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Candy Crush Saga Tips & Tricks: Cheats and Hints for Vanilla, Soda and More

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Yummy... Candy Crush

Yummy... Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga: The Summary

Throughout this delicious guide we will approach some factors, some basic and some advanced. Here is a quick summary of what we're going to discuss:

  • How to Win at Candy Crush Saga;
  • The Power-Ups;
  • Reasons on Why You Shouldn't Play it;
  • How to get Infinite Lives;
  • How to Clear Level 130;
  • What makes the game so addicting.

Finally, don't get caught up on the addiction that is making people top their credit card debts up. You may underestimate Candy Crush saga and its various versions, but its one of the most addicting games there are, and its microtransactions have led many to ruin, make sure that is not you.

And that's it, I won't burst your bubble anymore. So, keep on reading and happy candy crushing!

Candy Crush Saga: The Guide

Candy Crush Saga is a simple game that is driving a lot of people crazy. Not only that, but it is so popular that it drives thousands and thousands of dollars into the developers' pockets as players purchase virtual goods on the game.

Throughout this article, however, we are going to look at Candy Crush from the players' point of view, and this will be a guide covering all the cheats, hints, tips and tricks to give you a leg up on this casual game so you can surpass your friends and family in no time.

This guide is a shortcut towards "Candy Land" - get it? Aw well...

The game itself is a 3 match-up game like many others, but with a twist - you actually have to think before starting to swap, because there is usually something that limits you, such as a moving cap that you must respect towards achieving your objective - but if you're reading this, you probably know about it already.

I also suspect it contains an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to ensure you don't win too much or lose too much, making the game continuingly addicting and preventing players from dropping it, which is something that was proven throughout many other games, including console and PC triple-A titles, so don't discard it as a conspiracy theory.

How to Win at Candy Crush Saga:

Basically, the idea is to join three or more candies of the same color so that you can crush them and get your points or clean your board - but it is not that simple:

  • Highscore with a move limit:

Most of the time you have to reach a certain score within a certain move limit. You get a certain ammount like 20 moves and you have to capitalize on them - making sure that you score big.

  • Clear all the jelly in the field:

Sometimes you just need to clear jelly, a sticky stuff that requires two matches in order to be cleared.

  • Get some fruits down the line:

There are certain levels that you have to match candies in order to clear spaces beneath fruits to get them down, and you win by getting the fruits off the game board.

  • Match bonus candy xTimes:
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On more advanced levels, the purpose is to match a certain bonus candy - like striped candy - 2 times, for example.

The objectives are several, and I just wanted to clear this point before proceeding with more advanced stuff.

Candy Crush Saga Banner

Candy Crush Saga Banner

The Best Power Ups in Candy Crush Saga:

One of the fun things of Candy Crush Saga is mixing candies and getting powerups, power ups that you'll add up and mix into huge explosions of candy joy, leading to chain effects, combos and massive score increases.

It is simply addicting to watch them poof!

Here are some of my favorite Candy Crush Saga Power Ups of all time:

Mixing Two Color Bombs (Sprinkled Round Candy):

You know those brown round candies with colorful sprinkles on them? Well, when you mix two you get a lightning effect and all of the candy pieces on the board are instantly crushed. If they are inside jelly, then the jelly will disappear.

Definitely one of my favorite power-ups.

Mixing Two Coconut Wheel Candies:

Getting a coconut wheel is hard and expensive, but when you connect two you get an entire row or column of candies turned to striped candy and activated instantly. When they are activated, another row of stripped candy appears and is activated, clearing you candy again!

Awesome power-up and great to gawk at all that candy crushing!

Mixing a Striped Candy and a Wrapped Candy:

This might not be one of the high tier power ups on candy crush saga, but it is definitely my favorite as it saved my skin over and over again. It's fairly easy to get and it works wonders.

Mixing a wrapped candy and one of the striped candies will get you a huge 3x3 Striped Candy that will activate in 2 different directions!

One of the underdog power ups that shouldn't be forgotten.

