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Crysis 2 Collectibles: A campaign guide with all collectible locations: Levels 8-13


Crysis 2 campaign guide with all collectible locations

This Crysis 2 campaign collectible guide is made to help you find all the collectibles in Crysis 2 as quickly and easily as possible. The below is given in chronological order based on the level. So that means that if you are missing a certain collectible from a particular level, you will be able to quickly and easily find it.

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Level 8 - Seat of Power

NY Souvenir – 1, Dog Tag – 1, NY Car Key – 1, E-mail – 1

  • Dog Tag – This is the first collectible on Seat of Power. When you enter the dark evacuation post, your getting close. Ignore the suffering citizens, activate Nanovision, and follow the path until it breaks hard to the right. Go inside the structure with hundreds of body bags and twin fluorescent lights. The collectible is on the table to the right. You need Nanovision to spot it.
  • E-mail – Its located near the police headquarters building. Go inside the main building beyond the evacuation post. The E-mail is on the upright tablet style device on the reception desk.
  • NY Souvenir – It's close to where all the Robotic Harvesting Units are. This souvenir is a model of the NYC Hall, and it's in the center of the office.a
  • NY Car Key – This collectible is after you access the Hive Core entrance and before you kill the Ceph Devastator unit (worth 500 nano-catalyst). As you ascend to the train platform, find the dead guy on the blue benches. The key is on the seat to the left.

Possible Achievements - NONE

Level 9 - Dark Heart

NY Souvenir – 1, Dog Tag – 2, NY Car Key – 0, E-mail – 0

  • Dog Tag – All these collectibles are in the middle of the level. This one is in the Subway Tunnels. Make sure to enter the maintenance corridor on the east side. It's on the opposite side from where you get the MK.60. The Dog Tag is on the ground near the dead soldier.
  • NY Souvenir – Before you leave the Subway tunnels, look around to find the model of a Subway train car. It's right before you leave, and it's near some ammo crates and C4.
  • Dog Tag – The level should guide you to this if you follow the yellow/orange hexagons, but it's atop the red/orange scaffold next to a dead marine.

Possible Achievements – Hole in One, Into the Abyss

Level 10 – Semper Fi or Die

NY Souvenir – 1, Dog Tag – 1, NY Car Key – 0, E-mail – 0

  • NY Souvenir – This Crysis 2 collectible is located in the middle of the level, whereas the next is at the very end. At the checkout counter of the Super Savin'' discount store, there is a ship in a bottle. That's the collectible.
  • Dog Tag – It's near the dead marine who is literally right before the end of the level.

Possible Achievements – Band of Brothers, “Once a Marine, Always a Marine”

Level 11 – Corporate Collapse

NY Souvenir – 1, Dog Tag – 1, NY Car Key – 1, E-mail – 1

  • NY Car Key – This one's near the beginning of the level and is a little hard to spot. Find the smashed train car to claim it. It's also next to a dead body on the floor.
  • NY Souvenir – This souvenir is located inside the crater that's filled with water. The entrance to it is the head of the Statue of Liberty. Once in, swim west to find the souvenir, along with an ammo crate.
  • E-mail – This is before you access the security terminal. It's in the place where the electric shocks disable (temporarily) your cloaking and armor mode. After the metal detectors, go into the office on the left, towards the vending machine.
  • Dog Tag – It's right before you regroup with the marines near the end of the level. Head directly south from where Alcatraz washes ashore and search underwater. This one is a little hard to spot, mainly because of the bad lighting and monotonous landscape.

Possible Achievements – Hung out to dry

Level 12 – Train to Catch

NY Souvenir – 1, Dog Tag – 0, NY Car Key – 1, E-mail – 0

  • NY Souvenir – This Crysis 2 collectible is located in the public library after you kill the Cephs at the entrance. It's at the corner of the reception desk, which is near the front of the library.
  • NY Car Key – This is after Bryant Park. It's right before the orange tunnel and the evacuation. Go inside the office of the decontamination bay to get to it. It's on the counter.

Possible Achievements – Literary Agent, Fire Walker

Level 13 – Unsafe Haven

NY Souvenir – 1, Dog Tag – 1, NY Car Key – 0, E-mail – 0

  • Dog Tag – This is after you locate Staff Sergeant Rainer and along the upper defense station. Go past the soldiers to the pallets of supplies. The Dog Tag is on top of the pallet in the center of the alley.
  • NY Souvenir – This Crysis 2 collectible is right before you find and prime the three detonators. It's in the parking office, it glows red, and it's next to an (old school) white fan.

Possible Achievements – NONE

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