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Clicker Heroes Walkthrough

Clicker Heroes created by Playsaurus. Images used for educational purposes only.

Clicker Heroes created by Playsaurus. Images used for educational purposes only.

Welcome to Clicker Heroes! A game so subtle that it makes you think clicking is the primary mechanic, Clicker Heroes is one in a proud tradition of many clicking-and-waiting-and-clicking-again games. Simple but complex, repetitive but addictive, this is a game that's worth your time - especially since you don't really have to pay much attention. (Plus, hey, the associated lore is pretty neat. Read those descriptions as you go along.) So what're you waiting for? You're wasting valuable gold! Start playing, already!

(Clicker Heroes has a lot, and I mean a lot, of abilities, skills, and bonuses to cover. This article will help you can track of it all. I'm still working on it, but I hope to have the lists of abilities completed very soon.)

The Basics

Clicker Heroes is as basic as the average video game gets, but it’s a few steps above the average clicking game in terms of complexity. The general idea is the same as most clicking games: you want to build up as much money as possible, then spend that money on upgrades which will begin generating passive income. Clicking is helpful for the first while, and intermittently useful later on, but eventually it will drop away in favour of letting the game play itself.

Clicker Heroes puts a bit of a spin on this old formula with a new concept, however. True to the title, Clicker Heroes is a fantasy-based clicking game. Your objective is to kill monsters - a lot of monsters - in a series of one-on-one battles. Every five levels you’ll take on a boss monster, and every ten levels you’ll move on to a new area with stronger enemies. Every time you destroy a monster you’ll gain some gold. Clicking does damage, and once you have a few upgrades - in this case, Heroes - under your belt, DPS damage will be inflicted on enemies automatically. The more Heroes you purchase, the stronger your clicks and DPS. More on that below.

Where does it end? Well, it doesn’t, really. You can play Clicker Heroes for as long as you like. It gets upgraded often, as well, so there’s always new content to enjoy. If you want a hard set end point, though, going by the Achievements tacked on to the game is wise.

The very first enemy in browser-based game Clicker Heroes. Gotta start somewhere.

The very first enemy in browser-based game Clicker Heroes. Gotta start somewhere.


As mentioned above, Clicker Heroes isn’t that complex as far as battling goes. Each battle features a single monster, which, assuming you have some form of DPS, will eventually die without your input. Clicking simply makes the battle go a little bit faster, assuming the monster isn’t evasive enough to avoid the damage of your clicks. There are four different kinds of battles you can expect to encounter while playing Clicker Heroes:

  • Normal battles. Every time you enter a new level, indicated in the box at the top of the screen, you’ll hit a sequence of ten monsters. Get through the monsters in the level and you can move on to the next level. These creatures will always die eventually, no matter how long it takes. The higher the level, the more damage is needed to kill a monster - but the more gold you’ll receive as a result.
  • Boss battles. Every five levels you’ll run into a boss monster. These battles are a bit different, as they feature a timer. If you cannot defeat the boss in thirty seconds, the timer will reset - along with the monster’s health. Fortunately, there’s only one boss to face in each boss battle.
  • Special boss battles. Once you hit level 100 you’ll start running into special, named bosses. Defeating these creatures will earn you an extra reward, either via Hero Souls or combat bonuses. These battles are otherwise identical to normal boss battles.
  • Treasure chests. Every rare once in a while you will discover treasure chests. These act like normal enemies, though you get a lot more gold for winning. You can’t expedite the discovery of treasure chests by any means besides Hero Souls. We’ll get into those more later.
The first few Heroes in Clicker Heroes. These guys start off good, but they're quickly overshadowed by stronger upgrades.

The first few Heroes in Clicker Heroes. These guys start off good, but they're quickly overshadowed by stronger upgrades.


Shortly after beginning Clicker Heroes you’ll receive your first Hero, a fellow named Cid. As you gain more money you’ll receive additional Heroes, each with their own special abilities. Heroes essentially act as upgrades to your DPS; Cid aside (he improves the strength of your clicks), spending money to upgrade a Hero’s level will also increase your DPS. In short, the more you upgrade your Heroes, the faster you’ll kill monsters. Upgrading Heroes is essential to progressing in Clicker Heroes, as monsters gain exponentially more health as you move up the levels. This article provides a listing of the various Heroes in Click Heroes, and their respective abilities.

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Once you reach a high enough level - namely, level 100 - you will receive a special prize for every ten levels you beat: Gilded Heroes. Gilded Heroes are upgraded normal Heroes that receive a bonus +50% to their DPS output. Gilded bonuses are cumulative, and will stack neatly each time a Hero is Gilded. You receive a random Gilded Hero whenever given a prize, so unfortunately there’s no way to pick and choose only the strongest Heroes for this honour - though you can reset a Gilded Hero and receive a new one by spending two Hero Souls. More on those below.

