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Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten Tips

Kino Der Toten is the new Nazi Zombie map available for Call Of Duty Black Ops. This map continues the story from the previous maps from World At War. You either play as the Russian Soldier, American, German, or Japanese Soldier. There really is not a big story involved, however, apparently these men have teleported into the future. There are now modern day weapons which can be bought off the walls, and from the magic box. This map is much larger than its predecessors. The map takes place within a theater. When you spawn on this map, the power is currently off. It needs to be turned on to make use of anything. The magic box is also now randomly spawned across the map. I am not talking about the teddy bear either! In previous maps, the box would always be in the same place at first until it moved by a bear. This time, it will spawn over 5 different places across the map!

General Tips:

Use your pistol against the zombies coming from the barricades in the beginning. Shoot a few times, and then knife the zombies to finish it off. You will make more points this way, and will be beneficial later.

If the dogs come early, for example, round 5, buy a shotgun off the wall. This shotgun only has two shots, but if everyone on the team uses it, then it can fend off dogs well. The m14 is not as good for taking out the dogs.

Only open doors when you, and your entire team is ready. If you start opening doors all the time then you will be over run from zombies. Zombies will come from to many places.

Let zombies come in the windows at the beginning to acquire power ups

If you get a monkey bomb out of the magic box, throw it when your team is in trouble. This will make all the zombies run to the monkey toy, and it will explode and take them out.(This helps a lot if you have a player down that needs to be revived)


Call Of Duty Black Ops Kino Der Toten

Kino Der Toten Map Tips

The power needs to be turned on to access nearly everything on this map.(teleporter,perks, electric fences etc.) The power is located on the theater stage. To access this, you need to either go around the map using the right or left doors where you spawn. Each way will be different, and numerous doors will need to be opened along the way.

Only camp in rooms that can easily be defended with 4 players. For example, each player should be able to defend one window, while the others defend a main point. NEVER open a door behind you if you intend to camp in a given area for a few rounds. You have another batch of zombies coming that way if you do.

Buy Juggernaut and Speed Cola first. These are the most important perks because juggernaut gives you extra health, and speed cola allows faster reload on weapons.

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Use the teleporter(free) to upgrade weapons.(5000 points to upgrade) You need to turn on the power. Once you turn on the power, go back to the spawn point and activate the pad so the teleporter can be used.


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lotus on August 19, 2014:

U can also if u get tired of running a long way to the mystery box u can jump a lot and the mystery box will spawn to the closest spot ;) hope tht helps ppl

never can on August 01, 2014:

I have tried n tried , Solo, And I never have made it past level 9, Is that pretty bad,or real bad ??? And that's in all of the games also. But!!! I am 54 yrs old, Lol

Slippy on December 20, 2013:

The teleporter takes precisely 90 seconds (one minute and thirty seconds to cool down) once you return to the lobby

jenny on August 20, 2012:

the easiest way i have found to survive is this;

on round 1, shoot a few times and then stab, this earns you more points.

just keep doing that for a few rounds in the lobby..

after dogs & opening doors and getting the mp40, switch the teleporter on and activate it, then sit in it, wait until you get over run with zombies and teleport, then throw grenades and kill as much as you can, when you return back to the lobby, keep a slow crawler and keep it for as long as you can for getting the box and linking the teleporter again, then do the same at the start of every single round.. it does get hard but after a few times of doing it, youl be used of it:-)

Habboxx on July 14, 2012:

I know a way 2 survive u just try and get 2 rapid-fire guns and blow there balls off!

Abz&Rosey on May 06, 2012:

We're totally stuck on round 3 LOL

The zombies are always coming from behind, and we can't get around without dying!

killer on April 30, 2012:

me and my friend Dylan got up too round 50 but here's a chea for the mini gun/death machine you have too get revieved 100 times

ZOMBISH KILLER on April 06, 2012:

stay in the spawn room till level 5 or until you have atleast 5450 points so u can open all doors on the bottom and buy ak74u and link teleporter as fast as you can and get inbetween the teleporter and the wall on the left side loooking at it for dog rounds (they cant get you) always reload after dogs because you get a max ammo after it ALWAYS and fend off zombies as long as you can in the teleporter and when it gets to bad teleport and reload and granade tghem out the window and repeat every level (buy jug and get box as much as you can) (buy bowie knife it is instant kill until round 10) (a good gun to have if the box isn't working is the m16 because you can buy ammo even if upgraded)

That guy on February 18, 2012:

Start off by having every windo covered. stay until dogs you can leave or buy the olympia and wait it out.

