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DOTA Hero Tips: Pandaren Brewmaster


Are you looking for a strength hero in DOTA who can tank and deal great amount physical damage at the same time? Pandaren Brewmaster is definitely one of your best choices for this matter. His first and second skills enable him to be a good chaser while his third skill allows Pandaren Brewmaster to keep up with agility heroes in terms of physical damage. What can you ask more from Pandaren’s third skill given it provides him with both dodge and critical hit capabilities? Being a strength hero gave Pandaren even more power as he can last longer in clashes compared to most agility carry heroes. One of the best features of Pandaren Brewmaster is the fact that he can be effective in every part of the game given you purchased the right items and handled him decently. Nevertheless, beginners in DOTA find it hard to decide which starting and luxurious items to purchase and what role Pandaren should embrace in a certain game. Here are some basic yet proven effective guidelines to make things easier for you.


Early Game

Pandaren Brewmaster does not struggle during the early stages of the game unlike most agility carries. His third skill helps him evade physical attacks often while being a strength hero gave him a better chance in surviving nukes. While buying items, consider those that can boost Pandaren’s hit points. He is a melee hero so he needs to take a few hits from enemies while killing creeps. Whether to rush boots of speed or focus more on survivability items should be decided based on the situation. If enemy heroes on your lane are harassers, purchasing ring of health early on is a good idea. However, if your partner is most effective during the early part of the game like Vengeful Spirit or has tons of disables like Shadow Shaman, grabbing a boots of speed and other attack items early and focusing on killing enemy heroes is advised.

Mid Game

By now, you should have purchased a couple of items that increases your hit points and physical attack power as well. Before deciding whether to go for a full-tank build, initiator, or a carry, carefully consider what your team really need. If your team already has an agility hero who can act as a good carry then you should purchase Kelen’s Dagger. This item will greatly boost your chasing and initiating power. It will also make you more effective in ambushes. Simply daggers near a group of enemy, cast your first skill, cast your second skill to an enemy hero who depends on his physical attacks, and then use your ultimate skill. This combo is much more effective if you managed to purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter as this item will greatly increase your ultimate skills power.

Late Game

If you end up as your team’s carry, grab items such as Mjollnir, Battle Fury, or Stygian Desolator. On the other hand, if your team requires you to be a tank, The Butterfly, Heart of Tarasque, and Assault Cuirass are must haves. Your first skill’s damage on this stage of the game may not be very useful but its slow effect will be. Casting your first skill together with the second on a particular enemy hero will make it almost impossible for him to flee. You should target the enemy carry. If your hit points run low, cast your ultimate skill so you can escape with one of his Panda’s stealth skill.

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John Roberts from South Yorkshire, England on June 18, 2012:

Really enjoyed reading this. Isn't the Panderan Brewmaster's name Chen Stormstout, or is he just the "generic" hero here? I'd love to know. Voted up and interesting, I'll probably look at the Centaur guide next ^^

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