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Devolver’s Death’s Door is coming to PlayStation and Nintendo.


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Looks like spooky fun

Looks like spooky fun

Assessment and Conclusion

Devolver’s Death’s Door released on July 2021 for Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Due to a positive reception and selling 100,00 copies in the first week, there will be ports for PlayStation 4 and 5, along with the Nintendo on November 23.

Death’s Door puts the player in the role of a crow who works as a grim reaper collecting souls for a Reaping Commission Headquarters. During this endeavor you learn more about the headquarters and its boss “The Lord of Doors,” while uncovering a conspiracy regarding the disappearance of other crows.

Honestly between the plot and hack n’ slash, and projectile style gameplay, Death’s Door indeed seems up my alley. Since it’s on Steam, I was looking to play it there. But with the upcoming PS4 and PS5 release, I don’t mind getting two ports of this game when I get the chance.

Death's Door Ps4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch trailer

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