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Collecting Windstone Dragons: Windstone Edition Dragons by Melody Pena

Rare Windstone Edition Ivory Dragon

Large ivory Windstone Edition dragon by Melody Pena (retired collection)

Large ivory Windstone Edition dragon by Melody Pena (retired collection)

Windstone Edition Dragons by Melody Pena

Windstone Edition figurines have been beloved by fantasy art collectors around the world for almost 30 years. Melody Pena, a master sculptor, excels at bringing fantasy to life through her ornate designs of the mythical creatures.

Melody Pena founded Windstone Editions in 1985 in Northern California. Over the years, her popularity in sculpting and the fantasy realm enabled the company to grow to more than 50 employees. The company has since relocated to the town of Corvallis, Oregon, about an hour and a half from Portland. The company prides itself in being a family owned business that uses "no offshore production" in the making of its sculptures.

Although Melody Pena creates a variety of fantasy sculptures from Griffins to Gargoyles, and Wizards to Unicorns, it is her Windstone Dragon collection that is one of the most popular to date.

Rare Retired Ivory Windstone Dragon

Curled Ivory Windstone Edition Dragon by Melody Pena ret. 1994

Curled Ivory Windstone Edition Dragon by Melody Pena ret. 1994

How are Windstone Dragon Figurines made

All Windstone Edition figurines are made in the United States, from the finest mineral stone available. The materials used for each product is specially formulated to the company's specifications.


The original idea for each dragon figurine comes from Melody Pena herself. Melody forms a rough version of the figurine using modeling clay.

She molds the clay from sketches, but has also been known to mold straight from memory or internal visions of what she wants the dragon to look like. Each dragon is a unique M. Pena design.

Working Molds and Plasters:

Once the concept has been molded in the clay, they begin the process of making working molds and plasters of the dragon figurine out of soft plaster. Then they are re-sculpted by master artisans to add the detail work based on Melody Pena's original concept clay mold.

Ivory Windstone Edition Dragon

Rare hatching dragon figurine from the Ivory Windstone Edition collection.

Rare hatching dragon figurine from the Ivory Windstone Edition collection.

Master Mold:

The master craftsman and artisans at Windstone Editions then create a second mold of the dragon figure out of hard gypsum.

The second mold is an exact replica of the finished product, including all the minute details and finishings.

It is then recast in epoxy to create the master mold that will be used in the production of the dragon figurine.

Finishing and Painting:

Using the master mold, additional casts of the dragon figurine are made. The casting are hand-finished and painted by hand to bring the dragon to life.

Melody herself decides if the figurines will be part of a limited edition collection or if they will be mass produced.

Even if it is not a limited edition collection, she will often retire certain collections after a certain length of time. When a collection is retired, the value of the figurines increases greatly as they become more rare.

Windstone Editions Logo

Official Windstone Editions logo attached to figurines

Official Windstone Editions logo attached to figurines

What is the value of a Windstone Edition Dragon Collection

The value of a Windstone Edition Dragon collection, like the value of most collections, is based on a variety of factors.

In many collections, the oldest pieces are typically the ones that are most sought after, and usually command the higher prices.


With any collection or even pieces of a collection, the ones that are kept in mint condition will garner top dollar. When purchasing the figurines new you do not have to worry about the condition as much as if you buying used from eBAY, Amazon, or another auction site.

When choosing used pieces to buy, make sure to look for figurines that are not chipped, cracked, or do not show signs of repair (like gluing or crack filling).

Also, inspect the painting on figurines. Stay away from figurines where the paint has faded or looks like it is mismatched from a poor attempt at touchup.


The Windstone Edition figurines come in a variety of mythical creatures. However, the dragon figurines have proven to be the most popular and the most valuable. The majority of the dragon figurines are valued around $200-$300. However, the unique limited edition and some of the retired dragon figurines are selling for as much $2500.

Another one of the more valuable figurine collections is that of the Windstone Editions Unicorn collection. The unicorn figurines are valued between $100-$200 each and going for as much as $600-$800 for the rarer ones.


It is typically the retired collections that are the most rare because they are no longer in production. With the Windstone Edition Collections, the retired collections command the highest prices because they are much harder to find.

Sometimes Melody Pena will also do a limited edition Windstone Edition collection and those are also quite valuable as there are not that many made.


Novel Treasure (author) from US on December 31, 2012:

My husband absolutely loves her collection. Him and his uncles each bought a collection, his is white and his uncles have the blue and the green dragon collection.

collectorsguide on December 31, 2012:

The Windstone collection is one of my favorite figurine collections. I've been to see Melody Pena at several festivals in the Oregon area. Her attention to detail is simply amazing.

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