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The Most Stunning Model Railroad Ever

Coast Line RR - most beautiful model railroad in the world?


Troels Kirk's Stunning Coast Line RR

I don't know if he knows it but Danish artist Troels Kirk is building what just might be the most beautiful model railroad ever made. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but that's my opinion. And I'm not alone. Over 900 Facebook fans follow Troel's frequent updates and incredible pace as he works on his model railroad.

Typical scenes on the CLRR


A Painter's Approach

Being a professional artist, Troel's Kirk brings his trained painter's eye to his model railway. Incredible backgrounds, ample lighting, an eye for detail and studied photographs bring the Coast Line to life. Along the way Kirk has brought elements from the painting world into model railroading an has developed new techniques of painting and weathering. He is even thinking about producing a book about his unique weathering techniques.

One of the things that facinates his Facebook followers is this use of paper. He uses recycled mat board for basic building structures and then covers them with strips of painted paper.  He uses paper to represent wood, metal, stone and just about everything in the minature world of the Coast Line RR to stunning effect.   The combination of the amazing background, beautiful models and scene details create a since of mood rarely seen in model railroads.  Looking at the pictures of his railroad makes you feel like you are there, in another century on a stormy day on the coast of Maine.

Scratch built scenes

Everything is scratchbuilt from cardboard, paper and balsa, including the old lobster boat.

Everything is scratchbuilt from cardboard, paper and balsa, including the old lobster boat.

Follow the progress

Troels Kirk does a great job documenting the progress on his layout. He maintains a blog at but mainly updates his fans with his Facebook page at

At last update there were nearly 1000 followers watching the incredible progress of the Coast Line Rail Road.

Video of the most incredible model railroad

Start Your Own Model Railroad

 Kirks work is bound to have an effect on the model railroading hobby.  Some will pick up techniques and tips, some will cry out and rip up their layouts and start anew after seeing what can be done, still others will be inspired to join this fun hobby.  For those wanting more information about model railroading, check out these links:

Amazing detailed Model Railroad


peanutroaster (author) from New England on June 23, 2011:

Thanks alocsin. He makes it look so easy.

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on June 01, 2011:

Incredible layout. An inspiration to all of us who are trying to build their layouts.

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