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Awesome Character Mods for Don't Starve Together

Awesome Don't Starve Character Mods

Awesome Don't Starve Character Mods

Are you tired of playing with the same Don't Starve Characters over and over again?, are you tired of trying to find a good character mod?, fear no more!, here, you will find an awesome compilation of Don't starve Together character mods, that are not gameplay breakers or overpowered, in fact, most of them are quite balanced.

Don't Starve Character Mods

Don't Starve Character Mods

The biggest problem of this character is to survive the hunger, since being an expert adventurer, has a lot of Health points and does not lose sanity either with darkness or with monsters (although his hunger meter does not lower either). Naví accompanies Link all the time and at night provides some light. In addition, Link is equipped from the outset with a fairly large list of objects, none of which can be recreated:

* The sword of the hero: It also works as an axe. It is stronger than the spear but weaker than the dark sword.
* Hero Shield: Works as armor and backpack at the same time. Provides 12 extra slots.
* Hero's Ocarina: It has the same effect as the bread flute, but does not sleep the mobs that long.
* Búmerang's Hero: Deals less damage than normal bumerang, but Link automatically catches it.
* Hero Hammer: It can mine and demolish structures.
* Hero Flashlight: Operates like a normal flashlight, but consumes twice as fast fuel and can be used to burn things.
* Goron Tunic: Protects only from fire.
* Zora Tunic: Protects only from the cold.
* Magnifier of Truth: When using it, Link goes into a state of madness. This is the only way to enter this state, since Link does not lower sanity in any time.
* Rabbit hood: To run faster.
* Empty bottles: Comes equipped with three. They only serve to contain objects.
* Din Fire: Causes an explosion that burns all around Link.
* Farore Wind: Right click to establish a teleportation point and another click to teleport. The teleportation points are deleted with Ctrl + right click.
* Nayru's love: At the moment it does nothing. In a future upgrade would have to generate a force field when you leave it on the ground.
* Yoshi's plush: Just decoration.

Download from Steam; Link The Hero!

Don't Starve Character Mods; Musha the Puppy Princess

Don't Starve Character Mods; Musha the Puppy Princess

2.- Musha, Puppy Princess

This character has a strong attacks. During the day she is faster but she gets hunger faster too, and during the night she is slower but her hunger lowers a little too. You can eat monster lasagna without suffering consequences, but she do not like spoiled food at all. When eating and fighting Musha level up, which makes him stronger and unlock several spells, special abilities and two combat modes: Valkyrie mode, unlocked to level 2, and Berserker mode, unlocked to level 6. It should be noted that The Valkiria mode is automatically deactivated if one is out of danger. Most of his skills are passive, but she has some active ones:

* Lightning: Only works in Valkyrie mode. It causes a lot of damage but lowers the sanity meter. (Hotkey: G)
* Shield: Unlocked at level 2 and it has a 200 seconds cooldown. However, it lasts very little, although it can be improved to last a little longer and cause a little damage to the enemies. (Hotkey: T)
* Summon Ghost Hound: The damage done by the Hound increases by each level of Musha. When he dies, Musha regains some health and sanity. (Hotkey: J)
* Hide: Only works in Valkyrie mode. Invisibility and allows Musha to kill enemies with a single blow, but only if they are still and attacked by the back. It costs a lot of sanity, but if a blow is done well by the back, all the sanity is restored. (Hotkey: H)
* Shadow Clones: Unlocks at level 30 and only works in normal state. It allows you to create mini Musha clones, but the more you suumon, the faster your sanity drains. (Hotkey: H)
* Musha begins with the frozen hammer, a weapon that can freeze the enemies, and with a strange egg, that eventually incubates, a phoenix called Yamche borns form it and it will accompany you for the rest of your adventure. Yamche has 8 stages of growth and, in addition to fighting with Musha, he can also heal it.

In this mod you can also create several other weapons and additional objects, such as the ham bat and some of the Musha crowns.

Musha Commands
Current level: C
Skills: X
Enter / Exit Valkyrie Mode: V
Comand Yamche to fight / retreat: Y

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Download from Steam; Musha The Puppy Princess

Don't Starve Together Character Mods; Wren The Stormcaller

Don't Starve Together Character Mods; Wren The Stormcaller

3.- Wren the Stormcaller

She has good health and sanity points, but only 100 points of hunger that falls very fast, and to top it off she is very selective with her food. She will not taste a single bite of some foods, mostly those that contain monster meat, and will suffer a lot of damage by eating rotten or crude food.

She does not have good fighting skills, she hits like a wet noodle, but she makes up for it with great speed when running. However, she has Entomophobia (excessive or unrealistic fear to insects), meaning spiders and bees will reduces her sanity pretty fast.

Her most notable feature is that she recovers sanity when it rains. However, if her sanity is very low, this will not happen and instead frogs will rain. If her sanity is almost empty and an enemy strikes her, lightning will fall on that enemy. This happens every minute (60's cooldown) and only hits one single enemy.

In the magic section, she can create a lightining scepter. Each beam thrown consumes 15 of sanity and the scepter loses 10% of durability.

Download from Steam; Wren the Stormcaller

Don't Starve Character Mods; Warfarin - The Lost Urchin

Don't Starve Character Mods; Warfarin - The Lost Urchin

4.- Warfarin - The Lost Urchin

No one really knows if it's a man or a woman, but most prefer to consider him a man. Warfarin is a fast character, but has only 45 health, 100 of sanity and 100 of hunger, which drops a little faster than normal.

By being a thief / murderer you can grab branches, grass, berries, etc., instantly, as if they were objects lying on the ground, he can hide behind trees, grass, bushes and sapplings. He can also do a little role (Hotkey: R) to dodge enemy attacks. However, it lowers the hunger a little. During the afternoon and the night he does not lose his sanity, and he becomes invisible to the enemies and can kill them with a single blow if he attacks them from behind. Unfortunately, Warfarin is young and loses twice as much sanity as he faces monsters.

As for weapons, he can create special bows and crossbows, bombs, knives and daggers of various types. The last two are throwing weapons.

Download from Steam; Warfarin - The Lost Urchin

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