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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Game Modes

Online Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has a number of multiplayer modes that you can choose from. There are Core and Hardcore game modes which offer varying challenges, Party Games, Private Matches where you can set your own rules (and can even alter the pick-10 structure to something of your own design).

For the online portion, there are a number of premade modes that you can play that are great fun, as well as several Zombies modes and maps that you can play solo or in groups of up to 4 other players. For the more public matches, you also have League Play, which I have written another article on.

Multiplayer Modes

There are two main playlists for multiplayer: Core, and Hardcore. The main difference in Hardcore is that there is no persistent minimap as there is in Core modes, health is lower at 30% of full, and there is no health regeneration. There is also a respawn delay, so you can't just press X to get right back into the game.

In addition to the main modes, there is the Party Games playlist which has things like Sharpshooter and Sticks and Stones, as well as the Combat Training where you can start off to rank up a bit, and a newer Bonus called Chaos Moshpit.

Core Game Modes


Team Deathmatch - Arguably the most popular of the game modes, this is straight up team vs. team with the goal of 75 kills on one side. Whoever gets there first, gets the wins. Kills are worth 100 points each, so if you aren't running with hardline, you are looking at 5 kills before you can even get the UAV for a scorestreak. There are no objectives in this mode other than to beat the other team.

Multi-Team - This is a moshpit playlist of Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed in which there are more than just the standard 2 teams battling each other. In this mode, 3 teams of 3 players each will face off in the ultimate choatic showdown!

Mercenary Moshpit - This is a moshpit of various modes where two random teams face off. There is no partying allowed in this mode, so if you go in with friends, you may be facng off against each other.


Free-For-All - As the name implies, this is everyone for themselves. The object is to get to 30 kills before anyone else (there is a bonus objective to get 30 kills without dying and without using any scorestreaks, which earns you the "Nuked Out" achievement/title and playercard).

Domination - In this mode, there are three flags placed at specific spots on the map. You need to "capture" the flag point by sitting on it for a few seconds. More players on it will capture it faster. For each flag you get a set amount of points per second, so the more flags you hold, the quicker you score up. There are two rounds and a score limit of 200 to win.

Ground War - These are larger games of Team Deathmatch and Domination with teams of 9 each instead of a limit of 6 per team. Same basic rules, just more people per team.

Demolition - Teams alternate attacking and defending two bomb sites. Once a team has planted the bomb, they need to defend it for 30 seconds until it detonates, while the defending team needs to disarm it once activated. Once one bomb site is destroyed, they are given additional time to destroy the second site. This is a similar mode to Search and Destroy, with a few significant differences.


Kill Confirmed - Each killed enemy drops a set of dog tags. You need to pick them up to score a point for your team. 100 kills are required to win. Enemy dogtags show up as gold and score you 100 points. If it was not your kill, the person who killed the player gets an additional 25 points. Collecting a downed teammates dogtags prevents the other team from collecting it.

Hardpoint - There are specific areas of the map that rotate as the Hardpoint. Capturing and holding a Hardpoint (by keeping a player in the area) scores you a point per second. If a player from each team is in the hardpoint, it is considered "contested", and neither team scores a point. If there are no players on the hardpoint, then no team will score as the hardpoint is neutral at that time.

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Headquarters - Somewhat similar to Hardpoint, there is a rotating neutral base on the level. The team to capture it gets to hold it to gain points, while the opposing team tries to destroy it. The team that captures the Headquarters will not respawn until the Headquarters has been destroyed by the opposing team.

Capture The Flag - Another standard - one team has to capture and return the other team's flag to their flag base. If both teams are holding the opposite team's flag, neither can score until one team recovers their flag. It can be recovered by killing the carrier, then grabbing it; this automatically returns the flag to your base.There are two rounds, and one overtime if the teams are tied.


Search & Destroy - Similar to Demolition, with a few marked differences: there is only one bomb, which someone must pick up. If they are killed, another team member must pick it up and plant it on one of the bomb sites. There are also no respawns. To win, either detonate the bomb at one of the two bomb sites, or eliminate the other team (or, if on defense and the offensive team has planted but is eliminated, the defending team must still disarm the bomb before it detonates to win the round). Score goes to best of 7 rounds.

Party Games

The Party Games playlist is a list of special Free-for-all modes that make things a little more difficult, but at the same time can even the playing field somewhat.

Gun Game - in this mode, you start with a specific weapon, and with each kill with that weapon, you advance to the next weapon. The first player to get a kill with each of the weapons is the winner.

One In the Chamber - For this game, you have 3 lives in total. You have a gun with a single bullet, and a knife. Kills are instant. After each kill, you get one more bullet.

Sharpshooter - Every 45 seconds, you will get a new weapon, and everyone fights with the same gun at the same time. You get points for kills, and consecutive kills without dying earns you perks.

Sticks and Stones - Armed with a Crossbow, a Ballistic Knife and a Combat Axe, you get kills to earn point, with the goal of the most points at the end of the 5-minute round. If you kill a player with the combat axe, their score is reset to zero! Exciting and fun!

Multiplayer Fun

There is a lot of fun to be had playing the multiplayer game modes in Black Ops 2. What is your favourite mode? For me, it's Team Deathmatch, but I am also a fan of Kill Confirmed, Domination, and I am just getting into Demolition, now.

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