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Cosplay Hobby Is For Everyone

Tricia Deed has experienced many hobbies. For those who like to dress up become an active cosplay identity representing another persona.

The Grim Reaper

The grim reaper with his sickle in readiness to harvest souls.

The grim reaper with his sickle in readiness to harvest souls.

Cosplay or Costume Play

Do you love costumes? Do you like to impersonate famous celebrities or time period characters? Do you like to dress up and temporarily become another person in another time or dimension?

Welcome to costume play or cosplay. Cosplay occurs throughout the year and does not require a special holiday because people of all ages can dress up as their favorite fictional or nonfictional character. They may show off their costumes at special cosplay conventions, meetings, clubs, parades, and wherever groups may gather for this popular activity.

Its participants have fun with this playful activity, but do not be surprised when friends and family members consider you to be weird, childish, or misunderstood.

Costume play is becoming a character without performing in a formal theatrical environment. It is a fun recreational activity which captivates the imagination of those people who like to dress up as another persona. While they are in costume they also do their best to portray behavior mannerisms and traits of the chosen personality. There is no memorizing of script lines. Portraying the character is the prime objective.

Cosplay Characters Influenced By Anime or Manga Comics

Three people dressed to imitate anime or Manga comic characters.

Three people dressed to imitate anime or Manga comic characters.

Cosplay Ideas

The costume ideas for cosplay are taken from movies and television, books, cartoons, video games, comics, animation, and any source which provides inspiration for a costume. Select a character that you love because hours will be spent creating and assembling a costume. After completing a costume use it for schedule cosplay activities. .

Inspirational List:

  1. Space creatures
  2. Robots
  3. Military and other combative characters
  4. Fantasy creatures
  5. Monsters
  6. Mythical characters and creatures
  7. Movie characters
  8. Superheroes
  9. Puppets
  10. Cartoon characters
  11. Sexual fantasies
  12. Toys
  13. Distorted human appearances
  14. Original creations fabricated by your imagination
  15. Comic books
  16. Assorted books

Two Swords

A man holding 2 swords while standing in front of a brown gate.

A man holding 2 swords while standing in front of a brown gate.

Coplay Culture

Popular sites featuring cosplay are SciFi conventions, book promotions, new movie previews, and wherever people gather for various interests. This idea of combining a costume with a character was marked by a fan wearing a ‘futuristic costume’ at the 1939 World Science Fiction Convention.

The people involved in cosplay create original characters who wear strange clothing or duplicate celebrity characters. They may choose to copy a costume from any walk of life, fictional or nonfictional.

Who is the person in the costume?

  1. It may be a geek, a celebrity, or anybody.
  2. A person with an inferiority complex
  3. A person who just loves to wear costumes
  4. Portraying another to create a safe space
  5. Freedom of creative expression
  6. Receive attention and admiration without exposing self or being judged
  7. Build confidence, and to love others who do the same
  8. A Cosplayer enjoys sharing their passion and is very loving and supportive of others
  9. A person who is a passionate dreamer
  10. Dressing in a costume is exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling

Anyone can become a cosplayer. All people are welcomed to share in this creative and imaginative world. All ages and all body types are invited to participate.

Warrior 'Woman

A woman wearing a cosplay costume and holding sword.

A woman wearing a cosplay costume and holding sword.

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Costume Sources

The costumes may be rented from costume suppliers, purchased from online and offline sources, custom made, or made by the wearer. People who are creative and have sewing abilities will make their own costumes. There are some patterns available, but creativity and skill will be necessary to make accessories or parts of the costume which have no patterns.

These costumes may be made from existing patterns, used garments which may be altered, or patterns created by the originator. Join online clubs, forums, websites, and organizations to share and exchange costume ideas. Video tutorials, social networking, and cultural magazines are three other sources. There will be different levels of quality skills in these handmade character costumes; but this is part of the fun. Much pride and love is given to creating these costumes.

Native Costumes

Two women wearing native costumes standing and surrounded by people.

Two women wearing native costumes standing and surrounded by people.

Cosplay Accessories and Props

Accessories are a part of the costume which is needed to complete the overall appearance. It may require a wig or hair piece, partial or full body makeup, footwear, hand wear, jewelry, special accessories, and props.

Benefits of cosplay:

  • Total experience of creativity
  • Accomplishment
  • Play acting
  • Personal challenges
  • Learning new skills in arts and crafts
  • Acquiring new friends and acquaintances
  • Employment opportunities

Cosplay VS Halloween

Cosplay and Halloween are different and are never spoken in the same sentence. Cosplay participants dress to portray a particular character that will perform before an audience. Halloween costumes are for fun; no performing.

Halloween costumes used for fun never make an income. Cosplay individuals who are excellent at acting or modeling will be hired for theater, television, and convention employment. According to Wikipedia Jessica Nigri is the most popular cosplayer in the world.

Who is Jessica Nigri? She is listed by Wikipedia as being a cosplay celebrity, spokesmodel, Youtuber and voice actress. Her income is thousands of dollars per year.

These people may earn hundreds or thousands of dollars per performance. If you are thinking of making this a career it can be done.

Top 10 Famous Cosplayers

Costume Lovers


Tricia Deed on April 11, 2017:

Rachael, as I did my research your response is identical to what the majority of the cosplay participants had to say. Personally speaking, I love costumes and creativity, imagination, and original work ingrained with love to produce an original costume designed and made with one's personal talents and skills.

Cosplay is a wonderful and great outlet for every body to express themselves. Continue your anime...what fun!

Rachael Lefler from Illinois on April 10, 2017:

Hi! Since I do an anime blog and have gone to several anime conventions, I'm no stranger to cosplay. One thing I love to do at conventions is take pictures of the more extraordinary cosplayer costumes, they can be very creative and show a lot of skill in design and craftsmanship. Learning cosplay combines many different skills. I think the best costumes are the ones you make yourself, tailored not just to your body but made to express your unique personality. Anyway, if you like anime, check out my blog. I think I might do an article that's cosplay-related in the future, since it does seem to be gaining mainstream popularity even outside the anime/other fandoms community.

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