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Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

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Christmas Scavenger Hunt Fun!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Fun!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Even if you aren’t Christian and you don’t believe in the religious backgrounds of the holiday, you can still enjoy the festivities. After all, who doesn’t want an excuse to drink eggnog and hang pretty lights? This isn’t to mention the traditional gift exchange that so many of us hold near and dear! But if you’re looking to switch things up a little bit for this coming Christmas then why not try to come up with some Christmas scavenger hunt clues?

Think about it! A Christmas themed scavenger hunt might be just the thing to revitalize the holiday for you and your loved ones. Everyone loves to try something new now and then, especially after year in and year out of the same old celebrations.

Adapting Known Traditions

One of the best part of coming up with Christmas scavenger hunt clues is the simplicity of deciding what needs to be hunted down. You have so many options to choose from, but they can be boiled down into two main groups:

· Gifts that have been hidden rather than placed under a tree.

· Christmas iconography such as candy canes, reindeer, Santa hats, snowmen, and the like.

If you want to do something else that those two groups don’t cover then by all means, go ahead. But if you aren’t in the mood to come up with something more unique or inventive then you have these two easy options available with little effort. The two groups are not mutually exclusive by any means, so don’t be afraid to mix and match what you’re hiding.

You also don’t have to hide every single gift and piece of candy that you’ve gotten. Consider only making Christmas scavenger hunt clues to hunt down the best of the gifts you’ve gotten for your friends and family. The less important gifts could be given regularly.

Also understand that you don’t need to make every single clue lead to a gift. You could instead only hide one gift per person and then lead the players through a string of clues that ultimately leads to said gifts. You can even incorporate the Christmas theme into these lesser clues! Why not plant some boot prints and claim that Santa left them behind? Or some reindeer and sled tracks? Perhaps you could leave a half-eaten cookie or two out to signify that Ol’ Saint Nick came through?

For children this sort of thing can be magical. When a kid is still young enough to believe in Santa Claus they’ll find such extra efforts to be more special than any physical gift you could give them. It’ll leave them with a sense of wonder and adventure that material goods can’t give! A decade from now they won’t remember what gifts you got them, but they’ll definitely remember the adventure you made for them.

For teens and adults this kind of theatric element won’t be a magical experience, and they’ll definitely know that you’re the one behind it, but they might find your efforts to be cute or heartwarming all the same. Knowing your loved ones, you can probably guess who would or would not appreciate this sort of gesture.

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  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues
    Christmas is the perfect time for a scavenger hunt, as you already have all the presents anyway. Our scavenger hunt can make opening presents a festive adventure ...

To Surprise or Not to Surprise?

You might have plenty of things to hide already, but you need to decide right now whether or not you want the Christmas scavenger hunt to be a surprise to the participants. Do you want to spring it on them on Christmas morning with no warning? Or do you want to give them a heads up and let them get in on the fun?

If you decide to spring it on your loved ones as a surprise then you might get the best possible reactions out of them. They could find the sudden shift in activity to be entertaining and fun, especially if the gifts at the end of the scavenger hunt are especially good.

Then again, the surprise element works best on children who can fully enjoy the mystery of the situation due to their innocence and youth. Adults might feel annoyed at the extra work they have to put in before they can get whatever you’ve hidden for them.

On the other hand, ruining the surprise can be very disenchanting. For a young child you might end up running their belief in Santa by doing so. After all, how would you know that Santa was going to stage a scavenger hunt for them?

Though, if you’re playing with teens and adults you run far less of a risk when letting them in on things. The worst case scenario is that they aren’t interested and the best case is that they come up with their own clues and gifts to hide! This way you can be challenged to find your presents in the same way that you’re challenging your loved ones! You get to join in the fun in more than a planning capacity. This alone might make spoiling the surprise worth it to some.


Picking a Hiding Place

You can’t hide the gift in plain sight now, can you? That would ruin the entire hunt. You need to pick the perfect spot to lead your players to. Depending upon where you are, it might snow during the winter season. In other places, it might be rainy or otherwise harsh outside. You might want to take this into consideration, as bad weather can ruin many items. Even if there isn’t snow on the ground on Christmas Eve, there might be some there by morning. So be careful about how exposed things are.

When hiding things inside try to make the first few clues so that they lead people outside immediately. You want there to be a reduced chance of someone happening upon the gift early, or discovering clues out of sequence. It would be terrible to see all of your efforts wasted, wouldn’t it?

With a little bit of planning and effort you can surely bring all of your Christmas scavenger hunt clues from the conceptual phase to their implementation!

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Marlene Bertrand from USA on September 08, 2014:

I know it's early, but I am already starting to think about what to do about Christmas. You always have the best scavenger hunt ideas. Thanks so much.

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