!"  He knows when you put him down, pick him up, open and close his visor, or trigger his wings.  Easily the most versatile Buzz I've got. 

About a year ago, he fell from his stand, shattered his helmet, and broke his head completely.  I was devastated.  Ultimate Buzz Lightyear is way too complicated to just glue the head back on.  All the sensors needed the head to move to trigger the right sayings.  So, with huge regret, I retired him.  I figured, as the coolest version of the coolest toy ever, it would be easy to order another one.  Boy, was I wrong!  It was like they'd never been made.  I couldn't find any for sale, not even any reference to them ever being made.  So, it was Monique to the rescue.  She found one on eBay all the way over in England.  The bidding was up to $76.00, and shipping overseas was probably $30.00.  Did that stop her?  No!  She knew this was my favorite Buzz, so she stepped up and won that auction, paid the overseas shipping, and bought me a nearly new Ultimate Buzz Lightyear!

Thorough (long) review-spoilers if you like discovering his abilities for yourself

The New, Improved, UPGRADED Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

That made me really happy. Most of my collection goes on display all in the same place. I only keep 2 Buzz figures actually out by my computer desk… and he's one of them. But I keep him where he's safe from unexpected falls.

At least it looks like he's back in production again... in an upgraded model with even MORE features! (See Amazon link to the side.) The new one is not quite the same, for the most part seems to be a major improvement. (Though mine has a few features not found on this new one.) This one aims high... to be as exactly like the first movie Buzz as possible. I think they come remarkably close.

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If anybody's wondering, he's high on my wish list. (Hint, hint, Monique - I love you!)

UPDATE:  I GOT HIM!!  Actually, I got the newest one - to read about him in detail, click here: 

Toy Story Collection - Buzz Lightyear Film Replica with Utility Belt

Tiny Buzz

Left to Right- Original Ultimate, Ultimate Programmable, and Mini-Buzz

Left to Right- Original Ultimate, Ultimate Programmable, and Mini-Buzz

Check out the great details inside his box!

Check out the great details inside his box!

Super-Mini Buzz

I really enjoy all of my Buzz figures, even the duplicates. Each has his own special charm. My smallest is a VERY tiny metal one that came direct from the Disney Store. One of my best friends ever brought him back from a trip.

For years, he stayed in his box, which was a neat little Hexagon with a picture on the inside. It made a very good display right in the box. But then I traded cars, and decided to put a Buzz on the dash to keep me company. 'Tiny' Buzz was perfect. Very small, yet high quality. I put him on a small piece of velcro, and he's kept me company on the road ever since.

Best Friends Get Buzzed

The Hallmark Ornament

The Hallmark Ornament

Keeping the kids occupied!

Keeping the kids occupied!

Best Friends Love Buzz Lightyear Too

Then there's the Hallmark Ornament Toy Story Toy Chest, with Woody, Buzz, and Rex sitting in it. That was a gift from the same best friend, and her husband, who happens to be my other best friend. (My two best friends married each other… how perfect is that?)

By the way… he's a big kid too… here you see him with a 'loaner' Buzz Lightyear.  This was during my 50th birthday party, just hanging around.

Love the Reflective Look

In the back right, and middle foreground, you can see the chrome design.

In the back right, and middle foreground, you can see the chrome design.


Mirrored Silver

There's a smaller Buzz done up in reflective silver, and a full-size one as well. Both stand out in the overall collection because of their coloration. I love their look!

While Buzz's original color scheme is excellent, there's something about an all chrome/mirrored uniform that just seems more high-tech. Kind of like Iron Man having different armors for different purposes, though I've got no idea what he'd need this one for. Maybe stealth - makes him invisible by mirroring his surroundings?

These two were unusual for me in that they were not gifts. Both of these struck me as different enough that they might quickly become unavailable forever, like the original release from the first movie installment. So I snatched them up the instant I found them.

The Compact Models

I enjoy the smaller ones as well.

I enjoy the smaller ones as well.

Toy Story 3

Thanks, Mary Jane!

Thanks, Mary Jane!

Smaller, but still fun

Some of the smaller Buzzes have different gimmicks. Several keychains, some with lights, some not. One where the wings fold down, and snap open sideways. Another that's a wind-up, 'walking' Buzz. He actually looks pretty clunky, but I still like him. Some of my newest Buzzes came from Buddy Packs, that included other figures as well. While I don't collect the others, I do have a few. Most notably a Toy Story 3 Woody the Sheriff action figure. (Toy Story 3 Buzz and Woody figures both given to me by still another great friend in my circle of friends - who's always been there for me!)

