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Royal Albert Christmas Collector Plates--Nostalgic Scenes Depicting the Magic of the Season

Athlyn Green enjoys unique items and stunning collectibles. She shares her discoveries with readers.

Christmas Hospitality

The snow is coming down in huge flakes, while inside, a fire crackles merrily, the house is gaily trimmed, and people laugh and share Christmas goodies and Christmas cheer, while a little kitty looks on, hoping to sample some of the treats.

Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

A Charming Combo

Old Country Roses and Christmas. It just doesn't get much better than this.

Old Country Roses Plates Capture the Magic of Christmas

Royal Albert has produced a line of Christmas plates in the '90s that are truly captivating. These collectible plates capture all the wonder and sentiment of the holiday, depicted in charming and nostalgic scenes by talented artist F. F. Errill.

Rarely have I been so taken with images on collector plates, but every once in a while I spot something that I want to add to my collection.

These plates give viewers glimpses of Christmases gone by, when home, hearth, family and community were the mainstays of life; and in doing so, they touch a chord with the nostalgic in all of us.

When you look at the scenes, it's like stepping back into another time. The different plates capture it all: huge snowflakes drifting down, evergreen boughs weighed down with snow, stockings hung by a crackling fire, the aroma of baked goods filling the house, tables groaning with goodies, mantels and staircases gaily decorated with greens, mistletoe festooned over doorways, presents stuffed under the Christmas tree. The whole festive, homey atmosphere is depicted remarkably well through this series of collectible Holiday plates.

The different scenes trigger memories childhood Christmases for many of us. It's easy to study one of these plates and become lost in the scene and feel you are right there and enjoying Christmas all over again.

For those who love decorating for the Holidays, these detailed plates would make a wonderful addition to Christmas decor. Old Country Roses fans might even decide to buy each plate in the series. Whether you buy one or all of them, they are are sure to brighten up any wall space with Xmas cheer and help those who own them to relive the magic of Christmas. They are so pretty, you may even decide to leave them permanently hung up, so that you can enjoy them all year long.

I'm sure you would agree that these plates would also make a special gift. Something that could be enjoyed again and again with each Holiday season.

A Word About Old Country Roses

The Old Country Roses pattern was launched in 1962. It was based on an older 1921 pattern called Kings Ransom that featured plump yellow, pink, and red roses set against delicate green leaves. This pattern would become one of the highest-selling of all time, selling an estimated 130 million pieces. And it's not hard to see why. Each year, new items are introduced in this popular pattern with the classic yellow, pink, and red roses, serving newcomers and Old Country Roses collectors.

Roses Twine Around the Plates and Make a Perfect Floral Frame to Portray the Artistry of Fred Errill

Royal Albert has held true to a love of everything English. This includes the national flower (the rose), which has been incorporated into their 8" Christmas plates. And the yellow, pink, and red roses and mistletoe work surprisingly well as they twine around the outside of the 22 carat gold-rimmed and scalloped-edged plates, adding to the charm and the nostalgic feeling.

Marking the Seasons of Our Lives With Meaningful Customs

Carolers visit a brightly light cottage, cozied under a mantle of snow and icicles, and they sing to the householder. Good memories are being created and will be remembered by all of them.

"It came upon a midnight clear, that glorious song of old..."

Christmas Carol Singers

Christmas Carol Singers

Oh... the Baking!

Two kids peek from the doorway. What is Mama making? Who doesn't remember either Mama or Grandma busily baking in the kitchen and setting out all kinds of wonderful-looking treats. This plate stirs fond memories of the smell of Christmas: the greens and the tantalizing aromas wafting through the house.

"What's Mama baking? That smells so good. Maybe she will let us have some."

Christmas Treats

Christmas Treats

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Excitement Around the Christmas Tree

Two children gaze in wonder at the beauty of the decorated tree and, of course, at all the presents under it. You can bet there's excited whispers and some shaking and feeling going on, as they try to guess what's inside those gifts.

"Oh, what could it be. Is it for you or is it for me?"

Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy

Artist F. F. Errill has Created Magic With his Depictions

Plates in This Line by Artist Fred Errill

The plates in this line are distinctive. They are gold-trimmed, have scalloped edges, and are adorned around the edges with the telltale yellow, pink and red roses.

What is so captivating is how each plate tells a story about Christmas. It's all in the little details and it's a joy to study each plate and see what elements have been included, whether it's a gleaming old fashioned kettle sitting on a hearth or a blazing fire, whether a tea service set out and readied or platters peeking from a china cabinet, whether samplers on the walls or cards sitting atop decorated mantels or rustic rafters, or snow coming down as seen through many-paned windows. Errill's artistry is outstanding and depicts how a home feels at Christmas time, so cozy and so welcoming.

Too Excited to Sleep

What child hasn't snuck out bed--too excited to sleep--and checked to see if Santa has come and left presents under the tree. Little ones can't wait until morning to see what treasures await them.

"Look! It's Santa!"

Christmas Surprise

Christmas Surprise

Royal Albert Plates in This Series by Artist F.F. Errill

Old Country Roses

Christmas Magic

Christmas Carol Singers

Christmas Treats

Christmas Joy

Christmas Surprise

Christmas Warmth

Precious Memories Made at Christmastime

Mistletoe hangs from rustic rafters, a fire blazes, and a grandfather clock ticks away, marking special life-passages. A dog looks on while a family enjoys being together at Christmastime after Santa has visited.

"Mama, I think it should be Christmas every day of the year."

Christmas Warmth

Christmas Warmth

Royal Albert Plates Take Us Through a Christmas Season

What I like about this series of plates is how each plate continues a progression of events that families experience at Christmastime. We get to revisit it all and looking at these scenes conjures up such good feelings. We see the gay preparations that lead up to Christmas: the gleaming tables, the baking and the goodies laid out, the decorated mantels and banisters and other nooks and crannies; then we see visiting with Christmas visitors and caroling in the neighborhood. We see the lights and the decorated Christmas trees with the presents underneath. And finally, we see the family and the kids playing with toys they received.

A Complete Package

I like collectible plates because they are a complete package: you don't have to worry about matting, glass or framing materials. You simply hang your plates and can enjoy them each year. Most plates come with a built in metal piece for hanging; others can be mounted on plate stands.

What a Way to Decorate

If you enjoy collecting unique-looking plates, these eye-catching Christmas plates produced by Royal Albert and loving depicted by artist Fred Errill may be to your liking. I hope you've enjoyed taking a closer look at these.

© 2008 Athlyn Green


Athlyn Green (author) from West Kootenays on October 04, 2017:

I think so, too.

spunkyduckling @ what to do with old plates on August 20, 2010:

Really a work of art! These christmas collector plates are beautiful!

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