In addition to providing more DPS, Heroes have abilities which can be unlocked at specific levels, and with specific amounts of money. Though incredibly expensive at times, abilities can compound your heroes’ strength immensely. Most abilities upgrade a hero’s DPS by 100%, though there are others which provide additional benefits, such as:

  • Increasing the DPS of all of your heroes
  • Increasing the power of your clicks
  • Increasing the Critical chance / power of your clicks
  • Increasing the amount of gold found
  • Abilities also lead to another helpful tool that you’ll use often: skills.
The halfway point of Heroes in Clicker Heroes. You're getting stronger, but these dudes still aren't the cream of the crop.

The halfway point of Heroes in Clicker Heroes. You're getting stronger, but these dudes still aren't the cream of the crop.


Skills are special abilities that are unlocked in the same way as normal abilities. Appearing on the left side of your list of Heroes, skills are temporary bonuses that typically last for thirty seconds, and thereafter require a cooldown time before they can be used again. Skills are incredibly powerful (hence their short duration and cooldown), and are best reserved for boss battles where you need to move quickly. Each skill is hotkeyed for quick use, and all are unique.

  • Clickstorm. Purchased from Cid, the Helpful Adventurer for 250 gold. Clickstorm automatically clicks on an enemy for you, ten times a second, for thirty seconds. So long as you keep Cid upgraded, Clickstorm is consistently handy. Ten minute cooldown.
  • Powersurge. Purchased from Ivan, the Drunken Brawler for 200,000 gold. Powersurge essentially doubles your total DPS for 30 seconds. It will never not be useful. Ten minute cooldown.
  • Lucky Strikes. Purchased from Alexa, Assassin for 120 billion gold. Lucky Strikes adds an extra 50% chance of landing Critical clicks for thirty seconds. Combine this with Clickstorm and you’ve got some serious pain. Thirty minute cooldown.
  • Metal Detector. Purchased from Broyle Lindeoven, Fire Mage for 400 trillion gold. Metal Detector effectively doubles dropped gold for thirty seconds. That couldn’t get any better if it tried. Thirty minute cooldown.
  • Golden Clicks. Purchased from King Midas for 32 quadrillion gold. Golden Clicks earns you one percent of a monster’s total gold per click used on that monsters. More useful than it initially sounds if paired with Clickstorm. One hour cooldown.
  • The Dark Ritual. Purchased from Abaddon for 256 quadrillion gold. The Dark Ritual multiplies your current DPS by 1.05 times, adding a smidge of DPS to your total. This effect lasts until the next time you use The Dark Ritual. Eight hour cooldown.
  • Super Clicks. Purchased from Beastlord for 2.4 sextillion gold. Super Clicks increases your click damage by 200% - in essence, triples - for 30 seconds. Preeeeeetty sweet when paired with Clickstorm and Lucky Strikes.
  • Energize. Purchased from Aphrodite, Goddess of Love for 280 sextillion gold. Energize doubles the effects of the next skill you use. Use it on Clickstorm and you’ll get twice as many clicks. Use it on Powersurge and you’ll receive a 200% bonus to DPS. Use it on Metal Detector and you’ll triple the amount of gold dropped. Pretty awesome, regardless of the skill with which it is paired. One hour cooldown.
  • Reload. Purchased from Shinatobe, Wind Deity. Reload cuts the cooldown time of the last skill you used by an hour. Depending on the skill, this can make it available again immediately. Sweet. One hour cooldown.

Unless you have some very specific plans, it’s often best to horde up your skills and unleash them on bosses. They make bypassing some hurdles a lot easier.

Ancients in Clicker Heroes. These guys will pretty much define your experience later in the game.

Ancients in Clicker Heroes. These guys will pretty much define your experience later in the game.

Ascension and Hero Souls

As you plow your way through the ranks of monsters and reach ever higher levels, you’ll eventually hear the phrase Hero Soul. Hero Souls are a specialized form of point which can be used to purchase levels for Summoned Ancients. In addition to gaining one Hero Soul for every 2,000 Hero levels you unlock, Hero Souls can be gained by killing certain bosses and special monsters. Ancients offer a whole new rounds of bonuses, which don’t stand out that much…

… until Ascension comes into play. Unlocked from the Hero Amenhotep, Ascension is a special ability that essentially resets the game. Noted above, you’ll receive Hero Souls equivalent to one Soul per 2,000 Hero levels you’ve attained. Once reset your Heroes will go away, and you’ll lose all of the bonuses they afforded you up to that point - except for bonuses from Achievements and purchased Ancients. Consequently, spending Hero Souls will allow you to make your next trip through the game all the quicker.


Like so many games these days, Clicker Heroes ultimately boils down to Achievements. Just like Achievements in other games, these pertain to a series of landmarks that you’ll reach while progressing through Clicker Heroes. Unlike most Achievements, however, the ones in Clicker Heroes will earn you extra bonuses as well. For example, the Frugal Achievement (have 500,000 gold in the bank at one time) will give you +1% to your total DPS. Hover over the Achievement on the Achievements screen (second bar from the left on the top menu) to see the requirements, rewards, and progress made towards the Achievement.

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