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Tips and strategy for Interchange on survival mode in spec ops, on Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3 , how to get far MW3



So in this hub i will show you in depth a very good strategy to surviving long rounds on the map interchange in survival mode on call of duty modern warfare 3. Please not that the picture i provide at the bottom will be talked about a lot in the hub and you should look at that prior to reading the entire strategy.

Right below is a link to my other hub teaching the basics and going over which weapons should be used in survival mode, and the strategies that can be applied to ALL the maps.

The strategy

Ok so first i will explain the photo. The two red X's beside each other are where you should place the turrets, and the arrows shows which direction. Next you will see two orange X's which is where the best placement for you to stand would be. And last but not least, the purple lines. This is where all of the enemy forces will come from if you stand in that spot. They will come from those 3 areas, and you will be able to effectively take them out. Keep in mind you should also have a riot shield squad with you, and you should have plenty of explosives, flash bangs, and a self revive at all times. The juggernauts are frequent on this map, along with helicopters, so be prepared for a long match, but using this strategy hopefully it will not be that difficult. so here we go....

First off the first few rounds. I say this in all my survival guides, that you should not focus solely on defending the camping spot this early. The first 5 rounds or so is where you should build up a good bank, and ammo in case you don't buy a weapon right off. On this map, the best thing to buy for weapons are light machine guns. These will help you last a long time, and will allow you to sufficiently take out helicopters and juggernauts as they come in.

Once you do decide to camp and set everything up, this is where you should get your strategy ready with your teammate. One of you should look each way (obviously the person camping the turrets has the easier life) but both of you will get plenty of action on this map.

When the juggernauts come in, you should not have to move. Between the turrets, riot shield squad, and both your light machine guns, you should be able to take them out. Also having a predator missile on standby helps a lot to, but if you do get severely overrun at a late level, leave until you can kill the juggernaut, then reset everything back up so you can camp that area.

After round 20 you should notice that for the most part, a helicopter will come in every round. It will hover above your camping area for a few seconds before shooting, and this is when you take it down. The beginning of the level before the normal ground troops start chasing you is when you should take down all the helicopters that do come in. Its also advisable on juggernaut rounds to take them out very fast since they will come with ground troops, and can cause some trouble.

Overall this map is fairly simple to get to high levels in survival mode. Keep in mind that my guide is meant to help you, but you should find this as a helping guide, not the perfect way to play the game. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask, and ill be glad to help.

Below is my link that will teach you how to get to high levels on all maps and teach you the basic guns and everything for survival mode.

Other survival guides

For Solo Survival



John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on November 03, 2012:

@Bob... ? haha

bob on November 03, 2012:


bob on November 02, 2012:


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Wraith on June 12, 2012:

aposingwalrus, the reason people (usually) tend to advise against using shotguns in survival mode is because after about wave 10 (?) they become EXTREMELY useless compared to even assault rifles, even SMGs. You said you "can't aim." Probably the best solution is to turn your sensitivity settings down. I know my single-player sensitivity is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than my multi-player sensitivity levels.

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on June 06, 2012:

Shadow.. Keep in mind also that it requires some skill to get to those high rounds i am referring to. If you can make it that high you should be able to take at least the helicopters out first. Then worse comes to worse just run and gun for the juggernauts until the end of the round.

noah on June 06, 2012:

thanks dude this helps a lot

aposingwalrus on June 06, 2012:

I use a shotgun cause I can't aim

well any recommendations for maps or tips

aposingwalrus on June 06, 2012:

I use a shotgun cause I can't aim

well any recommendations for maps or tips

Shadow on June 05, 2012:

In the last bit of your guide, you said that it is advisable to get rid of the heavy artillery (juggernauts & helicopters) first instead of infantries. Now I know that you said this is just a guide, but has it occurred to you that taking out the heavy artillery first in any round would require skill? Some skill at the very least. And if people are coming to this guide for help, shouldn't you give advice that people of all skill level can follow? Look at it this way. A newbie wants to know how to get past this level and comes across your guide. Do you seriously think he would be able to take out the heavy artillery first in those later rounds? And people do tend to just follow these sorts of guides online so even though you tell them it is just a guide, not the perfect playing method, many will see as THE perfect way to clear the map. And another thing, I highly doubt newbies or noobs that consult your guide would know how to read the map.

