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Call of Duty Zombies: The Hidden Secrets of "Der Riese"

Manufacturing Is Dead in the Zombie Factory Der Riese

Manufacturing Is Dead in the Zombie Factory Der Riese

Zombie Factory Easter Egg Guide

If you are still wandering the map of Call of Duty Zombies Der Riese, looking for all of the hidden secrets and Easter Eggs that Treyarch has left fans to discover, this hub is just for you. There are so many hidden secrets in this map, it is hard to keep track of them all. That's why I created this hub. So look no further, the answers lie ahead.

Including another great song by Elena Siegman, "Beauty of Annihilation" (must be where they got the idea for the new Annihilation Map Pack), a bunch of intel on the history of the zombies origin thanks to the hidden radio transmissions, the Fly Trap Easter Egg and Achievement/Trophy, and some other super-secret mysteries; Der Riese was the map that changed the way fans played and enjoyed the popular zombies mode. Let's take a gander at the secrets, shall we?

Another Killer Hidden Song

In previous maps such as Verruckt and Shi No Numa, players were graced with the beautiful voice and metal music of artist Elena Siegman, via the hidden musical Easter Egg that Treyarch is so well known for. After all there is a hidden song in every single zombies mode map available to date. In fact, the first map "Nacht Der Untoten" featured 3 of them!

This time around, Elena Siegman's "Beauty of Annihilation" is featured as the map "Der Riese's" hidden musical Easter Egg and is a great tune to slaughter the hordes of dead Nazi Zombies to.

Activated by pressing the "Action" button on each of the 3 glowing brain canisters, this tune helped popularize the hidden musical easter egg theme, that Treyarch tried to incorporate into previous maps, and perfected in future maps.

The complete walkthrough can be viewed in the video below, as well as some gameplay featuring some great slaughterama action for you to see how good this song goes with the level. Check it out below!

"Beauty of Annihilation" and Gameplay

Hidden Radio Transmissions

There are 6 of these military style transmission radios that Treyarch has scattered throughout the maps playable environment, each of them giving players clues to the history of the zombie apocalypse, and especially the story of Dr. Maxis, Samantha, and the origins of the Hell Hound round boss.

Activating them is as simple as pressing the "Action" button when you are standing next to the radios, but a few of them are quite hard to find. That's why I added this video below, with all of the locations. You can also listen to the transmissions in their entirety, in order to piece the mystery of Der Riese together.

Find and Listen to the Radios Here

The Fly Trap Mystery

The first ever Mega Easter Egg debuted in the map Der Riese and can be completed only with an upgraded Pack-a-Punch weapon. The story of the Fly Trap originates from an actual Nazi experiment during Hitler's "Wonder Weapon" creation process, but is completely fictional. Samantha (the daughter of Dr. Maxis who was killed by the Hell Hounds when Dr. Maxis was betrayed by Dr. Richtofen, and also the girl responsible for the Mystery Box) created the Fly Trap as a game to amuse herself in the afterlife.

When activated, the weird UFO like thing flies up into the sky and hides the infamous Teddy Bears throughout the map; each one holding a different Perk-a-Cola. Complete the Fly Trap easter egg and you will get the achievement or trophy for completing it, and so will every player in your party! The complete video walkthrough can be found below for your amusement and reference!

Fly Trap Walkthrough

Sniping For Clues!

With your trusty and rusty, upgraded PTRS-1 Gas Powered Sniper Rifle in hands, (or any upgraded Sniper Rifle from the Black Ops versions) take a look towards the outside of the maps playable area and you will see. Zoom in to the room behind the Quick Revive area and take a look at the man hanging from the ceiling. There are a bunch of books that the Nazi's have been burning. Probably to get rid of the evidence that is waiting inside their pages.

You can actually read the pages from the books and they clearly tell the story of Dr.Maxis and the expirements at the zombie factory of Der Riese. These are not the only books you can read from. There are more, but I will leave finding them up to you!

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Matthew Hotaling (author) from Missouri on July 30, 2017:

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i know all of the easter egg and glitches radiio

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THERE is a billboard behind one of the green skull what do it do.

Joseph on October 31, 2011:

Awesome but there's a secret Easter egg in der rise if you lie down next to a perk a cola with double poInts you get 50 Points without 25 points are gained automatically

Neil Ware on August 02, 2011:

|Thanks| |man| |this| |was|really| |helpful|

kaceybabe on July 18, 2011:

i must say this is one of my fav games :)

i was addicted to playing zombies at one point ... thank you for sharing!

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