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Cricut Design Space V6.0.150 Tips for Beginners - Tools Part 3

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New to Cricut Design Space? Here are some hints and tips I've learned and want to share to make your experience easier, fun and productive!


Left Panel

As you can see there are a few options and the following will break it down for you to easily navigate starting from the left-hand side.

The very top has the self-explanatory File, View and Help which don't have many options but worth having look in case you need to reload or toggle full scene (in View).

  • New
  • Templates
  • Projects
  • Images
  • Text
  • Shapes
  • Upload




  • But like the banner that pops up briefly states that these "are for reference only and will not be saved with your project".

Like in the article I wrote about setting up your canvas you can change the "canvas" in the picture above I chose a card to another colour, and size.


Projects - takes you back to the page where you can select your previous ones or others created for Cricut Access

Images - You can get from Cricut Access which has thousands to choose from, they come "set up" already with sizes, colours, cuts, scores etc.

  • The example I chose from free on Cricut Access and came set up as shown on the picture, all I did was resize so I could snap a picture to show you. if I were to click Make it i would only need to set up my cutting mats and make that exact project!
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This opens up your text box where you type what you want to write and you can change the font on the top panel. Reposition and resize to suit your needs.

  • Ungroup if you need to change the spacing of your letters individually (especially for calligraphy fonts)
  • Cricut will get fonts you have saved on your PC so if you want a type but don't have it installed I recommend finding there here and installing them. You might need to restart Cricut if you have so it loads onto the system.
  • Using your arrow keys is great to move individual letters if you cant line them up correctly with your mouse
  • The top panel expands (as shown above) which gives you more options for sizing, spacing as well as curving the letters - for example, if you're wanting your wording to fit around a shape
  • Remember to attach and weld all of your letters so they cut in that order and position - if you make a mistake remember you can undo by pressing detach, un-weld or back
  • Change the colour of your font by clicking the colour box beside cut or pattern/colour if you want to print it
  • Change cut drop down to draw to use a pen in Clamp A



The shapes provided are very basic but great to play about with an make new shapes.

  • Score line is for when you change your cut dropdown to score, making it easier to fold
  • All shapes can be altered by unlocking it (bottom right button) - for example, changing the square to a rectangle.
  • Make use of your size, rotation and position options on the top panel


This where you can upload your own images to become Print & Cut; Cut; or Pattern Fill files.

  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • SVG
  • DXF

After adding an image you will have to remove the background (I also recommend using this) and different parts in order to create cut files or creating Print then Cut files.

You can also download some free SVG's here which is a great way to get you started when learning how to use the different editing options I mentioned here and get creative making things!

  • This is where you can insert images you've previously uploaded to your design space.
  • Remember to press on the view all!

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