Catching a Wave

Bobbles at the waist - what a clever idea

Bobbles at the waist - what a clever idea

Surfing Buzz... Way Cool, Dude!

A very unique Buzz Lightyear is Surfing Buzz.

Again, he was a gift direct from the Disney Store by a cousin I grew up with, also right up there in my circle of best friends.

Technically, this Buzz Lightyear is classified as a 'bobblehead', but the spring is in his waist, and he's riding a surfboard. So any motion looks like he's balancing on his board. The art design is very in character, with a very clean sweep for his stance. Makes it unique, not based on any movie scene, yet totally in keeping with how I can imagine Buzz.

Nobody gets by on MY watch

Sensor knows when something breaks the beam

Sensor knows when something breaks the beam

Dedicated protector - The Room Guard

Among the more complex full-sized ones, there's Room Guard Buzz. He's pretty cool, but takes his job very seriously. Takes no prisoners. I try not to set him off, because I've lost the password and he's very quick to fire his laser. Little ones can sleep safe on his watch. Just don't lose the password.

An aside here, Room Guard Buzz can be separated from his base.  He can even be reattached to it from his back, so the base can be mounted on a wall.  Now you've got a FLYING Room Guard Buzz.

Yard Sale Buzz

Note the Anti-grav belt. Possibly from TS2.

Note the Anti-grav belt. Possibly from TS2.

The Unknown Buzz

Then there's the Buzz I affectionately refer to as 'Yard Sale' Buzz.  He was bought in a yard sale.  Missing his wings, a bit scuffed up.  He was the Buzz we let other kids play with.  I don't know which Buzz he really is, but since he has the anti-gravity belt from Toy Story 2, was probably released with TS2. I felt bad for him, so he's recently been upgraded from 'visiting kids playtoy', to 'member of the collection'.  Now he's on display with the others.

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Programmable Robot - The Commercial

The Big Guy

17" tall!

17" tall!

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Programmable Robot

Now for the big guy… the latest and greatest... Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Programmable Robot!  This fellow stands head and shoulders above all the other Buzz action figures.  Literally.  He's about 17 inches tall, compared to the normal 12" full-sized ones.  He's properly licensed, of course, but made by Thinkway Toys.  In addition to being big, he's heavy.  This Buzz weighs in at nearly 5 pounds! 

Let me lead off by saying he's a serious battery hog.  I wish he really did use crystallic fusion - he takes 3 AAA batteries in the chest… 4 AA batteries in EACH LEG!  And 3 AA's in the remote control.  Yes, there's a remote.  There's a reason he needs so much power… he walks, and moves in many different ways.  And shoving that 5 pounds around takes a lot of energy.

Nearly 5 Pounds!!

Do I REALLY look that fat?

Do I REALLY look that fat?

20 pages of instructions

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Programmable Robot comes with a 20-page full color instruction book. He walks, moves his arms, face, and head, and talks in original voice (I assume this means Tim Allen's voice, it sure sounds like him!) There are two operating modes; in one, he thinks he's a REAL Space Ranger, and responds to everything accordingly. In the other mode, he knows he's a toy, and his responses are all based on that instead.

He speaks over 100 different sayings, and recognizes 6 voice commands (with different responses depending on which mode he's in.) Powered by 7 motors, using micro-chip processor and multiple sensors, the Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Programmable Robot can do everything I've already mentioned, plus turn, salute, fire his laser, and talk to his communicator. When he talks, his eyes move and blink, and his mouth moves by flexing the soft plastic of his face. It's pretty amazing to see.  Many Buzz figures are electronic, but he goes way beyond...  as a matter of fact, "To Infinity and Beyond!"

Great Review of Ultimate Programmable Robot Buzz Lightyear

Remote control and Speech Recognition

You don't even have to get up to play with this Buzz.  The infrared remote control operates up to 20 feet, and has 15 functions.  Make him walk forward, backward, turn right and left.  (He's a little challenged when it comes to turning… it takes him a while, and a pretty wide radius.)  You can also use the remote to play an interactive shooting game with Buzz.  Be warned, though- he's good, and doesn't take it easy on you!

Buzz has a level sensor, so if he falls over, he asks for help.  When in puppeteering mode, his sensors record how you move him, for later playback.  Plus there's a touch sensor in his right palm for 'gimme 5' action.

Speech recognition allows him to respond to specific keywords, depending on his mode - Space Ranger, or Toy.  At times, his responses are nearly spooky… if not downright risqué.  A friend walked into the room, saw him, and said "What a cool toy!"  He responded to her- a little TOO enthusiastically, I thought - by saying "You look like a pretty cool toy yourself!" 

