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A Day Out With Thomas and Friends

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Our Day Out With Thomas

My 4 year old son loves trains and Thomas the Tank Engine. Therefore, I decided to plan a trip to attend the Day Out With Thomas event. When I first began looking for information about this event and finding out where to get tickets, the sites recommended purchasing tickets in advance. So, I ended up purchasing the tickets for the train ride with Thomas about 2 weeks before the day of the event. I am so glad that I did. The train station we attended had a total of 6 days with Thomas which included about 42 train rides. Out of curiosity, I checked for tickets a few days before the event and they were completely sold out! Therefore, if you are thinking of attending A Day Out With Thomas event, definitely purchase your tickets in advance.

We planned this outing as a surprise for my son. Therefore, my husband, two daughters and I kept it a secret. On the day of the big event, we told my son we were going out to the store. As we driving into the area where the event was taking place, we passed a little boy carrying a Thomas balloon. My son pointed to the boy and said, "Look, a Thomas balloon!" Then, we passed a few more boys carrying Thomas balloons. My son was very excited to see the balloons, but had no idea where we were going. When we finally got to the train station and saw the huge steam engine train, Thomas the Tank Engine and Sir Topham Hatt, my son could not believe it! It was a lot of fun.

Thomas the Tank Engine Merchandise

Our A Day Out With Thomas Photos

Thomas the Tank Engine Replica at A Day Out With Thomas

Thomas the Tank Engine Replica at A Day Out With Thomas

The Welcome Sign at A Day Out With Thomas

The Welcome Sign at A Day Out With Thomas

A Day Out With Thomas Activities

In addition to the train ride on Thomas the Tank Engine, A Day Out With Thomas features many other fun activities for your little Thomas fan. The activities may vary depending on the particular railroad station hosting the event. You should contact the location of the Thomas event you are attending to see what activities they offer.

Here are examples of some of the activities you will find at A Day Out With Thomas event:

  • Petting Zoos
  • Pony Rides
  • Face Painting
  • Magic Shows
  • Mazes
  • Building with Lego Dublo Bricks
  • Thomas & Friends Video Viewing
  • Story Time
  • Temporary Tattoos of the Island of Sodor
  • Photo taking with Thomas & Sir Topham Hatt
  • Viewing Thomas train sets in action
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Gift & Souvenir Shop

More Photos of Our Day Out With Thomas

Sir Topham Hatt

Sir Topham Hatt

My son looking at the cool steam engine with Daddy

My son looking at the cool steam engine with Daddy

The black steam engine

The black steam engine

My son looking out the window during the train ride on Thomas

My son looking out the window during the train ride on Thomas

Strasburg Rail Road, Pennsylvania

Strasburg Rail Road, Pennsylvania

Thomas Pop Up Play Tent

Our Day Out With Thomas Experience

We attended the Day Out With Thomas event at the Delaware River Railroad Excursion in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. It was about a 2 1/2 hour ride to get there. Once we arrived and my son saw his surprise, we participated in a few activities such as the maze and watching the trains on the train sets. We then ventured down to where the trains were and saw the steam engine. It was really cool to see a train like that close up. It was loud, too!

Then, Thomas the Tank Engine rolled into the station. We took a lot of photos of Thomas and of the steam engine. My son was too scared to stand next to Sir Topham Hatt for a photo, so we took some photos from afar. Sir Topham Hatt was very tall and intimidating, so I can understand my son's reservations. He really didn't know what to make of it.

A few weeks prior to going to the Thomas event we watched the episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight where they attend A Day Out With Thomas. In the episode, they visited the Strasburg Rail Road Station in Pennsylvania. Their train ride was on a gorgeous old fashioned wooden train. Plus, since they are celebrities, they were the only ones on the train. Now I realized we wouldn't be the only ones on the Thomas train, but I thought we would be riding on a cool train like that.

Our Thomas train was nice, but it was your basic metal looking train and it was absolutely jam packed with people and very hot. It was not like Jon and Kate's train. I was under the impression that we were going to have the same experience as Jon and Kate. I then realized that every train station has different Thomas trains.

And after doing some research, I discovered that the Strasburg Railroad Station is one of the few stations that actually rebuilt the locomotive in order to produce a better Thomas replica. That is why they have such an awesome train there. Strasburg, PA is not very far from us. If we decide to do this again, maybe next time we will check out that train station and ride on the same wooden train as they did on Jon and Kate.

That being said, the ride was a lot of fun. The look on my son's face as he yelled "toot-toot!" and sang along to the Thomas songs being played on the train while wearing his adorable conductor's hat made it more than worth it. The train ride is 25 minutes long and the train went forward first and then stopped and went backwards back to the station.

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After the train ride, we did a few more activities and then went to the gift shop for a souvenir. There was every piece of Thomas merchandise imaginable there. It was difficult for my son to choose an item, but he finally decided on the motorized Victor train for his Thomas Trackmaster Train Set.

On the way out, I picked up a Thomas whistle, too. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that he blows that thing all day long at home, I am questioning my decision. :)

After we purchased the souvenirs, we went down the street and had a nice lunch. The restaurant offered a 10% discount to anyone with A Day Out With Thomas event ticket, so that was nice. We then headed home.

We had a fun time at our Day Out With Thomas adventure. If you have a child who loves trains, I would highly recommend it!

Thomas the Tank Engine


Thomas the Tank Engine Gift Shop

  • Wooden Railway Trains & Accessories
  • Trackmaster Trains Sets
  • Thomas Take Along Train Sets
  • School Supplies
  • Bedding
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Home Décor
  • Books & DVDs
  • Train Tables
  • Dinnerware
  • Birthday Supplies

Click here to view all of the Thomas merchandise

Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set

A Day Out With Thomas Poll

A Day Out With Thomas Books & Games

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About A Day Out With Thomas

A Day Out With Thomas is a trade name, licensed by HiT Entertainment, for tourist events that take place on heritage railways and feature one or more trains decorated to look like characters from the children's TV series, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

There are six traveling Thomas the Tank Engine replicas in the United States. While in transit between events, Thomas's face is covered. Thomas then appears at each event in full dress and ready to take all his little Thomas friends on an exciting train ride!

My son's Thomas the Tank Engine Party Photos

Thank You Email We Received From the Delaware River RR Excursion


Train Chat

Humma on October 29, 2010:

My husband and I took our grandson last year to a "Day Out With Thomas." They had a number of activities to do while you waited for the train and of course a store to buy tons of Thomas stuff. My grandson was a little nervous getting on the train but once it started to moved he was all smiles. We had a great day!!

MyTrainBrain from Kansas on March 02, 2010:

We went to 'thomas day' here in Abilene Kansas it was a lot of fun and very memorable.

Thanks for the reminder!

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