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Cricut Design Space V6.0.150 Tips for Beginners - Tools Part 2

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New to Cricut Design Space? Here are some hints and tips I've learned and want to share to make your experience easier, fun and productive!


The top panel

As you can see there are lots of options and the following will break it down for you to easily navigate starting from the left-hand side.

  • Three lines
  • Canvas
  • Back & Forward
  • Cut Dropdown
  • Fill Dropdown
  • Select All
  • Edit
  • Align
  • Arrange
  • Flip
  • Size
  • Rotate
  • Position
  • My Projects
  • Save
  • Explore
  • Make It

Three Lines

Like most applications, we come across the three lines usually indicate further options.

  • Home - takes you back to the page you saw before pressing new project
  • Canvas - takes you back onto the Canvas you are working on
  • New Machine Setup
  • Calibration - this comes in handy when you are printing then cutting and find the lines arent as well matched up etc
  • Manage Custom Materials lets you edit which blades, pressure setting etc when you are using the custom setting on your machine - most beginners wont until they get the hang of the usual paper, card and vinyl
  • Update Firmware
  • Account Details
  • Link Cartridges - Cricut Explore and makers are designed to use Design Space but you can use cartridges (some need an adapter) this option will help you set it up
  • Cricut Access - You get one month free with the purchase of a Cricut and have to pay a monthly subscription afterwards to have full access to designs etc BUT you do not have to you can use your machine and Design Space with the free account and create your phone designs and creations without it
  • Settings - Since the last update the canvas has changed so it is here where you can switch between imperial and metric units of measurement as well as how you would like the grid to look
  • Legal
  • New Features
  • Country: United Kingdom (mine is set here)
  • Help
  • Sign Out

Canvas, Back, Forward & Cut

Canvas takes you back to your current canvas when you have clicked on other things and not sure how to close it,

The Back is probably the most used! If you make a mistake its the easiest and quickest way to rectify it!

Forward comes in handy when you've pressed back one too many times!

Cut Dropdown gives you four options (on Explore, has more on Maker set up)

  1. Cut - all layers set to this will be cut out with the Clamp B and the small box beside it gives you the option to change the colour of the layer you have currently selected
  2. Draw - for when you have a pen set in the Clamp A by pressing the small box again beside it gives you the option of changing the pen you insert and colour you are using
  3. Score - With an Explore you can put a scoring stylist into Clamp A, used when making a card, for example, making it easier for you to fold.
  4. Foil - You need a separate tool that goes into Clamp B and in the options, you can change it to Fine, Medium or Bold depending on which tip you choose

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Is for when you are planning to print your design before cutting it.

The dropdown allows you to choose colours and patterns!

  • You can upload your own patterns to fill! Great when designing stickers or when using printable HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)

Select All - and also De-select all

  • Can also use CTRL and click on the layers on the right-hand side panel

Edit - cut, copy and past

Align - helps you line up the layers equally, horizontally, vertically or centrally depending on your needs but is a lot more accurate than you trying to manoeuvre it with your mouse

Arrange - moves the layer you have clicked to either the back (bottom of all the layers) or bring it forward in order for you to effectively see and edit

Flip - Inverts the image horizontally or vertically

Size - Each layer will snap a box where you can alter the size by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner arrow, however, this is difficult when you have to get a precise size especially if you have unlocked it. This button lets you manually insert the Width and or Height.

  • If you are wanting an equal size distribution edit either the height or width then click on the other and it will automatically change it for you if not it will revert back to the previous

Rotate - like the sizing, rotating has the same idea. Apart from the rotation button on the initial snap box is located on the top right as a curling arrow

Position - same idea as rotate and size.

  • You can also use your arrow keys to navigate on the canvas where you would like the layer positioned - great for lettering

My Projects - Opens up previous projects you have made and get access to Cricut Access projects you wish to upload to your canvas

Save - Option to save what you're doing and Save As (can change names, and delete at later date so don't worry if you make a mistake)

Explore - This allows you to change the Design Space to accommodate whichever machine you have

Make It - Takes you to the set up of your cutting mats where you can check everything is how it should look and in the correct position of your mat to cut before you press the cut button! if you press cancel it will take you back to your canvas!

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