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DOTA Hero Tips: Ogre Magi



Ogre Magi is a hero to pick if your team needs a reliable stunner. New DOTA players often mistakenly regard Ogre Magi strength type hero since he has a melee range and high base hit points. He basically relies on spells to damage enemy ranks and support allies which are enough reasons for him to be called intelligence type hero. He belongs to the few intelligence type heroes who can tank such as Twin Head Dragon and Bat Rider. Having a melee range is probably the only disadvantage of Ogre Magi yet he is very easy to handle because of his basic attack animation. Last hitting or denying a creep won’t be a problem even if the one controlling Ogre Magi is a beginner. The best thing about Ogre Magi is his ability to be offensive aside from being a reliable support and tank. If you’re lucky, it’s possible to eliminate a single target at once with Ogre Magic’s last skill. This hero might look weak yet don’t be deceived. Here are some important DOTA hero tips that can help you turn the battle’s tide to your side through the power of Aggron the Ogre Magi.


Fire Blast

This is Ogre Magi’s bread and butter skill. It’s a disabling skill with very low cooldown rate and works in conjunction with his last skill. Ogre Magi’s fire blast may not pack a disturbing damage but with some luck, it can be thrown multiple times with just one cast and eliminate even the toughest enemy heroes with ease.


Ogre Magi is regarded by many as a good ganker not just because of his first skill but also because of his second. This skill damages and slows its target. Other enemy units close to the target can be affected by the skill as well making it perfect during team clashes. It’s also improved by Ogre Magi’s ultimate skill so disregarding this skill is not an option.


This skill made Ogre Magi a team player. You can cast this skill to your team carry and provide him added attack and movement speed. The most exciting part is that it can also activate Ogre Magi’s ultimate skill so multiple allied units can benefit from the effect if you are lucky enough.

Multi Cast

Ogre Magi is infamous because of this skill as it provides him the ability to unleash his second and third spells multiple times with just one cast. Ignite’s AOE is also improved in every upgrade of this skill. Nonetheless, the most exciting part about this skill is that it grants Ogre Magi another disabling spell given he has an Aghanim’s Scepter in his inventory.


Early Game

Ogre Magi has a melee range but surviving the early game is not so hard for him. His second skill can damage a group of enemies making it perfect for farming. If ambushed early on, Ogre Magi can cast his first skill to disable one enemy hero and slow the others with his second skill. Boosting his movement speed with his third skill will assure a complete escape. Ogre Magi excels infamous not as an offensive hero. In fact, he commonly initiates clashes with his first skill as it has very low cooldown time and its damage can be devastating depending on luck. Your main goal during the early part of the game is to deny your creeps especially if you are paired with your team’s carry. Help him last hit creeps if you know how. Harassing enemy heroes early on is also a priority. Keep them at bay by spamming your first and second skill to allow more room for your team’s carry to farm. Survivability is not your biggest problem while using Ogre Magi but his measly mana pool so choose your starting items carefully. Don’t forget to bring several Clarity Potions or other mana regenerating items such as Sobi Mask before leaving the fountain.

Mid Game

Ogre Magi is regarded by many as one of the best gankers in DOTA. He can easily chase enemy heroes with his third skill and disable or cripple them with his first and second. His skills have very low cooldown rate so you can spam them. Rushing an Arcane Boots is advised as he lacks mana pool and has low mana regeneration compared to most intelligence type heroes. Buying an Orb of the Venom can make Ogre Magi a much dangerous ganker as its effect stacks with his third skill. Fleeing will be close to impossible if caught by Ogre Magi’s first and second skill. Heroes with reliable disabling skills such as Rouge Knight, Vengeful Spirit, Skeleton King, and Crystal Maiden are perfect ganking partners of Ogre Magi. Those who require good stunners to be effective like Ursa Warrior and Shadow Fiend plays well with Ogre Magi as well. Always remember that Ogre Magi’s main weakness is his lack of mana so avoid heroes who has spells that can trim down your man pool such Keeper of the Light and Anti-Mage. For a better ganking experience, you should consider buying items for better positioning like Force Staff and Kelen’s Dagger. If you are up against enemies with alarmingly high physical attack, buying a Vanguard could boost your tanking ability and leave them helpless.

Late Game

Ogre Magi is less effective during team clashes. However, the devastating effect of his ultimate skill can solely decide a team clash if you are lucky enough. With an Aghanim’s Scepter you’ll be granted with another disabling skill which will surely come in handy as your team tries to kill a very elusive enemy carry. Your man role during this part of the game varies depending on the situation. If your team is dominating the game, you can be offensive and tank. Heroes without decent items can’t kill you. On the other hand, if the enemy team has the upper hand, be defensive and purchase supporting items like Mekansm and Pipe of Insight. If you farm well enough during the early and mid part of the game, a Shiva’s Guard in your inventory is a must as it grants you bonus armor for tanking and added intelligence points to support your need for mana. This item also comes with an active effect which damages and slows enemies in a certain carry if casted. In most cases, targeting the enemy team’s carry with your disabling and crippling skills is a must. Don’t bother using your physical attack. Stay on the sidelines or run from enemy heroes while waiting for your skills to cool down. By following this technique, it’s most likely for you to survive team clashes and help your team win each battle.

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