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Diablo 3 Hammerdin Crusader Build Guide (Patch 2.4.1)

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“Hammerdin” the famous Paladin build from Diablo 2 is back. It is one of the end game builds for the crusader class in Diablo 3.

The build is all about advancing to your enemies using Falling Sword then finishing them by spamming Blessed Hammer.


Active Skills

Blessed Hammer - Limitless

The bread and butter of this build period.


Falling Sword - Flurry

Use it to charge or escape battle. Seeker of the Light set makes Falling Sword your main defense boost skill.


Provoke – Too Scared to Run

Seeker of the Light set makes Provoke your infinite source of Wrath as long as you hit enemies with Blessed Hammer. Too Scared to Run rune slows down both attack and movement speed of affected enemies.


Akarat’s Champion – Prophet

The build’s overall damage and defense buff.

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Judgement – Resolved

A useful skill for increasing overall DPS due to Resolved rune.


Laws of JusticeDecaying Strength

Laws of Justice provides extra passive defense to your crusader. The rune Decaying Strength will be your panic button when more defense is needed.


Passive Skills


It’s not just about attack speed. The skill complements well with Obsidian Ring of Zodiac and Johanna’s Argument for maximum cooldown reduction capability.



It obviously increases damage of your Hammers by 20%.



The passive skill provides massive amount of strength boost.



This passive together with Akarat’s Champion – Prophet makes your Crusader near Immortal.

Crusader - Unbreakable Warrior -  By: István Dányi

Crusader - Unbreakable Warrior - By: István Dányi

Below are the required gears in order for this build to work.

Seeker of the Light set:

Crown of the Light (Helm)

Heart of the Light (Chest)

Mountain of the Light (Shoulder)

Will of the Light (Gloves)

Tower of the Light (Pants)

Foundation of the Light (Boots)

Seeker of the Light grants your crusader:

Decrease cooldown of Falling Sword and Provoke by 1 second everytime you hit an enemy with Blessed Hammer.

50% less damage from enemies after landing with falling sword for 8 seconds.

Increase damage of Falling Sword by 500% and Blessed Hammer by 1250%.


Johanna’s Argument (Weapon)

This weapon increases the attack speed and damage of Blessed Hammer by 100%. Since Johanna’s Argument is a one-handed weapon, it’s more effective to reduce cooldown of Falling Sword and Provoke.


Guard of Johanna (Shield)

This shield makes your Blessed Hammer deadlier (200%-250% increase damage) for the first 3 enemies that it hits.

Gabriel’s Vambraces (Bracers)

75%-100% of wrath cost is refunded when Blessed Hammer hits 3 or fewer enemies. This bracer provides effective wrath management during boss fights.

Sacred Harness (Belt)

Adds Judgement Debilitate functionality to your Falling Sword which gives another huge defense to Crusader. This item works well with Hammer Jammers.

Endless Walk:

The Traveler’s Pledge (Amulet)

The Compass Rose (Ring)

Endless Walk is convenient item for this build providing damage and defense boost when needed.

Convention of Elements

Gives you massive burst damage to enemies.


Weapon: Flawless Royal Emerald

Torso and Pants: Flawless Royal Ruby

Helm: Flawless Royal Diamond


Bane of the Trapped – Excellent source of damage boost. This gem gives increase damage against control impaired enemies.

Bane of the Stricken – Since your hammers spawn quickly, the Gem builds your damage in no time. An excellent damage multiplier on prolonged fights.

Gogok of Swiftness – This build will benefit a lot from this Gem. It increases DPS, survivability, and uptime of Akarat’s Champion due to cooldown.

Kanai’s Cube

The Furnace (Weapon)

This weapon can cut down a lot of time when fighting with Elites.

Hammer Jammers (Armor)

Your Kanai’s Cube ultimate damage booster. It massively increases the damage of your Blessed Hammers. This item complements well with Sacred Harness.

Obsidian Ring of Zodiac (Accessories)

This ring makes it possible to have permanent Akarat’s Champion. It reduces remaining cooldown by one second to one your skills when you hit with resource spending attack. The rings Complements well with this build that can spam Blessed Hammer quickly.

The Blessed Hammer -  By: Nguyễn Duy Anh (Dusk Ace)

The Blessed Hammer - By: Nguyễn Duy Anh (Dusk Ace)

Alternative Active Skills

Akarat’s Champion – Hasteful

Alternative rune in case you are using Akkhan’s Addendum weapon.

Laws of Valor – Critical

Use this instead of Laws of Hope if you prefer maximum damage potential.

Laws of Hope – Wings of Angels

Aside from its healing capabilities, the skill gives you an emergency shield when needed.

Wings of Angels rune is like Flash from Iron Skin skill but better since it affects the whole party. The skill allows movement through enemies unhindered.

Alternative Passive Skills

Holy Cause

Synergize well with holy build. This passive provides healing capabilities and 10% damage increase to your Crusader.

Long Arm of the Law

Doubles the amount of time your party will benefit from the Laws.

Alternative Gems

Bane of the Powerful – The 15% increased damage and defense to elites is already a good package. What more when you get another 20% increase damage when you kill elite pack.

Alternative Kanai’s Cube

Akkhan’s Addendum (Weapon)

Alternative weapon in case you don’t have furnace yet. Make sure you change your Akarat’s Champion Rune to Hasteful.

Paragon Points Priority


Movement Speed until you reach 25%.



Maximum Wrath


Critical Hit Chance

Critical Hit Damage

Cooldown Reduction

Attack Speed


All Resistance

Armor %

Life Regeneration

Life %


Life on Hit

Resource Cost Reduction

Area Damage

Gold Find

There is no much difference of setup when you change to other element. You only need to modify few things.

For this section of the article, I just specify recommended modifications.

Lightning Hammerdin

Active Skills

Blessed Hammer – Thunderstruck

(Instead of Blessed Hammer – Limitless)

Additional damage from Thunderstruck rune comes handy for dealing damage while your crusader is moving.

Falling Sword – Part the Clouds

(Instead of Falling Sword – Flurry)

The Part the Clouds rune works best on most single boss fight.

Passive Skills

Heavenly Strength

(Instead of Fervor)

Use this passive if you equip Schaefer's Hammer.


Schaefer's Hammer (Weapon)

(Instead of Johanna’s Argument)

The weapon is optional choice if you want more lightning damage boost. If you equip this weapon, change Fervor passive to Heavenly Strength then use Johanna’s Argument in your Kanai’s Cube.

Kanai’s Cube

Johanna’s Argument (Weapon)

Select it if you equip Schaefer's Hammer as primary weapon.

Fire Hammerdin

Active Skill

Blessed Hammer – Burning Wrath

(Instead of Blessed Hammer – Limitless)

The skill has chance to deal extra area damage to enemies.

Passive Skill

Heavenly Strength

(Instead of Fervor)

Use this passive if you equip Maximus.


Maximus (Weapon)

(Instead of Johanna’s Argument)

Aside from the increases fire damage, it can summon Demonic Slave that can assist you in tanking enemies. Forget the Demonic Slave damage since it cannot deal massive amount of pain on higher grifts.

Kanai’s Cube

Johanna’s Argument (Weapon)

Select it if you equip Maximus as primary weapon.

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