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"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" - Best Weapons and Basic Multiplayer Tips

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The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a multitude of weapons, perks, killstreaks, game modes, and settings on multiplayer. Just like previous titles, you'll find assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, snipers, and other miscellaneous weapons like claymores and flash bangs. As you acquire experience points, you'll rank up to higher levels. The highest level you can reach is 55, then you'll gain access to the Officer Ranks. Prestige Mode is absent in this new Modern Warfare. In previous Call of Duty games, you could prestige 10 different times.

Every weapon has attachments and camouflage that can be unlocked. This article will discuss several weapons that generally prove effective in most circumstances and game modes on Modern Warfare. Additionally, I will discuss a few basic tips that can tip the odds in your favor on multiplayer.

Shotguns and snipers will not be discussed because they are primarily niche weapons that are not multipurpose. Quick scoping with snipers is not possible in the game. That was very popular in Call of Duty 4 and the sequels that followed. Shotguns are actually extremely overpowered in the game, but are useless at medium to long range. Infinity Ward may update the game to decrease the power of the shotguns in the future.


Best Weapons on "Modern Warfare"

  • M4A1
  • MP7
  • Oden
  • MP5
  • Kilo 141
  • AK-47


The M4A1 is an assault rifle that is fully automatic. It has a good default sight for accuracy. Because it has relatively low recoil, the M4A1 can eliminate targets up to medium range. At long range, the recoil's bounce is more noticeable, but with the right attachments, the range can be extended slightly. Don't try and battle any adept snipers that take position in windows, though.


The MP7 is a submachine gun that is great for rushing in close quarter environments. Due to the default sight, the MP7 is great for peaking around wall corners for better accuracy. Unfortunately, you won't unlock the gun until you're a higher level on Modern Warfare multiplayer.


Although the Oden is an extremely powerful assault rifle, it has a low rate of fire and does not carry much ammunition. Fortunately, it is an excellent weapon for camping. Find a window or elevated area to defend and target enemies from a medium or long distance. The Oden is not generally good for rushing enemies or objectives in game modes like Domination.

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The MP5 is better choice for players who have not yet unlocked the MP7 on the Modern Warfare multiplayer. The submachine gun has a high rate of fire with manageable recoil. While it's primary best in close quarters situations, it can still hit targets at medium range if you equip the proper attachments. The MP5 was introduced in the Call of Duty 4 campaign.

Kilo 141

Because of the low recoil, the Kilo 141 assault rifle can be used at longer ranges, especially when equipped with a scope. The gun is reminiscent of the ACR from the older Modern Warfare games.


The classic assault rifle returns! The AK-47 is very powerful, but has a high recoil and is not unlocked till later. To make the AK-47 more effective, equip the 23.0" Romanian barrel to increase damage and decrease recoil. For the rear grip, equip the rubberized grip tape for even more recoil control.


Basic Tips for "Modern Warfare" Multiplayer

Many new game modes return in Modern Warfare like Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and Kill Confirmed. Many of the maps seem to be designed for camping, albeit, a few maps are better suited for an aggressive and guns blazing style. Ideally, you should create classes for rushing and camping.

Game Settings to Adjust

  • Turn film grain off to see hiding players better.
  • Turn motion blur off to see moving targets easier.
  • Increase the sensitivity of the analogy sticks to look and aim quicker.

Note, you don't have to increase the analogy sticks the whole way, but if the setting is too low, then you'll be too slow when targeting enemies. Find a balance between control and speed.

Stay on the Outskirts of Maps

Most of the time, it is a terrible idea to play aggressively in the open sections of a map. Modern Warfare has a lot of elevated positions, windows, and areas for snipers and campers to hide. Stay on the outskirts to avoid being spotted by enemies from multiple angles. Find the most inconspicuous routes to flank enemies that are camping in buildings

Seek the High Ground

Modern Warfare has a ton of elevated areas to take position in. Having the high ground will give you a vantage point. Find a window, rooftop, or second story of a building to take a defensive position. Finding an elevated position is especially useful when you're sniping in Ground War.


Planting Claymores

Using claymores is very useful when you're inside a building defending a position. They will explode when enemies venture in front of them. Try to place claymores in inconspicuous areas where an enemy player won't spot them. Plant them behind doors, walls, or stairs. They are great to plant around the objectives on Domination when enemies are rushing for a capture. Even if your claymore does not kill anyone, they can be a great deterrence tool.

Checking Mini-Map

The Mini-Map might not seem that useful in the new Modern Warfare because enemies don't appear on it when they shoot a gun, but you can still view your teammates. If a bunch of teammates are all grouped up in an area, you can determine if the spawns have switched to the other side of the map. Additionally, if your teammates start to disapear on the Mini-Map, then you can imply where the enemies are located and avoid being caught off guard. Of course, a UAV will make enemies visible on the Mini-Map for a short time.

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