Mixing Striped Candy with Jellyfish:

Mixing a striped candy with jelly fish is pretty neat. The power up isn't so greatly effective that it is one of my favorites, it converts the jelly fishies into striped jelly fish and the candy they eat turns to striped candy and gets crushed, so the effect isn't a big global thing - but there's something about getting striped fishes that gets me happy, so I included this one on my power ups list.

What's your favorite Candy Crush Saga Power Up? Leave me the answer on a comment!

Candy Crush Saga: 10 Reasons Not To Play It!

Reasons on Why You Shouldn't Play Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is an amazing game, and there are lots of people afflicted by addiction when it comes to this casual little game.

Having this in mind, there is a lot of serious and parody material on why you shouldn't play candy crush saga.

I found a parody video once, and I'll leave it here on the right so you can take a look at it.

Basically, there is no harm in playing Candy Crush saga, Raid Shadow Legends, or any of the other popular games riddled with micro-transactions and highly addicting if you're a responsible adult.

But people with gambling dependencies, easy to get addicted to something or children should steer clear of Candy Crush titles for their own sakes, as the risks are very real.

What score do you give Candy Crush?

Candy Crush Cheats: How to Get Infinite Lives

There's nothing worst than wanting to play and see that all your lifes are gone and you simply can't progress - especially when you're stuck on a level for eons on end and want to clear it badly.

There's a popular way to cheat Candy Crush Saga into getting you infinite lifes and it is quite simple. Notice that this trick only works on iOS and Android.

  • Set your device automatical clock off;
  • Set the date several days ahead;
  • Turn on Candy Crush Saga;
  • Turn off Candy Crush Saga;
  • Set the clock back on automatic;
  • Enjoy!

It's that simple.

By using this system you will trick your device making it think that time went by - so your lives are replenished. Repeat the process as needed and enjoy boundless fun!

Addicting Candies....

Addicting Candies....

What's the Difficulty?

Striped Candy Madness: Candy Crush level 130

This level is one of the trickiest levels I have faced so far and I want to give you a tip on how I cleared it.

Well, the level asks you to match striped candy 5 times - and this is pretty hard to do. I found that the level is near impossible if you don't get the right board, but there are some things you can do in order to increase your success change.

  • Don't make combos other than for stripped;
  • Don't make or burst wrapped candy;
  • Careful to avoid bursting striped candy without matching it with another striped candy;
  • Match them as soon as you can;

These are some tips.

Of course getting some paid boosters can help, but I never use these - focus and use the infinite lives cheat as needed, unless you want to clear it without cheats... if that's so then use my tips!

Thank you for reading

Thank you for stopping by and reading my guide of Candy Crush Saga tips and tricks.

Try these and let me know if they work for you. Also, I find myself stuck on new levels all the time, especially now that the expansion pack came out, so if you have any cheats or tips that I don't know of, please let me know.

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Even if you don't earn enough to pay all of the microtransactions you need to get those ultimate packs on Candy Crush, you'll make enough for some lollipops and candy fishes, which is always nice.

What makes a game successful?

There are a lot of components that are needed in order to make a game successful and there are several studies made on this subject.

Here are some of the things that make Candy Crush Saga extremelly addicting:

  • It is easy to start and hard to master;
  • It is brainlessly simple!
  • It is short and casual;
  • It provides a challenge without the need to think for hours;
  • It limits your play with lives so that you don't get bored early on.

This is my take on the subject, let me know if you agree.

Another thing that is really vital and Candy Crush nailed it on their game design is feedback.

The instant feedback, graphic feedback and sound feedback all trigger our serotonin and dopamine emitters, increase those hormones and making us feel good about ourselves, or even experience happiness (you know the bliss of when you clear a nearly impossible level by now right?

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Rui Carreira (author) from Torres Novas on December 03, 2014:

Either you never played or you're addicted... there's those two types of people.

Tiago Damião from Torres Novas on December 02, 2014:

Never played that game, but you have some nice tricks here. :D

Rui Carreira (author) from Torres Novas on February 07, 2014:

Thanks! Now get back to crushing!

Sarah Forester from Australia on February 07, 2014:

Great guide coming from a Candy Crush addict!

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