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DDO Partycrashers guide (quest)

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This is one of the new missions in the "Phiarlan Carnival" adventure pack. Cyan in House P, next to the entrance, will give it to your characters.

It is recommended to have a rogue here, someone with either bluff or intimidate, and characters with ranged weapons. Partycrashers has many optionals where they can be very helpful. A weapon with holy or pure good will stop the fast healing regeneration of a monster.

There are two parts to the Phiarlan Chapterhouse quest, the Illusionarium and Ballroom. You'll have to sneak in through the safari-type area and write your names on the party guest list. Some of these magic creatures are real - be careful.


In each of these rooms your objective is to find a Mark of Shadow and destroy it. That destroys the illusions and lets you proceed to the next area. A ranged weapon is very handy to have as some float high in the air. This is especially true for the Partycrashers DDO quest on epic, they have far too much health to jump up and hit continuously. Breaking a Mark of Shadow also kills any of the monsters they created.

Pay special care to avoid the purple spikes on the Illusionarium ground. They're spike traps that ignore a character's evasion (very dangerous on epic difficulty!) and use your will save to prevent damage. One room involves many Marks of Shadows. Spells like See Invisibility and True Seeing can help you spot which is the correct mark.

Once you've completed the Illusionarium you'll be in a large hall. Take a few moments to explore the place and turn up your music, the DDO developers did fantastic work here. You'll eventually reach a room with a giant Mark of Shadow, and sidehall. Walking past it will trigger many illusion guards and spikes, but it's designed to be avoidable. There are two ways to prevent additional combat here:

  • You can use the runes on the tables. Each rune requires an amount of an attribute (I think it's 17+), and there is one for every character statistics. Having a balanced party for this quest helps here.
  • Characters with a high jump skill (or saved up Icy Potions of Jumping, Syrania Cakes, or the House Phiarlan Jump buff) can visit the stage and jump up to the second level seating areas. From here you can navigate your way to the showroom and hop down to the ballroom.

Once in the next area, add both your name and Cyan's to the guest list. Welcome to the party! You can now skip the Illusionarium if you re-enter this quest instance. You can also invite friends to come help your group.


This DDO quest has multiple endings based on what you do inside. Exploring the Partycrashers optionals will allow you to make the final encounter much harder, easier, or just plain different.

Talk to everyone in the Phiarlan ballroom hall to receive optional adventures. Characters with a strong aura of good (Paladins), or casting spells of detection can also reveal the true identities of monsters.

Some of these will involve you going back through the halls after you exited the Illusionarium. The Mark of Shadows here will still spawn a lot of traps and illusion guards to attack you. You can skip them with a very high jump skill and hop on the sculptures to the next level above.

Natt Gann's Urn: Get the key to the Viceregal office. His chamber is located far back before the large Mark of Shadow with runes. Search the urn there and collect another key.

Illusion Crystal: A statue located in the same Partycrashers dungeon area. Behind the Viceroy's likeness is a control box. Use it to change the statue to something more suitable.

The Stagehand: Use the wheel and then the lever to figure out which stage backdrop is which. Compare notes to the note item you received in your DDO character's inventory. This is a random quest objective. Not all backdrops need to be used - which took me quite awhile to figure out my first time. The gravesite is not from the Ruins of Threnal either. Putting all six in the right order (use the lever each time the backdrop is correct) advances this optional. You might not want to have everyone standing next to the wheel ;)

Brainwashed Guards: Someone with high intimidate or bluff skills can convince the tiefling into the backroom. Try not to kill any of the Phiarlan Retainers to receive bonus experience.

The Poisoner: This Partycrashers optional is the same as above, but if you do it afterwards you'll have help for the fight. All the charmed guards will now fight on your side.

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Private Rooms: Unlock the door with a key obtained from the other optionals. Talk your way past the retainer into using the bathroom. It's one of the weirdest rooms in DDO. The "toilet paper" there is a rest shrine for your characters. You can trigger a difficult battle here and remove many of the monsters from the Partycrashers final battle.

Talk to Cyan once you're done with all the quests you want to do in the ballroom. You'll be able to advance and trigger the final encounter. The number of chests depends on the quest difficulty. Lucky characters can find the Phiarlan Mirror Cloak in the Partycrashers end chest, a very nice item for low levels. You'll also find a key to one last optional...

Contraband Vault: It's located in the Viceroy's room where you found Nat Gann's urn. Please pay very close attention to the dungeon master's text. If everyone dies leave one inside the Partycrasher dungeon so you can re-enter.


Vasquiu on January 23, 2011:

Great guide and great quest too!!!

I've enjoyed a lot doing this quest with friends. It is a nice DnD adventure!!! We didn't know how to make the backstage part and we found your guide and learned how to do it.

Good job and keep the good work with this kind of guides: telling only the necessary to make a good guidance.

donnie on October 08, 2010:

ont the stagehand if you pull the lever it locks the backdrops do you pull the lever to release them after you get the right one

Lubbock on July 08, 2010:

the guide is great though elfguy is correct; if you don't know how to grab the viceroy's key it gets pretty frustrating

Cactrot (author) on July 05, 2010:

The Partycrashers guide says to talk to everyone above that section. I don't want to completely ruin the adventure with a 40 step walkthrough.

The main purpose of this was to give advice for the illusion mark, the harder quest optionals like the stage backdrop wheel, and to help people avoid the big Mark of Shadow.

Elfguy on July 04, 2010:

It should be noted that you get the key to the Viceroy's office from the NPC just to the lobby side of the fountain. Simply saying to obtain it doesn't indicate HOW to do so.

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