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DOTA Hero Tips: Skeleton King

Skeleton King Profile

Skeleton King Profile

King Leoric

Who said strength type heroes only rely on high health points and regeneration? Skeleton King is a living proof that heroes who have strength as their main stat can also play as a team’s main carry. Although Skeleton King lacks high attack speed, his ability to steal massive amounts of health points from a target and land critical blows made him a very formidable opponent. Skeleton King won’t die easy as well since you need to kill him twice. His ultimate skill can be closely compared to Aegis (an item dropped by Roshan which grants one time resurrection to its holder). If provided with the right items that can boost his attack speed and damage, Skeleton King is unstoppable particularly during the late stages of a DOTA game. Here are a couple of guidelines that can help you dominate a DOTA game while using King Leoric the Skeleton King.

Skeleton King Skills

Skeleton King Skills

Hellfire Blast

A lot of DOTA players don’t know how powerful this skill is. Try to observe its cooldown time. It’s considerably lower compared to most disabling skills in DOTA. This skill also boasts high damage so it’s perfect for bullying intelligence or agility type heroes particularly during the early stages of a DOTA game. Perseverance or Ring of Basilius is enough to support Skeleton King’s mana needs so he can cast this skill multiple times in succession. Spam it during chases to hinder enemy from escaping. Having an ally who also has a reliable stun like Ogre Magi and Vengeful Spirit will make it even harder for enemy heroes to break free from Skeleton King, given he has this powerful skill at his disposal.

Vampiric Aura

Skeleton King can cope with even the mightiest agility type heroes with the aid of this skill. It grants him insane amount of life steal which stacks with Helm of Dominator and other items with the same effect. It’s easy for him to farm in the jungle with the help of this skill as well. Upgrading this skill is a must especially if you plan to go defensive. It will be easier for you to survive lane harassment given you’ll gain health points as you hit enemy creeps to land the killing blow. The most exciting fact about this Lifesteal is that it is also granted to nearby melee allies and is not an orb effect so you can still benefit from its effect despite having items with orb effects in your inventory.

Critical Strike

This skill and Skeleton King’s Vampiric Aura serves like a one two punch. These skills work perfectly together as a critical hit would mean more heath points stolen. All you need to do is improve Skeleton King’s attack speed and he will become an unstoppable killing machine. Some Skeleton King users purchase other items that grant critical chance but I advise you not do so. This critical skill is far better than any of them. This skill also made Skeleton King a nightmare to heroes who really on high armor for defense like Axe and Shadow Priest. Be sure to have this skill fully upgraded as the late stage of the game approaches since it will be your main weapon against tankers and agility type heroes.


This skill made King Leoric a much formidable foe. The enemy team will surely have a hard time killing Skeleton King especially during the late game where he already got all the items he need. Killing him twice is almost impossible. This skill also brings out AOE slow once Skeleton King is brought back to life. The only drawback of this skill is that it won’t be very useful if your allies run away leaving you behind. Despite Skeleton King’s innate attack abilities, he won’t survive long if up against three or more heroes with full health points. No hero in DOTA would unless if it’s Centaur Warchief with a Heart of Tarasque and other defensive items on his inventory. This skill won’t activate if you don’ have enough mana which is my heroes who can break or steal mana such as Anti-Mage and Demon Witch can easily counter Skeleton King.


Early Game

Your main role during this stage of the game is to prepare for late game. You should farm to earn as much experience and gold possible. Forget about being aggressive especially if you are up against heroes with strong lane presence like Sacred Warrior and Viper. Don’t carelessly move forward and attack these heroes since they can eliminate you with ease during this part of the game. If you can’t stand the harassment, you always have the option to jungle. Your second and third skill will make it easy for you to kill several neutral creeps enough to provide you with a jumpstart in experience and gold. Buying items that can improve your attack speed like Power Threads and Yasha is a brilliant idea as it can also intensify the effects of your second and third skill.

Mid Game

Skeleton King’s first skill is handy during ambushes but you don’t need to join your allies in hunting enemy heroes. In most cases, it’s better if you concentrate in earning more gold so you can efficiently embrace the role of a carry during the late game. Nevertheless, if your team has a much better carry, don’t hesitate to roam the map. It’s a good move to target squishy heroes first. Spam your first skill but make sure you still have enough mana to resurrect. An aggressive Skeleton King build requires Phase Boost since it increases your physical attack damage and provides an active movement speed boost perfect for chasing enemy heroes. Improving your mana pool is imperative. Buying a Blood Stone or Linken Sphere is enough for you to cast your first skill without worrying about having the mana to review once the enemy team managed to pin you down.

Late Game

You’ll rule this stage of the game if you managed to farm all throughout the early and mid part. It’s better if you target intelligence type heroes first. They have low survivability so it won’t cost you so much time to lead them towards their doom. Don’t worry about dying in the process since your ultimate skill is there. A Refresher Orb allows you to be revived two times. Having an Aegis in your inventory will further make Skeleton King seemingly impossible to kill. Skeleton King is a highly reliable strength carry so have faith and don’t lose hope even if you’ll get bullied during the early stages of a DOTA game. In time, your foes will eventually realize that they are up against a devastating hero who can eliminate even the toughest heroes in DOTA with ease.

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