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Crysis 2 Strategy Guide - Campaign strategy for beginners


Crysis 2 strategy guide basics for Campaign

Crysis 2 Campaign Strategy guide. This campaign strategy guide for Crysis 2 was made to help all those struggling at the video game. It is designed for beginners, but there are advanced tips that should help those who are trying to get very good at the game.

I have written a few articles on Crysis 2; you can jump through each of them with the links below (soon to come). By the end of this Crysis 2 campaign strategy guide, you should have enough information to develop an extremely efficient strategy to own the campaign in no time.

This guide goes over game modes, collectibles, actual gameplay, uses of the nanosuit, and the health bar. If you want to skip to one, just press control F (or command F for MAC), and type in one of the different topics above. This isn't a long article, but that may help you find the sections.

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Game Modes/Difficulty

There are four game modes, similar to most games. Instead of naming them easy, medium, hard, and very hard, they just have different names. They are as follows:

Game DifficultyDefinition


A walk in the park. Recommended for players new to the shooter genre.


The recommended setting for experienced FPS platers, test your abilities against challenging enemies.


Enemies react faster with increased lethality. Be at the top of your game to survive.


The ultimate challenge for players at the peak of their abiliities

The recommended difficulty to start on is soldier because recruit is extremely easy. There are 19 total missions, but there's only 18 that I count because the first one is mostly a movie. 



What are collectibles? They are exactly what they sound like. They are odd objects that you collect as you play Crysis 2. This page doesn't have each all the collectible locations on them. If you want that, click HERE (to be added soon). But for those who don't know, this is what they are:

1.) Souvenirs - These are random things that you find throughout the game. They are usually objects that are visible but slightly hidden. They are always glowing. Turning on nano-vision makes it easier to spot them. The first one is on the level Second Chance. Press X to pick them up.

2.) Dog Tags- This is new to the gaming world and brings a new aspect to the game. They are located near dead bodies during the Crysis 2 campaign. The first one is located near the Prophet's corpse on the level Second Chance. As for multiplayer, they appear whenever a teammate dies.

3.) NY Car Keys - These are located in completely random spots throughout the game. The only way I found them was to search in places that seemed unnecessary to create, or places that were out of the way of the mission. The first one is on the level Sudden Impact.

4.) Emails - These are all located on a computer screen but NOT the laptops. They are on a screen that looks like an upright Ipad or tablet. Once you find the first one, you will realize that they are easily spotted during gameplay. They look a little odd to me.

Those are the 4 different types of collectibles in Crysis 2. They definitely make the campaign of Crysis 2 much more fun!

Gameplay Tips

Their are two locators/helpful indicators that are given in Crysis 2. They are yellow and blue hexagons. The yellow hexagons appear on your screen when you have a Tactical Assessment. Whenever you see one of these pop up, toggle your visor on so that you can see the different objectives that you can do as tactical assessments.

The yellow hexagons have a word and a distance associated with them. The number is the distance you are away from them. The picture above them represents a one word description like "Resupply" or "Flank". To see the words, zoom in on each yellow hexagon. These are not necessary to complete; they are just like small objectives that are fun to do while you play the game.

The blue hexagons are just indicators of where you have to go to complete the mission. The pop up when you are lost and are taking too long to complete the mission.


All Uses of the Nanosuit

There are a ton of different benefits from using the special abilities of the nanosuit in Crysis 2. I have split them into physical and technological abilities to make it easy. For those who don't know yet, the Nanosuit is a suit of special abilities. If you want a more depth explanation, click HERE (SOON). Basically, you have an energy bar that gets depleted only when you use the special abilities.

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Save your energy for times when you really need it. You don't want to run out of nanosuit energy in the prime time of an epic battle. As for those abilities, here they are:


1.) Cover and Lean - When hiding behind an object, use this ability to peak to the top or side of the obstacle so that you can get a clear shot at your enemy. Alcatraz should do this automatically when you lean out. You can adjust his lean.

2.) Grab and throw - This ability requires very little energy and is, in my opinion, one of the funnest skills. Use your strength ability to grab an enemy and throw him off of a rooftop, into an obstacle, or at another enemy. It's especially fun to throw enemies on an easy difficulty and watch them run into each other. You can also pick up objects and throw them.

3.) Power Jump - This move takes about half of your energy. To do it, charge up and release your jump. Use this to get up on ledges or to jump a large distance over a ledge.