Large and In Charge

In programming mode, he has a 64-step memory.  He will record when you move his head, body, arms, and legs, plus speech and sound effects.  When you press playback, Buzz will repeat all the commands you gave him.

Interactive game mode allows you to have a shootout with Buzz, but as I warned you, he's a very good shot- and hates losing.

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Programmable Robot has the distinction of being the most sophisticated Buzz action figure ever.  As far as I know, he's also the largest and heaviest production Buzz Lightyear ever made.  He was a birthday gift from my son and daughter-in-law.  They  truly outdid themselves with him.     Opening that gift up was seriously spectacular!

Never too old to play

Just having fun with my Buzz Lightyear collection

Just having fun with my Buzz Lightyear collection

To Infinity, and Beyond!

Grace under pressure

Grace under pressure

Falling With Style

I hope you've enjoyed this tour of my Buzz collection.  If you collect Buzz as well, I'd love to see some pics of your collection.  And if you don't collect, maybe this will get you started.  After all, as Woody says, Buzz is not only a cool toy, he's 'too cool'!  He's an inspiration for me -- Maybe I can't fly either, but I can always manage "Falling With Style!"

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Toys

Update: I recently decided to take my hobby to the next level. I started my own Buzz Lightyear Review site, where I post toys, collections, pictures, and generally anything to do with Buzz that catches my fancy. It'll take time to build into a nice site, but I'm enjoying it. If you're interested in related toys, reviews, and Buzz in general, click below and visit me:

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Toys

Other Interests

Buzz isn't my only hobby... but he's certainly a major one!

Buzz isn't my only hobby... but he's certainly a major one!


Sheyby Krisles on April 12, 2018:

Hello good afternoon, I would like to know what model is the small silver buzz. What brand is it?

Fati on June 01, 2015:

Great article Rob! You hit the nail on the head. Makes me wenodr why more people don't look into getting involved in this industry. Very low risk to get started yet people will spend their life fortunes on riskier business investments. That is why it is up to us to show every one there is a better way.

Leo7Buzz24 on July 22, 2014:

Where did you get your Buzz Lightyear toy from ?

Denise on June 29, 2014:

I'm in the US and don't want to pay the postage from England etc. I am desperately seeking a NEW, in the unopened box, the 12"Electronic Galactic Defender Buzz Lightyear. I figure if one exists anywhere you fans will know about it. Thanks in advance.

Crewman6 (author) on December 12, 2011:

Not sure about the Rescue Ranger Buzz, hadn't seen one before. But I found out who Garage Sale Buzz really is. His proper name is:

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Electronic Galactic Defender

He's out of stock nearly everywhere I've looked, but has him in stock. 3 of him for £19.95, and an undisclosed number in stock for £29.97.

Sorry about the Rescue Ranger one, but hope this helps. Nobody should have to spend Christmas without the Buzz Lightyear of their choice!

Jane Els on December 12, 2011:

Hi. Christmas Time again! Merry Christmas!

All my 4year old son wants, is another BLUE buzz. About a year ago, I bought a bunch of Fisher Price Action Heroes on Craigslist and in the batch was a blue buzz-like Rescue Hero. (Admittedly I really don't even know if he ever was a rescue hero, but it seemed like he belonged. He had the overly big legs and arms like the other rescue heroes and made from the same super hard plastic). Obviously I never thought much of this blue Buzz, because Buzz is green. Now the Buzz is lost and all my son wants, is a blue Buzz. I've searched the internet like a crazy person and your buzz is the closest thing to a blue buzz I can find, and like you said, it's a yard sale Buzz... Origin unknown. Have you ever heard about a blue Rescue Hero Buzz or anything like it. Maybe you have some pointers on where else I can search?

Kind regards

Crewman6 (author) on May 24, 2011:

Lol, Ujjwal, that's exactly the same way I feel!

ujjwal khanna on May 23, 2011:

i need it

Crewman6 (author) on March 31, 2011:

That would be cool- let me know when you do!

mailuengas from Philippines on March 31, 2011:

thanks :) i will post our collections soon!

Crewman6 (author) on March 31, 2011:

Hi Mailuengas - That's awesome! Buzz makes for a fun collectible, and a cool toy. The best thing is, he's easily available, and once everybody knows you like him, he's an obvious choice for all birthdays, Christmases, and any other gifting time that comes up... That's how I've gotten most of mine.

Good luck with your collecting, and have fun!

mailuengas from Philippines on March 31, 2011:

hi! My FAMILY (me,my husband and our son who's 1 year old) also loooove Buzz and started collecting as well, as of now, we have 4 Buzz Lightyear action figures.

