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DA2 Mark of Assassin Tallis Level Up Guide

Dragon Age 2 Mark of the Assassin Tallis

Dragon Age 2 Mark of the Assassin Tallis

Dragon Age 2 Mark of the Assassin Tallis

DA2 Mark of the Assassin Tallis Level Up Guide

In Dragon Age 2 downloadable contents Mark of the Assassin, Tallis finally enters Hawke's life. Tallis is a controllable character in the dragon age 2 DLC Mark of the Assassin. She starts off as a level 23 (or level 20 or so) rogue and she has a specialized class called the Infiltrator. This will guide Hawke in leveling up Tallis to best fit into his party. The Mark of the Assassin DLC will always have Tallis as a companion, and Hawke can choose two other companions for the mark of the assassin quest in dragon age 2.

Dragon Age 2 Tallis Infiltrator Specialization Level Up

Dragon Age 2 Tallis Infiltrator Specialization Level Up Guide

Dragon Age 2 Tallis Infiltrator Specialization Level Up Guide

Leveling Tallis in the Infiltrator Specialization and Rogue Class

The first step is to level up Tallis as much as possible in the infiltrator specialization by providing points in the abilities in the infiltrator specialization category. These include the following useful abilities -

  • Drop Dead - allows Tallis to destroy weak enemies outright while critically damaging other enemies. This ability works well with the mage, having produced more damage for those monsters that have been made brittle by mage spells.
  • Cloak - allows Tallis to magically shield herself from magical attacks
  • Poise - Tallis becomes immune to slow and stun (100% for both)
  • Hard to Get - Tallis is constant movement, with dodge chance increased +20%
  • Cover Up - Tallis disappears and then reappears next to the target, preventing them from using spells or talents a brief period.

The next step is to tailor Tallis's Rogue abilities to fit into the party that Hawke has assembled. These other skills may include the usual rogue skills like backstab, twin fangs, stealth and so on.

Tallis's main attacks start off with trying to shoot the enemies down with her flying daggers Kathryn and Thane. These daggers improve her attacking skills, and increase her chances of critical hits and damage. Remember to invest points in her dexterity and cunning attributes to increase her damage and critical hits.

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DA2 Mark of the Assassin Using Tallis to Good Effect

In DA2 mark of the assassin, after leveling up Tallis, one wants to see if the level up can be used to good effects in combining with the rest of the party in some fights in mark of the assassin. The main story behind the mark of the assassin DLC quest is to help Tallis steal the Heart Jewel from an established Orlesian estate. The game starts off with Hawke and party being sent to hunt down some wyverns. On route, Hawke's party has the chance to touch an ancient alter and release the Sky Horror and complete the Cult of the Sky quest.

Dragon Age 2

Leveling Up Tallis to Defeat the Sky Horror

In DA2 Mark of the Assassin, the sky horror fight is one of the more difficult fights in the beginning of the DLC. One can use this fight for fine tuning the leveling up of Tallis to see if any more alterations need to be done with regards to her attribute points and her abilities.

The Sky Horror will summon at least three or four waves of attackers, and also join in the attack on the party. When the hit points go down to a certain amount, the Sky Horror will retreat outside a shielded area and cannot be hit. When one of the waves is finished, the Sky Horror will come back in and summon another wave again. Hence the difficulty level of this fight. Make sure there are lots of stamina draughts for testing the leveled up Tallis before going into this fight.

Using Tallis, go for the enemy mages and ineffective. use the cloak and then the cover up abilities to make the mages (and priests) ineffective. Use standard attacks, and then drop dead to destroy the weakened enemies.

Meanwhile, use a tank to hold off the Sky Horror, while party mages can cast area effect spells or stone to make the other enemies brittle or ineffective. This fight is tough, and the player may have to pause the game many times to make minor alterations to the fight to obtain a victory. The crucial part of the Sky Horror fight comes during the third and fourth wave, when one or more of the party members may be down. Make sure the main healer in the party (in this case the spirit healer Hawke) is still alive and can revive the party.

Using this tactics, the Sky Horror will be destroyed, and one can also fine tune the leveling up of Tallis. The other rewards for this fight is to find a man in the Hunting Grounds and then return to the altar to retrieve some treasures. These includes a dagger that can bypass armor, and an amulet that increases attack.

Dragon Age 2 Mark of the Assassin Bait Wyvern Quest and Dragon Age Redemption Episode 2

When Tallis comes into the game, she is already level 20 or so. Who taught her all these skills, and how did she survive her early years as an adventurer. The release of the new dragon age 2 redemption web series starring Felicia Day as Tallis will explain this. Enjoy the Tallis Level Up and the video!

Dragon Age 2 Redemption Web Series Episode 1

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