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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Seven: Terra Nova


(Note: There is another side mission available at this point via the fourth ship in the flotilla, the C.M.S. Brusilov. It will not be covered in this walkthrough at this time, as it is co-op only. If you decide to explore this area on your own anyway, you won't be able to enter the ship - and you'll be attacked by an enormous, blobby Necromorph attached to a piece of ship floating a ways to the left of the Skip. Shoot down its projectiles and aim for the orange orbs on its tendrils.)

There's only one option left for Isaac, Norton, Carver and Ellie's team to get down to Tau Volantis, and that's the shuttle inside the C.M.S. Terra Nova. Isaac has a Skip that will get him there; hop in the thing and cruise over to the ship and start looking for a way to the planet.

The Skip will bypass the whole zero-g nonsense and take you straight to the Terra Nova's docking bay. Hop out and enter the airlock; once the air's back on you can check near the next door for a Heavy Standard Frame. Go through and you'll receive a new objective - reach the tram station - and find a Suit Kiosk. Enter the elevator ahead and go to the second floor.


Go through the door at the end of the hall to find Terra Nova's cockpit; check the containers here for items, the right piloting seat for a S.C.A.F. Artifact, and up the stairs for a Text Log on the floor. Check the blue light on one of the consoles in the back to activate a small security program; rotate the left stick on your controller to locate weak points in the shape on the screen, then hit X whenever your targeter goes blue. Do this three times to bring up a full map of the ship which pinpoints the location of the shuttle in the Terra Nova.

Go through the door in the rear of the room and proceed to what looks like a small rec room. You'll find two containers with items. Go down the ladder, check the lockers at the bottom, and head into the Cargo Hold. To the left in the junction ahead is a ladder where you'll be ambushed by wall-crawling Necromorphs. Use Kinesis to launch the gas canister down the hall and blow it up to peg several of them, then dispatch the rest in usual fashion. Take a right to find a Hydraulic Engine (be careful, as a Necromorph will appear behind you) and head back to the ladder. Two more Necromorphs are waiting at the bottom.

Further down this path you'll find a small area with a ladder to your right. Use Kinesis to drag containers off of the crates, then go down the ladder. At the bottom Isaac will find a Scavenger Bot. If you deploy the bot it will seek out resources for you and return them to the Benches. Very handy. Deploy the little thing immediately. Check the crates in this area to find more containers. Head up the ramp in the rear of the room after grabbing the explosive canister nearby with Kinesis -


- and launch it at the Necromorphs that burst out of the wall. Two will charge you while a third fires from a distance; the canister should take out the two melee combatants. Peg the third from afar.

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Up the next ladder you'll see a Necromorph lurch into view. Immediately target its obvious orange protrusion to blow it to pieces. Be careful, though, because another will appear with a normal Necromorph when you round the corner ahead… and a third exploding Necromorph will spawn behind you. Immediately shoot the sphere ahead to take out both, then use Stasis on the one behind to give yourself a chance to get clear of the blast radius. (The explosions really hurt.) Further down the hall you'll find a container in front of a door. Go through.

Your next sight is a Bench, but don't be fooled - this area isn't safe. When you get close enough numerous tiny Necromorphs will drop into a pair of bodies, bring them to life, and scurry at you. Use some kind of Force weapon to immediately blow away the tiny Necromorphs before the big ones can close in. A standard fight, but a small space to handle it. Check the desk opposite the Bench for a Text Log.


Go through the door. In the next hall more tiny Necromorphs will charge you; stomp them to pieces. Through the next door you'll find the Fore Station of the tram service in Terra Nova, and you immediately run afoul of several tiny Necromorphs, two normal Necromorphs, and two slow and bloated Necromorphs. Pull back into the previous hall to create an easy shooting gallery for yourself. Once the room's clear, check the lockers and a wall container for items.

Approach the tram controls at the back of the room. Three more Necromorphs, including one behind you, will jump out; use the room's geography to strafe around and avoid their attacks. Check the computer console here once they're gone and you'll call the tram - though something's blocking it on the tracks. Naturally.

Climb the ladder in the next room. At the top you'll find a container and a hallway, and if you go just a bit too far down the hallway tiny Necromorphs will come at you. Take them out and peek around the corner. A horrible pulsating wall-thing at the end of the hall will send a few larger Necromorphs your way, as well as a few more smaller ones. Back up into the previous hall and blast away at them. When the path is clear, blast the wall-things tentacles from a distance until it breathes its last. It will drop a Spare Parts Box. Enter the elevator.


The next room both reveals the problem - cargo on the tram tracks - and a bunch of swag. Burst open the four containers for random goodies, and check the pit behind the consoles for a Text Log, a Compact Directed Ejection Field and a locker. There's also a Bench and a Stasis Recharge station here, and a recorded message near the elevator. Plunder the lot and approach the glowing console near the glass. You'll have to manipulate the cargo on the tracks using your joysticks. Turn the bits of cargo until they fit together. (Think Tetris.) Clear all the cargo and the tram will be ready to go… though you may notice that there was a Necromorph struggling in that last bit of cargo. Wonderful.

When you turn to leave no less than four spitting Necromorphs will enter the room, but so long as you don't move around too much they won't all appear at once. Thanks to the Stasis Recharge station, you can freeze these suckers and blow them to pieces with ease. Don't hold back - they really hurt if they get in melee range. Be careful getting back in the elevator, as one more Necromorph will jump out at you. Back up and use standard tactics.

The elevator doesn't go so well, unfortunately, and rather than getting back to the tram you'll wind up in Terra Nova's Cradle Ops instead. Dangit.

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