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on May 06, 2012:

An a??? Please be a little more specific. Thanks.

Zeus on May 06, 2012:

Is an a good for waves such as 26_30

Wraith on May 05, 2012:

fubar, here's a tip. 5 C4s all detonated at one spot at the same time will usually kill even the armored juggernauts (the ones with the yellow and red armor). Granted, 5 C4 costs more than an ammo refill, but on the 3 juggernaut wave, as long as you can get them bunched up in a group, you can take all 3 out in an instant. Plus, if you're careful, you don't really expose yourself to as much enemy fire as flashing then charging with an LMG.

anonymous on April 23, 2012:

shotguns are great against juggs. at most a round of striker can take them out

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on March 03, 2012:

Yes i do, I do have other guides for other parts of the game more specifically multiplayer, and how tog et your kill to death up. If you go to my profile, i do have other guides, but if you have a specific question you can ask.

sedaca on March 03, 2012:

do you know how to help me with the game of call of duty modern 3

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on February 25, 2012:

Only thing i have against your strategy is, you know that flash bang is hurting the juggernaut as much as its hurting your riot team. They are stunned just as long as you are, and although they are firing it is merely a blind fire. If anything just lay into 1 or more, and take them out.

fubar051085 on February 25, 2012:

i would like to add thatthere are many ways to take out a juaggernaut. what i do is have a riot squad, flash bangs, 2 sentry guns if by yourself and 2 lmgs perferably the last 2. when the j naut touches gound use your riot squad as cover since they will hunker down. toss a flash bang and unleash 300 rounds into that j nauts head. its cheaper than a predator missle. it'll just cost $750 to refill your ammo but you'll still have plenty even after taking out the j naut. another strategy is max out on claymores set them in one spot all at once and lead your j naut to that area, it may take twice for you to take out the jnaut. For your amored j nauts if playing with a buddy, have him lead that j naut towards him leaving the j nauts back exposed in which you release hell on him. happy hunting have fun and thatsmy gtag if your interested in more.

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on February 07, 2012:

Haha, thanks, glad you like it, and hope it helps.

GDRshop on February 07, 2012:

Wow grat job. A long read but definitely worth it, i live MW3!

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on February 05, 2012:

Thanks haha, I play a lot of MW3, and im trying to help people out, and its nice when people find my guides helpful.

Anonymous on February 05, 2012:

I think I'm going 2 try ur strategy but in different sections of the map preferably closer 2 one of the armories and I like 2 by A sniper and sit in the tunnel near the weaPons 4 the start of the round.btw u know a crapload bout spec ops.:)

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on January 14, 2012:

First off.. Like i said before, i suggest that you stay somewhere outside.. Take the helicopters out FIRST. then worry about ground troops, if done right you should have all helicopters out of the sky before a bullets ever get close to you from enemy. And as far as videos go.. I personally tend not to make all the youtube "montages" and all that.. Me and my teammate may make vids eventually for this. But as of right now, all we do is get on the highscores, then write guides. I mainly wanna share my knowledge of what works for me, and even if some people don't think it helps there are plenty of people who do think it helps.

ll kew j on January 13, 2012:

hey dude i was wondering if you had any gameplay videos for youtube i wanted to see you in action comment back

ll kew j on January 13, 2012:

so where do you recommend me going after round 30 i stay in the clothing store but like you said i do get trapped but tht escape route i had works great until juggernauts come then i have to flash them and run so yeah what do you recommend

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on January 13, 2012:

The building at the back is a good spot in the beginning, but no buildings are good after round 30 because of getting trapped

ll kew j on January 13, 2012:

which map are you people talking about if its resistance the best place to camp would be the clothing store in the very back of the map it has an escape route and is very good for taking cover. It also has a great line of fire spot i recommend you try this out.

stuartk987364 on January 05, 2012:

what is a better and easier way?

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on January 01, 2012:

You can try the RPG but i do not suggest it. There are better and easier ways.

