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DOTA Hero Tips: Sacred Warrior


Sacred Warrior is regarded by many as a newbie killer. This means that beginners in playing DOTA most likely fall victim to Sacred Warrior. There is truth behind this claim since most newbie underestimate this hero and confronts him when they see his hit points turning red. Such move is reckless especially if you don’t have any disabling skills. Sacred Warrior’s third skill increases his damage and attack speed based on how much hit points he have lost. In addition, his first skill greatly increases his health regeneration enough to negate most physical attacks. These are only a few factors why many fear Sacred Warrior. If you are interested in using this hero, you need to know his role on every stage of the game. Here are a few tips to assist you on this matter.


Early Game

Sacred Warrior is an excellent harasser due to his second skill. Not only does its damage stacks it requires not mana to cast as well. However, don’t be so careless in using it since the skill will drain Sacred Warrior’s life points on every cast. The good part is that this backfire is not all negative because it also increases Sacred Warrior’s attack per use due to his third skill’s effect. You can also use Sacred Warrior’s first on an ally hero so he can somehow babysit a carry as well. Your main role on this part of the game is to pressure enemy heroes and keep them away from your creeps as much as possible. This will force them to jungle or go to another lane. They’ll definitely be left behind in terms of gold and experience in the process.

Mid Game

Sacred Warrior’s last skill is perfect for ganking. It does not only slow the target but allows Sacred Warrior to be near it in an instant. You may lose a considerable amount of hit points to cast it but this feature is beneficial to you as it works perfectly with Sacred Warrior’s third skill. With a higher physical damage and attack speed while the enemy is crippled, a kill is almost assured. Is it a good item to put lifesteal on Sacred Warrior? Many pub players use Helm of Dominator as it works well with Sacred Warrior’s third skill. However, it should be decided based on various factors. First, it’s not advised to use lifesteal on him if most enemies have disables. Helm of Dominator does not grant bonus hit points so you’ll be very vulnerable to heroes with dangerous skills on their arsenal. If this is the case, a Vanguard or Hood of Defiance should be preferred. Your role is to gank and hunt enemy carries. Your skills are enough to eliminate most of them easily. Remember that you’ll be at a very big disadvantage if they manage to farm and purchase luxurious items in the later part of the game. If the one using Sacred Warrior is a professional gamer, the game most likely will end on this stage of the game.

Late Game

Sacred Warrior can only be effective during the late game if you manage to bully enemy heroes and stop them from purchasing good items. This hero is particularly weak against enemy carries having bashes. Although you can purchase The Butterfly to counter them, all they need is Monkey King Bar and you’ll be an easy target again. Target intelligence heroes as most of them have very low hit points even during the late game. Don’t mind other heroes hitting you since your damage is increased due to their attacks. If you still live after killing one or two intelligence type enemy heroes, proceed on attacking their carry.

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