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DOTA Hero Tips: Drow Ranger


Drow Ranger is preferred by DOTA beginners due to several reasons. First, her skills are not complicated. She has two passive skills namely true shot aura and marksmanship. Her silence skill does not require targeting a specific hero as it has an AOE effect. Her bread and butter skill frost arrow can be auto-casted so you’ll definitely find it very easy to use. Despite the simplicity of this hero, Drow Ranger offers great hitting power in the late game. With the right items, she is perfect for killing heroes who entirely depends on their active skills to be effective. It’s almost impossible to flee once Drow Ranger catches your hero with her frost arrow. Here are some simple yet proven effective tips to help you control Drow Ranger more efficiently in various stages of the game.


Early Game

Sad to say, Drow Ranger is often harassed during the early part of the game. This is true particularly if you carry wrong starting items. Purchasing slippers of agility or a wraith band is not advised. These items may increase your hitting power but survivability should be your main priority. You must at least carry a healing salve and ancient tango. Boots of speed as a starting item is a viable pick as well especially if you choose the top lane. You need enough movement speed to go back on your tower if the mid hero is missing. The good part is that Drow Ranger can also harass other players on the early game through her frost arrow. Manually using the skill allows you to hit enemy heroes without luring enemy creeps to be aggressive on you. Nevertheless, your main goal is to farm since you’ll need good items to be effective during the mid and late game.

Mid Game

Many are confused whether to use life steal or not. The decision must be carried upon after considering a few important factors. First, does your team lack disablers? Your team may need your frost arrow more especially after clashes where enemy heroes are escaping. Second, do most enemy heroes have blinks? Your frost arrow is useless if they can easily get near you through skills. Third, do they have tons of disables and bashes? Always remember that life steal is useless if you can’t hit. Items that can help you survive like Vanguard or Lothar’s Edge should be purchased on this case. Avoid joining ganks and focus more on farming during the mid game. Just push either the top or bottom lane and go back if most enemy heroes are not visible in the map. You can also jungle given you have life steal or life regeneration items with you.

Late Game

This is where Drow Ranger unleashes her true power. If you farmed well, only a few heroes can stop you. Attacking the enemy’s support and intelligence heroes should be your main priority as your second skill will render them vulnerable. However, Drow Ranger does not boast decent life points so stay on the side line. Don’t engage on a clash especially if the team’s tanker and support are away.

Drow Ranger is one of the best carry in DOTA. Using her properly could somehow assure a win. However, it would be best to forget about picking her if your enemies already chosen Bloodseeker, Faceless Void, or Anti-Mage. These heroes make a meal out of Drow Ranger due to their skills, agility, and bash.

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