Joffy thomas on December 30, 2011:

Does rpg work on juggernaut

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on December 29, 2011:

armored juggernauts are the juggernauts with the riot shield

Joffy thomas on December 29, 2011:

What is an armored juggernaut

Bdub on December 29, 2011:

Dude. You got it all wrong. You're supposed to run around the outside of the map, draw the enemy into one group on the first few runs, get the rampage points and then buy the turret: in the first 2-3 rounds.

*Set the turret up over in the corner that is next to 'e' in "route" is. (on the spin map, you look at that edge and it looks like a silhouette of a guys face: put the turret right on the nose of the guy.) there's also some craters that are great for a sniper to go prone in where the guy's neck would be. You have to sprint and change your strategy, but after you try it for a while you should be able to make it really far. If I can get to 27 on my own you guys should be able to make it to like 97 waves together. Helicopters: run under them, shoot up. Works. Aim for the tail roter and the cockpit, using a shotgun, you have to be right below it. When it spins up, take cover. Juggernauts: draw them to the turrets: use flashbangs. and unload your mags. Don't get too close or the turrets won't shoot. Riot shield squads will kill them for you if you aren't careful to do it yourself. (usually it kills one of them) ALSO: the model 1887 and type 57 (or whatever the starter pistol is) is a GOOD loadout. Use it until they start using AK's and then swap the handgun for it. IF YOU'RE low on ammo: a pistol costs 250. AMMO is 750. 3x as much. Buy the pistol as a replacement. Desert eagle works against juggs. Mag not big enough? go with another. G18 is good up close and personal. BUT YOU HAVE TO BUY THE TURRET.

Survival: Pyramid.

1. Durability.

-TAKE COVER. If they can't see you. They can't hit you with everything they're throwing at you. (COVER WORKS WHEN THEY DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE, THAT'S WHY THEY CALL IT COVER.)

-BODY ARMOR. More important than self revive. You replace your armor, you can get it again. self revive costs 2 armors and armor lasts longer. If you have to: buy the armor for a few rounds and save up for the self revive.

-Riot shield. Really, it's kinda like a luxury... but it sucks on mw3, and it still costs you a weapon slot, and an opportunity to shoot back.. don't waste your bling on the shield if you can just steal one from a dead GIGN buddy. (it's like 3 for one, except that it gets you an achievement)...

Bringing in the bucks

-it's like cat and mouse. Run, but stay within cover. Let them bunch up and then engage full on. Get rampage and killstreaks and crap. Lead them to the turrets, they tend to pay off. Also, the grenade launcher turret is slow and can end up costing you troops. (So either go with the mini's or have money and only get D-Boys to back you up. The GL tends to blow enemies away along with you and your bud-buds if you aren't careful.

WEAPONS. Save your $. Really. RPGs can miss. And you're stuck without a weapon, so unless you have a plan, I wouldn't recommend it.

REPLACEMENTS: Use everything at your disposal to your satisfaction: CLAYMORES. C4. Riot Shields. Grenade launchers. ACOG scopes. Sniper rifles. Buddies. Teamwork.

Another note: ambush formation: When you need to save your buddies or need to make replacements, fight where you circle your enemies but have overlaping fields of fire. You should always be behind cover or moving and not shooting towards your buddy

L: where the corner is the enemy and the ends are you and your homie. (computer will do what it does so GIGN will be scattered and dying probably... "down to 1, time to work your way over to the air support area")...

NOT: I where you're shooting at each other because you're the ends and the enemy is god knows where because you're F-ing shooting at each other. Just something to think about.

Final note: If you can get the riot shield squads to stick to one person and have the turrets set up and your claymores where the enemy will run around the corner and get blown the hell up (But just him, and not you; blasting perpendicular towards the path of the enemy) an your C4 on the enemy side of the car, then all you need to do is have the GIGN guys follow one of you to that alley/pass where the little depression in the wall allows you or your enemies to take cover, and the other snipes from the craters I mentioned before, as the enemy gets slaughtered by the turrets and in the clamore fields behind you. When you get overrun, fall back as a team to the car and let the enemy build up in front of the car where the turrets can't shoot them and then let it rip. Work your way to the equipment to re-armor yourselves, and then get over to air support to call in some squaddies. *YOU CAN SHARE $: if someone has a tonne of bang and already has a GIGN or Delta team: Give the bucks to the bud and have him buy another squad or get a predator to support your team.

