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Click Adoptables Browser-Based Games

George Xu is passionate about tea, philosophy, literature, magic, and dragons.

Pet Adoptables are games where you can adopt virtual pets and grow them by feeding them clicks. They are simple to play, relaxing and fun to play that does not require anything much. You just have to feed them clicks, views, or both to grow them by posting their links for others to click. it is a relaxing pasttime that does not take much time and effort, just appreciation to the great pixel art created by the great artists of the sites.

Here is a list of pet adoptables that you can play and enjoy.

Dragon Cave


Dragon Cave is where you can grab dragon eggs which hatch and grow by receiving views and clicks. There are also special events during holidays which have minigames you can play.



Here you are a mage (i.e. magic user) who is staying at the Keep to learn more about magic and the magical creatures around the world. Discover mystical creatures as you grab eggs that float from the Stream, go on quests to get tokens, rewards and special creatures, or go to the Shops to buy creatures that can't be found elsewhere.
Explore a unique world that is MagiStream!

Flower Game

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If gardening and growing flowering-plants is more your style than going to quests filled with adventures and magical creatures, then Flower Game is just for you. You can collect seeds and grow your own garden. Arrange your grown flowers to decorate your Atrium and Wintergarden. In addition, all the plants you've gathered and grown will be listed in the Compendium with information about that particular plant. Learn about real-life plants as well as magical plants here at Flower Game!

  • Garden Gate - Flowergame
    Start your own virtual garden at Flowergame. Over 50 exotic plants and other secrets to discover.

Tales of Ostlea

Similar to MagiStream, you can grab eggs and grow them to magical creatures. Currently, the game is a little quiet with not much players and events going on. However, it is still active and a bit underrated. In my opinion, more players should try this site.


George Xu (author) from Philippines on April 01, 2020:

@FlourishAnyway: Adoptables are a great way to past time and also connect and socialise with others who share the same interests. Most adoptables have forums connected to the site. Maybe you could join in some of them.

FlourishAnyway from USA on April 01, 2020:

I’ve never heard of this but with everyone social distancing they have plenty of time on their hands to try new things! Thanks for sharing this.

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