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Crysis 2 Strategy guide - Nanosuit basics you should know


A little background before playing

Crysis 2 is set in New York City in the year 2023. It is three years after the jungle setting of Crysis (1). This strategy guide for Crysis 2 should is designed so that you know the ins and outs of the Nanosuit and how to use it .

The main character of Crysis 2 is named Alcatraz. In the beginning of the game you gain possession of an amazing suit that has three different abilities. They are stealth mode, strength mode, and armor mode. This strategy guide will show you how to use all of them effectively.

But before you start playing, you should know that the storyline takes a while to get started. Also, it leaves a few parts unexplained. You’ll understand when you get there, but all you need to know is that it’s worth it in the end. Crysis 2 is an awesome shooter game. And just if you still don't think so, I have a few reasons for why it is so good.


Reasons Why Crysis 2 is a different kind of amazing

This game is good because it is different than other games in these respects: climactic scenes, good music, easier sight, and freedom of mobility. The creators of Crysis 2 basically took all the good qualities from Crysis and put them into the game, making sure to greatly improve on any of the failures of Crysis (1). Another proof for its quality is the 9.0 Amazing rating it got from IGN.

For starters, the climactic scenes in the game have already made it worth my money. Constantly throughout the storyline, I got to sit back and watch the technological advances of today mesmerize me. Not to mention the music that accompanied them. I play the piano and appreciate music, and I was impressed with the music from Crysis 2.

Another quality of Crysis 2 that astonished me was the clearness of gameplay. Unlike most other games, it wasn’t too difficult to see what was going on in the game. Light seemed to reflect off every piece of the game, making it easier on someone like me who doesn’t have good eyesight.

The freedom of mobility is another feature that few games are able to achieve. Crysis 2 does. The differing abilities of the Nanosuit give the gamer the facility to gain a tactical advantage at almost any point in the game. One factor that slightly hinders the freedom of mobility is the strategy of the game.

Crysis 2 is designed to be a stealth game. If you plan on always running into the middle of a fight scene, then unless you’re really good, you will find death really easy. This gives the game a little more difficulty, but if you follow this strategy guide, then you will become a Nanosuit natural.

Now that you know why this game is so awesome, let’s get to the things that you need to know in order to play and survive in this game.

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Nanosuit – What is it anyway??

You are given this suit at the beginning of the game. It gives you three basic abilities that you can switch from. They are Stealth, Strength, and Armor. Whenever you use these modes, you drain you power gauge (at the bottom left of your screen). Some abilities from the modes require more energy than others, but the main idea is that the more stealthy and sneaky you are, the slower you’ll go through your power gauge.

Therefore, if you are sneaky and stealthy, you will potentially and statistically live longer. Another thing to note is that you can change modes relatively quickly, so use that to your advantage when devising your tactical plan.

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Stealth Mode – How to use is and what it does

Whenever Stealth mode is engaged, you turn almost completely invisible. This is useful, but don’t forget that it slowly drains you power gauge when it is activated. Therefore, you don’t want to keep it on all the time, only when you feel like enemies are close. Whenever you are invisible and crouching, your power gauge drains even slower. This helps to promote the silent approach in Crysis 2.

This mode is helpful for assassinations and setting up for the perfect shot. But beware; if you shoot your gun while you are invisible, all of your power gauge will be immediately brought down to zero. And if you are in a combat situation, the recharge rate seems even longer than it actually is. To avoid this, become un-invisible right before you shoot, shoot the target, and then go back to being invisible. It’s simple, but not knowing this can be a couple frustrating deaths away from a check point.

You will probably use this mode the most throughout the game based on how the game’s power drainage and storyline is set up. I hope you like sneaking up behind some aliens and stabbing them in the neck because your going to be doing that a lot in Crysis 2.


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Strength Mode – What’s cool and what should be avoided

This mode affects your sprinting and your ability to chunk people halfway across the map. Unlike Crysis (1), this mode is set as your default to make life easier on us. So that means that you don’t have to activate anything to start chunking people. You just have to walk on up to them and say, “Get out my way homie!!” Unfortunately though, it has it’s risks.

Because this game is designed for mostly stealth missions, strength mode has it’s handicaps. It uses the most power from your power gauge out of all three modes. For example, you are only able to sprint for a little more than 5 seconds before your power gauge is asking for a breather. Also, throwing people/aliens requires a good deal of energy. It’s worth it though one on one because it’s usually a one hit K.O.

It does have it’s perks, though. One of my favorite moves of the game is the slide. If you crouch while sprinting, then Alcatraz will perform a slide maneuver. It is effective for getting from barrier to barrier amidst a gunfight. Also, Alcatraz slides an impressive distance with one slide. I like to use this mode when I am in a hurry and there are minimal enemies. But if you think this one makes you strong, think again. This strategy guide isn’t over yet!!


Armor – Turning yourself into a Tank

This mode also takes away a significant amount of energy, but not near as fast as sprinting does. Along with the power gauge drainage, it makes you a nearly unstoppable force, at least until your power gauge runs out.

Basically, whenever your armor mode is engaged, your power gauge acts as a sort of over shield for you. Whenever people shoot at you, damage is taken away from your power gauge in the form of energy. Also, a good thing to note is that if you have barely any energy in your power gauge, then it isn’t the best idea to use your armor power up because it won’t have a very significant effect on you. But other than that, you’re basically a human tank. Tell me that’s not awesome. Trick question – it is

Everything combined – learn how to become the Nanosuit weapon

It’s all pretty simple. All you have to know is the basics about Crysis 2. Thanks to my strategy guide, you should have them all down. All you have to do now is experiment with the three different abilities of the Nanosuit to see what works in different situations. Now that you have checked out my strategy guide to Crysis 2, go check it out! Take it from me, its super fun!!

Last but not Least

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