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Crysis 2 Collectibles: A campaign guide with all collectible locations: Levels 14-19


Crysis 2 guide to all collectible locations

This campaign guide gives the locations of all the collectibles in Crysis 2 for levels 14-19. The locations for all the NY Souvenirs, Dog Tags, NY Car Keys, and E-mails are given in a simple, easy to understand, and chronological order.

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Level 14 - Terminus

NY Souvenir – 1, Dog Tag – 1, NY Car Key – 0, E-mail – 0

  • Dog Tag – This is at the beginning of the level right as you meet Colonel Barclay. It's on the desk between the two standing marines.
  • NY Souvenir – It's not too far after the dog tag. It's really easy to find because the Colonel leads you right to it. It's on the table in the planning room next to the map.

Possible Achievements – Dark Night of the Soul

Level 15 - Power Out

NY Souvenir - 1, Dog Tag - 1, NY Car Key - 1, E-mail - 0

  • NY Car Key – It's at the beginning of the level as you make your way to Times Square. Go inside the security trailer to get the collectible on the table.
  • NY Souvenir – It's a little past Times Square. Find Amim's Sandwich Bar, which is a little past the checkpoint. The collectible is on the counter inside.
  • Dog Tag – It's located as you evacuate with Colonel Barclay and before you sabotage the alien sphere. When the first aircraft takes off, sprint to the right and get to the table near the military truck. It's on the table.

Possible Achievements – Crossroads of the World

Level 16 – Eye of the Storm

NY Souvenir – 1, Dog Tag – 1, NY Car Key – 0, E-mail – 3

  • E-mail (1) – It's not for a while. It's right inside the entrance of the abandoned factory. The tablet is on a desk near the entrance, which you can get to from any one of the three entrances.
  • NY Souvenir – This one is right before you dismantle the EMP Trap. Once inside the watch tower, go to the corner of the substation area. The model lighthouse is on the table near the corner of the room.
  • E-mail (2) – It's close-by the souvenir. As you exit the elevator and proceed through the catwalk, kill the two enemies. Before jumping down, go inside the office at the corner. The E-mail is on the desk to your right.
  • Dog Tag – It's after you enter the gatehouse and before you eliminate commander Lockhart. Go inside the room next to where Alcatraz was trapped. It's near the gun crates atop the cardboard boxes.
  • E-mail (3) – The last collectible and last email is in the control room where Lockhart was hole up. The tablet is next to the blue computer terminal.

Possible Achievements – NONE

Level 17 - Masks off

NY Souvenir – 1, Dog Tag – 1, NY Car Key – 0, E-mail – 1

  • Dog Tag – This collectible is near the beginning of the level, and the campaign should guide you right to it. It's inside the room with the ammo crates on the second floor. The dog tag is right after you ascend the stairs.
  • NY Souvenir – This souvenir is soon after getting the dog tag. It's in the red room with the large world map on the wall/door. The collectible is on the table in the middle of the room.
  • E-mail – This email is soon after you have to start running to escape the exploding factory. This Crysis 2 collectible is in the room that is glowing red. The tablet is on the floor next to two large crates.

Possible Achievements – Theseus at Last

Level 18 – Out of the Ashes

NY Souvenir – 1, Dog Tag – 2, NY Car Key – 1, E-mail – 0

  • NY Car Key – This collectible is at the beginning of the level. Before boarding the vehicles, collect the car key, which is a little farther than the vehicles.
  • Dog Tag (1) – This one is near the beginning of the level as well. It's in the open elevator right next to the one that Alcatraz is supposed to ride. It's in the corner.
  • NY Souvenir – This is one that can easily be missed. You find this collectible when you are trying to get a vantage point for the Ceph gunships. Instead of going straight out of the elevator, take a right a,d slip through the collapsed rooms. Find the bedroom nearby and claim the souvenir, which is on the floor next to the bed.
  • Dog Tag (2) – This dog tag is found after you jump out of the building (armor mode) onto the mattreses below. The actual dog tag is on the roof of thee taller greenhouse, next to a corpse.

Possible Achievements – NONE

Level 19 – Walk in the Park

NY Souvenir – 1, Dog Tag – 1, NY Car Key – 1, E-mail – 0

  • NY Car Key – This Crysis 2 collectible is very close to the beginning of the level. Follow the cobblestone walkway until you see a little food stand. Next to it should be a bus. The key is inside the bus next to the steering wheel.
  • NY Souvenir – The last souvenir! And it doesn't come easy. To get it, walk past the amphitheater s, that's 1tage to the shipping container behind. The only way to get in is to explode the fuel drums inside it. The souvenir is in the back.
  • Dog Tag – This is the last collectible in Crysis 2, and it is also a little hard to find. It's found as you are destroying the first two spore veins. It's in the underpass tunnel beneath the yellow tents. It's on a yellow mattress that is half folded against the wall.

Possible Achievements – Home Stretch, Start Spreading the News


In total over the whole campaign, that makes 18 NY Souvenirs, 17 Dog Tags, 11 NY Car Keys, and 10 E-mails. Good luck finding them!! It shouldn't be hard if you follow my guides.

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