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Capcom E3 Was Underwhelming

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Capcom E3 Showcase poster

Capcom E3 Showcase poster


When I learned Capcom had an E3 Showcase this year, I thought:”Capcom as their own E3 showcase? What else do they have to show outside of Street Fighter V?” Granted there was also Resident Evil Village, and Monster Hunter, but from where I was sitting there wasn’t enough to justify this conference. And I was right, but let’s get into that in the conclusion. For now, on with the assessment.

You get to ride a dragon. What more could you ask for?

You get to ride a dragon. What more could you ask for?


First up for Capcom had information regarding multiplayer content for Resident Evil Village. I had no idea that had multiplayer. But they’ll be adding a versus mode, which I’m sure fans wanted. There was also news there’d be more DLC on the way.

After that was Monster Hunter Stories 2:Wings of Ruin. And from what I can gauge you’re apart of a team of humans who develop a bond with some monsters to fend off a great disaster. And with this trailer showing a mix of cut-scenes and gameplay, I’m enticed to play this game. There was also a Palamute monster which was set to drop for Monster Hunter Stories 2 on July 15th 2021, meaning it’s available now as of writing this.
And the Free Trial version dropped June 25th, meaning it’s available now. And Monster Hunter Stories 2 dropped on July 9th, meaning that too is available now.

Next was additional content for Monster Hunter Rise, as they made crossover content with Monster Hunter Stories. A DLC Monster, Tsukine dropped on June 18th to coincide with Monster Hunter Stories 2’s July 9th release. I guess you’ll be able to share game data between Rise and Stories.

Following that was Rise DLC Version 3.1 content like missions such as Almudron Fashion Victim, Fooled In The Flooded Forest, Rampage Maddi Gras, Heart of a Hero, and An Icy Blade So Bright. There was also gear like Black Leather Legs, a skill where you play possum, sung glasses called “Shadow Shades,” a collectable festival set, and paid DLC. This version is available now since it dropped June 24th of this year.(2021).

After that was Ace Attorney Chronicles, a prequel to the original Ace Attorney series. It takes place in late 19th Century Japan and London, and star Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Ryunosuke Haruhodo. you team up with London’s detective to solve a murder case. Then like every Ace Attorney, you hold a trial in court. Ace Attorney Chronicles is available on July 27th 2021(which is today as of writing this) for PS4, Switch, and Steam.
There also two new features, Dance of Deduction and Summation Examination. In Dance of Deduction you get to examine a scene and educe the identity and motives of certain people of interest. And if you make the wrong guess, Ryunosuke will go over the evidence with you until you come to the proper conclusion.
In Summation Examination, you have to convince six jurors of your client’s innocence.

And lastly, they closed out with E-sports… Kinda figured they’d do something Street Fighter related… Didn’t expect it to be this. Capcom Pretour 2021 is an E-sports Street Fighter International tour with a $5,000 prize pool for each tournament. It has 35 events and will be held in 19 territories. North America Midwest 1 Qualifier Streamed June 19th and June 20th, and I’m unfortunately am not interested enough to see who qualified.

You can solve mysteries with "Not-Sherlock Holmes" it'll be fun.

You can solve mysteries with "Not-Sherlock Holmes" it'll be fun.


As I stated, I was right to assume they didn’t have much to show. That made this showcase underwhelming to me, despite the fact that I didn’t expect much. Looking around online, people wanted Dragon’s Dogma 2, Onimusha, or anything DarkStalkers or MegaMan related. All of which I gave up on ages ago. I heard that they’re working on a new IP called “Pragmata,” which is slated for a 2022 release. There are people who wanted to learn more about that when it was announced in 2019, and we got nothing.

All and all, this was decent, but a step below Square’s conference in my book. And still a lot better than GearBox's showcase though.

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