4.) Power Kick - This move takes a ton of energy. Use it to smash down doors or to kick vehicles. It's a powerful kick! If you don't believe me, check out the legs on the cover of the game! You can kick a vehicle into a group of enemies and annihilate them without a doubt. Warning - car may catch fire if you kick into a solid. Also, this move is necessary to obtain some of the collectibles. Check out my link to my Hub on Cyrsis 2 strategy guide collectibles above.

5.) Slide - This move isn't new but it is still cool. As you play, you may forget to use it because their are not a lot of opportunities to do it. All you have to do is crouch while you are running. You have to be sprinting to do this, which requires energy, but the actual slide does not require any energy. Make use of this on a sloped surface or to slide under tractor trailers. It is good Crysis 2 strategy to have this in your arsenal of moves/maneuvers.

6.) Sprint - This is probably the most basic ability that you gain from the Nanosuit in Crysis 2. It takes a lot of energy, but it is worth it to get past enemies in clutch moments and run through levels quickly. You need to do this while attempting the slide.

7.) Steady Aim - This is a move that I am not sure is covered in the introduction session. Press the sprint button while Alcatraz is looking down the scope of a gun. This will make him hold his breath, making aiming much more easier. This effect brings a much more realistic view to the gaming world.

Crysis 2 strategy guide - I hope this Crysis 2 strategy guide is helping you so far.


1.) Cloak - This is the ability to make Alcatraz invisible based on the amount of energy left in the energy meter. Use thisto sneak up on enemies and assassinate them however you see fit. A good strategy to using this ability is to slowly creep up to objects and then let your energy meter replenish. Then you can continue with a full meter. But just like any other game with invis, as soon as you shoot an un-silenced weapon, you will lose your invisibility.

2.) Armor - This ability is useful whenever you are under heavy fire. It gives you extra armor, giving you an extra couple of seconds to run if you are under heavy fire, but it takes a good amount of energy (about the same as cloak). This strategy guide suggests trying to determine when to use armor and sprint to escape enemies. This is an overall advancement of your Nanosuit because it helps you when falling from far heights and it also improves Alcatraz's combat awareness.

3.) Nanovision - This skill drains your energy fairly slow compared to the other ones. It is basically a combination of night vision and thermal vision. It makes everything except enemies gray. Enemies will be shown as bright blobs because of their heat signatures. Use this as a guide to enemies in smoke filled rooms and other places where vision is limited.

4.) Stealth indicator - This located in the lower left hand corner of your screen. It tells you how aware your enemies are of you. For example, a white signal represents that the enemy doesn't notice Alcatraz at all. A yellow signal means that they are looking for you, so you should hide until it turns back to white. Red indicates that the enemies see Alcatraz and are attacking. Hide to make the enemies all go back to white.

5.) Tactical Vision - This is used to track enemies. To use it, toggle to the visor and tag and an enemy. When they are tagged, they will glow with their alertness level (described in number 4). An excellent Crysis 2 strategy guide tip is to use this in smokey, or barely visible rooms. Even after you un-tag an enemy, they will still glow with their alertness level (White, Yellow, or Red). You can also use the tactical visor to scan the area for weapons and ammo. That is the most strategy guide help for Crysis 2 that I can think of for use of the Nanosuit. There's a lot more strategies to Crysis 2 than I anticipated.



I thought to include this because I have not seen too many games with this feature. Along with having a health bar on the bottom right of the screen, the effects of battle are shown around the edges of the screen with blood spattering. It's like a higher quality version of the death in James Bond 007 Golden Eye game for Nintendo 64, except it happens when you are taking damage.

The more damage you take, the redder the screen gets. It starts out a little annoying, but after a while you don't even notice it. It's actually a better indicator of your health because you don't have to strain your eyes to see a tiny health bar.

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chasemillis (author) on May 22, 2011:

Thanks for the comment 2c2v! I know exactly what you're talking about! Sometimes it takes forever just to figure out the easiest things in games like how to jump. I have to resort to pushing all buttons and going through every single option just to figure out what all I can do on the game!

2c2v on May 18, 2011:

Thanks for taking the time to write this. I have owned this game for weeks now, but its manual is tiny and provides limited information. Furthermore, Electronic Arts has developed a habit lately of creating poor in-game interfaces, in my opinion. Icons, menus, control pop-ups, written on-screen information, and such can be so small and/or inappropriately colored(like dark red) that I find them nearly incomprehensible. I first noticed this with Mass Effect 2, and was not pleased, since the interface in the first game had been crystal clear and a pleasure to use. Anyway, thanks again!

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