I like how you hold the area, but you're not protecting the turrets in that strat. The flaw with mine is that you're way the F away from the air support, weapons and Equipment. To deal with that; work as a team, use the enemies' weapons, and know where you need to be at the end of the round to re-equip. If your friend has another xbox 360, link up and use the whole screen.

Focus on improving your accuracy. Little %s count in terms of ammo. (THINK OF IT LIKE THIS: YOU bought the ammo that you shoot by killing the enemy, or by buying it from the crate. *only do it if you have like an M203 or something that isn't being used by the enemy where you can't replace it. SO: you fired 100% of the rounds that matter. The rounds you never fired don't matter because they didn't hit the enemy, and 100% of the rounds you fired that miss, also don't matter, because they didn't Fing hit anything. So unless you're drawing the mindless wanderers towards you in the early rounds so that you can get rampages... just hit your target. And higher sensitivity for looking around, is better, but it takes longer to get used to. I'm up to 10 and I wish it were more sensitive. (what it allows you to do is spin around and shot at someone behind you or aim somewhere else faster)

Practicing little things have big returns. If you've ever taken an economics class: diminishing returns. if you invest all your time on one aspect of your game-you'll be the best, by far at that one aspect. Inproving other areas will HELP A lot at improving. (And don't say you're pro if you're only playing interchange. do something more insane or brag about slaughtering really good players online. I'm definitely not pro, just thought I'd throw this in there for you guys to check out... hope it helps)

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on December 29, 2011:

Depends solely on your level. The last two LMG's you unlock are the best ones, because they have clips that can reload faster and easier. And as far as the assault rifle goes, if you can't afford 2 light machine guns, then stick to a powerful assault rifle, like the ACR, or G36... Those are the ones i use until i get 2 LMG's

Joffy thomas on December 29, 2011:

Which guns in lmg and assault rifle are effective

Joffy thomas on December 27, 2011:

Hey my mistake was i would not use flashbags.using flash bag is great it stuns the jugg for about 5 sec and i throw c4s at them

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on December 27, 2011:

The pave low, does not appear in survival mode, although the helicopters that you are shooting are weaker versions of the pave low. And flash bangs for juggernauts

Joffy thomas on December 27, 2011:

I need help from those juggernauts they always beat the crap out of me and does the pave low appear in survival mode

bob on December 13, 2011:

we take it to round 30 ! we changed your guide , i will show you my plan on the picture ... it works !

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on December 12, 2011:

Ya if the juggernaut has a riot shield, unless you hit him at the perfect angle the predator will just disarm the riot shield, and you will have to hit him again. Also after 26 not much more will happen, same units, maybe not more juggernauts for a few rounds, but you will see a helicopter at the beginning of every round, and more and more units.

bob on December 12, 2011:

ok ,i will try claymores , but here is the question ! what going to happened after round 26 ? same units? juggernauts dogs helicopters? cuz i think if we pass round 26 our camp going to be destroyed... today i shot a predator missile to a juggernaut and he was still alive !!!

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on December 12, 2011:

What exactly is it that is making you guys fail. If its helicopters.. remember they should come in at the beginning of each round, so take those out first. If its juggernauts, then once they get close, move+ use predator missiles. Another thing you can try is claymores... at the end of round 25 both of you buy 10 claymores a piece and lay them all out everywhere near you. That should take out at least 10+ enemies, and help.

bob on December 12, 2011:

hey mate, we still can t pass wave 26 :( every time we try , we failed :((

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on December 11, 2011:

It honestly doesn't matter. I would say have fun with it, and try both of you at each spot, but on this map it does not matter who is where, you will both get action

bob on December 11, 2011:

hi , we have two player and we are playing on split screen , one of us have good skill with guns to kill the enemies , and the other one is not so professional , which one of us should take those places in the players spot ?

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