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Crysis 2 Collectibles: A campaign guide with all collectible locations: Levels 1-7


Crysis 2 campaign guide to all collectibles


This Crysis 2 collectible guide was made to directly help you find the NY Souvenirs, Dog Tags, NY Car Keys, and E-mails as quick and as easily as possible. All Crysis 2 collectible locations are given in this article in a chronological order by level and by the order of which you will come across each one. It should be very easy for you to find all the crysis 2 collectibles using this resource.

Because of the Crysis 2 campaign having 19 levels, the entire guide is split into three different sections. To see the Crysis 2 collectible locations for the campaign after level 8, follow the links below (SOON). Or if you are new to the Crysis 2 campaign, check out the beginner articles below.

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Level 1 - In at the Deep End

Crysis 2 Collectible locations; NONE

NO collectibles on this level. It's mostly an intro movie.

Level 2 - Second Chance

Crysis 2 Collectible Locations: NY Souvenirs (1), Dog Tags (1), NY Car Keys (0), E-mails (1)

  • Dog Tag - This is the very first collectible, and it is located right next to Prophet's corpse at the beginning of the level. Before you exit the warehouse, look on the table.
  • Emails - It is close to where the third CELL operator was standing. In the middle of the courtyard lies an upright tablet/Ipad thing. Go to it to claim your first email.
  • NY Souvenir - When you force your way through the security doors onto the streets of the financial district, you're getting close. Once in the street, find the gift shop. The souvenir is on the counter; it is a miniature statue of liberty.

---Don't forget the laptops! They are scattered all throughout the city, and although they don't give you the emails you're looking for, they will give you a little more storyline than without them.

Possible Achievements - Foreign Contaminant, Food for Thought

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Level 3 - Sudden Impact

Crysis 2 Collectible Locations: NY Souvenirs (1), Dog Tags (1), NY Car Keys (1), E-mails (0)

  • NY Car Key - It's located at the top of the stairs after you eliminate the hostiles in the parking garage. It's next to the corpse and the rubble at the top of the stairs.
  • NY Souvenir - Go into the crater of the crash site and descend into the parking garage. The Souvenir is located in the booth that says "24 hr. Parking". Power kick the door at the back to retrieve it (it's on the file cabinets)
  • Dog Tag - It's at the very end of the level. As you kill the last of the enemy units, make your way to the American flag covered bus. This level's dog tag is just inside the doorway on the right, which is right next to a dumpster. This doorway is just before you exit the underpass.

Possible Achievements - More than Human

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Level 4 - Road Rage

Crysis 2 Collectible Locations: NY Souvenirs (1), Dog Tags (0), NY Car Keys (1), E-mails (0)

  • NY Souvenir - This one is right at the beginning of the level. When you reach the top of the stairs, start heading towards the north to the small room. Find the graffiti that says "GOD HELP US". In the corner nearby is a small model of a NYPD Cruiser.
  • NY Car Key - It's found towards the end of the level, right before you exit the compound. Once you reach the machine gun turret, start heading south along the barbed wired wall. Take a right at the end. The NY Car Key is located inside the shipping container.

Possible Achievements - None

Level 5 - Lab Rat

Crysis 2 Collectible Locations: NY Souvenirs (1), Dog Tags (1), NY Car Keys (1), E-mails (1)

  • Car Key - It's at the very beginning of the level. It's located near the abandoned car at the north side of the free way. Right above it are two stop signs. That should help you find it a little easier. The keys are near the dead body.
  • E-mail - This is also at the beginning of the level. After entering the warehouse and before you ride the elevator, go to the south side of the downstairs offices. The room you want is between the two entrances. Don't forget, the E-mail is on a tablet/Ipad devise, not a laptop.
  • NY Souvenir - This is in the somewhat middle of the level "Lab Rat". This souvenir is a model of the major NY buildings, and it is located in a room that is only accessible through a hole that the fallen helicopter made. Fall into that hole, to the second-floor, to claim the collectible on the wooden crate.
  • Dog Tag - This is at the very end of the level. After you meet up with Gould, he will take you to one small room and then a bigger room. The dog tag is located in the larger room on the bookshelf that is closer to the window. It's near the telescope as well.

Possible Achievements - False Prophet

Level 6 - Gate Keepers

Crysis 2 Collectible Locations: NY Souvenirs (1), Dog Tags (0), NY Car Keys (1), E-mails (1)

  • Car Key - This one is a little bit after the beginning of the level. After falling through the window washing platform, turn left and head north. The Car Keys are located on the small metal stairs near the door in the corner of the alleyway.
  • Easter Eggs!! - There are literally three easter eggs in the middle of the "Gate Keepers" level. When you leap out of the room into the rubble filled plaza, the eggs are at the top of the stairs under a bush. Not a Crysis 2 collectible, but still pretty cool.
  • NY Souvenir - This is closer to the end of the level. It's after you destroy the ammo dumps. Find the main church entrance, walk in, and then look to the right to see the small model cathedral that's sitting atop the cardboard boxes.
  • E-mail - This is at the end of the level right after unlocking the escape tunnel. But before entering it, go into the orange command and control trailer near the churchyard. After cutting the power to the gate to the secret tunnel, you will be able to get this E-mail.

Possible Achievements - None

Level 7 - Dead Man Walking

Crysis 2 Collectible Locations: NY Souvenirs (1), Dog Tags (1), NY Car Keys (1), E-mails (1)

  • Car Keys - This Crysis 2 collectible is near the beginning of the level. It's hard to miss because it's right in the open. Get onto the street and head west past the intersection. The collectible is located next to a stuffed animal on a raised platform.
  • NY Souvenir - The next three collectibles on the level "Dead Man Walking" are near the end of the level. This one is on a counter in the security office. It is right before you get on the elevator. The item is also glowing red.
  • E-Mail - Located in the same room as the NY Souvenir above, it's on the tablet/Ipad thing next to the computer monitor. Make sure you download it before you use the elevator.
  • Dog Tag - As you exit the elevator, prepare to find the next Crysis 2 collectible. Jump over the red ropes to obtain the dog tag, which is located on the floor in a deposit box.

Possible Achievements - Internal Affairs

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