We enjoyed looking at ur collection, i just wish we had enough money to buy all Buzz items,hehe, so far we just buy old ones :)

Crewman6 (author) on December 11, 2010:

Anne, there are several Buzzes now claiming the "Ultimate" title. If you mean the original one, he's been out of production for years; it's unlikely to find one for him. If you mean the Ultimate Proggrammable Robot one, that's easy... Thinkway Toys. I had to contact them for a book for him, and they mailed it to me within days.

If it's a Thinkway Buzz, they'll probably help you out.

I posted the instructions to the Utility Belt Buzz here:

I don't know if that's close enough to help, but you might take a look at it.

To reach Thinkway Toys, they have a website at, and their consumer service phone number is 1-800-535-5754.

Hope that helps!

Anne on December 10, 2010:

Do you know where I can find a manual for the ultimate buzz lightyear?

Crewman6 (author) on September 02, 2010:

Liz, Thanks so much, it's great to meet a fellow fan! I checked your link, it didn't work for me, but I did a search and found the Buzz you mentioned. Pretty cool! I don't have one with that blue and green jetpack... yet! To get the backpack off most Buzz Lightyear figures, there are 3 screws, one at each top corner, and one in the bottom middle of the jetpack. Once you've unscrewed those, some Buzz figures still need a couple of retaining screws taken out. Then there's the battery compartment, which usually just has one small screw.

Unless, and this is big, unless you have a Movie Replica type Buzz from Thinkway Toys. With them, the visible screws are just molded plastic for show. With my replica Buzz, the backpack is on rounded gimbals that just pop off with some leverage. Then there's a screw holding the battery cover on. I made the mistake of trying to unscrew the molded plastic screws...

But he's still cool.

Thanks again - your enthusiasm really shines brightly!

liz on September 02, 2010:

OMG - Although I have been trying for some time to identify him - Unknown Buzz is, in fact 'Galactic Buzz' wooohoooo!

liz on September 02, 2010:

Hi - Love your Buzz dedication :-) I have been collecting some for my 4 year old son since his first one (from a car boot sale 2 years ago for £1) crash landed and his hand fell off- someone gave us the chrome one which he plays with and loves, and I have now got an 'unkown buzz' just like yours except mine is missing the rocket but has a clip on bit that goes on his helmet, like a walkie talkie looking thing - can't work out how to get the rocket pack off to get to the battery compartment tho - do you know please?

Oh and I have just taken delivery of Holiday Hero buzz, still boxed from 1998 - I just can't wait for xmas now and no, its not for my son, this one is for me!

Thank you for your help and for the info on your page, love it!

Crewman6 (author) on August 03, 2010:

Thanks, Audrey! Yes, I really enjoy my collections. This was the most fun I've had making a hub. I've done the 'collecting because it's valuable thing', but that's not really me. I like to play with my stuff. If it's not fun, I'm not interested. I can tell how much you enjoy your recipes and your dogs. We should do what makes us happy. Monique really caters to my inner child - I think it tickles her that I'm just a big kid. You should hunt the yard sales, and build that Barbie collection anyway... your kids might still enjoy it!

Audrey Kirchner from Washington on August 03, 2010:

Very impressive collection - and hub! I'm not a collector of anything except recipes I guess - and dogs! That must be a very satisfying hobby though. I would like to try the robotic one....too funny.

Well put together though and think it is important to enjoy things that we treasure rather than just collecting them for no good reason!

If I had been a smart girl, I would have collected Barbies and toys when I was growing up I suppose or even kept some of my kids' myriad of toys for them. I wish now that I had because they would probably have enjoyed having a collection now that they are in their 30's and into the future!

Crewman6 (author) on August 02, 2010:

Elaine, I feel your pain! I did a bit of Google searching, and found there are Disney stores in 4 places in the UK. Here's the link:

Don't know if any are close enough to you to help. The only other thing I can think is to buy a pre-paid credit card to order with.

Hope that helps- I can empathize, I badly want that new one that's accurate to the movies, but can't afford it just now. I'll get him eventually- just have to save a bit.

To quote another Tim Allen character... "Never give up, never surrender!"

Good luck, and thanks for commenting!

Elaine Carol Scott on August 02, 2010:

I Am So into Buzz Lightyear I have a couple I sleep with my replica one it has a certificate of authenticity as well. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!! I Badly want that programmible buzz but I do not know where I can get it here in the UK. I do not have a bank card so cannot shop online. PLEASEEEEEEEEE help me if you can my friend.

TO INFINITY AND BEYOND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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