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Cricut Design Space v6.0.150 Tips for Beginners - CANVAS


New to Cricut Design Space? Here are some hints and tips I've learned and want to share to make your experience easier, fun and productive!

Cricut Design Space

As 2020 has been a year for watching TikTok videos, DIY and everything else we can do to entertain ourselves within our homes, many of us have ended up investing in a CRICUT. Whether it be the Joy, Explore or Maker; we have all downloaded Design Space and went Oh My Freakin Gawh how? what? where? There are some great short videos to follow online but sometimes its easier with pictures and that's why I thought I would write this article. Not only will I be able to refer back to it when I need to remember something but it could potentially help other new crafters! So here are the things I've learned recently on DS and I will hopefully write other articles to do with the Cricut as I learn more and share them with everyone!

Cricut Design Space v6.0.150


Where to start?

So you've signed up to Design Space for a free account and not committed to the monthly subscription yet, as you're wanting to get a feel for it and find it a little overwhelming?

I've got you covered! Like everyone else, I went from what? how? where? to the ok we got this I want to make this and then watch a million videos, try to follow them but still find things hard to navigate. Yep, been there!

So I've decided I'm going to be writing a few articles breaking up the hints and tips to help get you started, even if you have been using Cricut for a while, you never know I might have found something you didn't and learn something new!

This one is all about changing the canvas to best suit your needs! Whether it be changing the style such as colour so its easier to create sticks, for example, with a white background you can see it clearly. Or changing the grid sizes to work on smaller details or to better fit on your cutting mat!

Canvas Colour

So you've loaded up and get hit with BAM bright white background and a grid.

If like myself you're finding this difficult to look at, especially if you're new and looking to make things with a white background it can be hard to gauge the sizes of things, I'm here to tell you you can not only change the grid to be the same measurements as your mat (so no need to change sizes so you know it will fit) but also change the colour!

I tend to stick to greys as I find the other bright colours eventually give me a migraine-like the bright white! That means I get to carry on working on my creations without turning down the resolution or brightness of my screen! YAY!


Changing the colour of your canvas to best suit you

  1. On the bottom right there is a button that says blank canvas - press it
  2. Above the grid, about the center, an option will pop up as Colour - click to find all the different options (if you click on advanced you will get more!)
  3. After you've changed it to your preferred colour just click anywhere on the canvas to return to whatever your creative juices are designing!

The picture following has them pointed out of you don't spot it straight away. Play about with the colours and see what works for you!


Changing the Grid

It is super simple!

On the top left-hand corner of the canvas grid, there is a blank square. Press it and you can change it to suit your need! From small intricate lines, just the 1" grid (same as your cut mat) or completely blank!


If you hover over the bottom left-hand side you will be able to decrease or increase the % so you can change the grid and better see how your design will look or be able to edit the smaller details without compromising it!



Imperial and Metric

Changing your canvas to suit the classic or new look and measurements is simple

  1. Go to the three lines on the top left beside the word Canvas
  2. Go down to settings and click on your desired preferences, play about with them to see what you prefer!

© 2020 Kally

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