Then stay for a few more round and get some points.

Pick a way to go, then get to the stage. don't forget to get a machine gun like the ak74 or mpl

you can camp on the stage if you go under the stairs to leave the spawn. You can have two people watch the door you get onto the stage from then have someone watch the window in the back.

both ways to leave th spawn work for the stratigy so pick one and do it.

When the dogs come turn on the power and get juggernut.

After dogs link the teleporter and upgrade forr 500 points

And from there you can do a circle around the map or on the stage.

Hope this helps and if anyone wants to play with me send a message to my friend FingerMeTimeber

tell him you want to play zombie with him then from there we will wreck some zombies.

Gustavo lima on January 10, 2012:

Adoro che en lo level 300

Amy on January 10, 2012:

Hit the box and turn round your friend or other play should shoot the box four times as you look away this should get you the ray gun ballistic thunder gun or even monkeys GOOD LUCK this only works 75% of the time

Anonymous on December 03, 2011:

Rounds 1-5:If you have 3-4 players,shoot the zombies 3 times and knife.This strategy will conserve your pistols ammo and give you extra points.(The extra points will come in handy later,perks,weapons,pack-a-punch,ect.)Once you have about 2000 points,or more,leave through the top entrance and open the door to the speed cola room.

L.A-Z_S on August 19, 2011:

Here are some tips from a guy who is a legit zombie player.

1- You can leave the starting room whenever you feel it is crowded, I usually leave it at about round 3-4 because the MPL is a good gun too get before moving outside. Open the door on the bottom, the other door has been dubbed as the "noob door". Buy the MPL and hold off until round 5. Then open the outside. (Make sure you have Quick Revive if SOLO). Once you are outside, run to the gate. Hold off until round 6-7 if it is zombies. If dogs, then hold off until end of dog round and then open the gate if round 6+. Buy the AK74U if needed. Once you have enough, run through the door after purchasing and then go down to the "Power Room". Stay there until round 8 without the power on, and then turn it on, unless you are getting cramped. Buy Juggernog when you have enough. From here on run what people call "rape trains" or "zombie circles". To run these, you must stand near the teleporter, and run up the stairs towards the turret. Then jump off of that platform and walk, NOT RUN, and repeat that process until you have a long line of zombies following you. Then pull out your gun and fire away. You can maxamize your points and save ammo this way. Use the box when needed. Use the teleporter and Pack-A-Punch when needed. Continue the "rape train" method. If you run them exceptional-great, you can last from round 20-???. If you have too, open all the doors and buy the Speed Cola and Double Tap perks. They are very useful for guns that are not Sub-Machine guns. **Submachine guns and Double Tap make going through a full gun clip only a couple seconds-20 seconds long.**


The "Lagitt" Zombie Slayer,

Kyler. (From ANandKHproductions)

(P.S.- if more help is needed, check out this guy on youtube. "Thesyndicateproject". Search that in the youtube search bar and watch his zombies videos. He is great help. **Warning, his videos get extremely addicting**

taz2003 on August 04, 2011:

Hey guys some of the tips I saw were confusing me a bit so here are some tips I'm going to give you.

1. Stay in the first room til dogs come, then buy the Olympia off the wall, and clear the dogs with it.

2. After dogs, buy upstairs to the right all the doors til the ? box.

3. If you don't find the ? box by the time you turn the power on then you're screwed. Lol

4. Buy the box once or twice, don't be selfish and always watch your back.

5. Then, with the weapon you got you should run laps with the path upstairs you made.

6. Always get Juggernaug, it helps alot.

7. Next, get speed cola, it will help when you are doing laps and running from zombies.

8. Buy the ? box a couple more times if you need it.

9. Anytime after round 10 you should make a crawler so you can rebuild all the windows and link the teleporter.

10. Get ready before you kill the crawler and wait in the teleporter, try to hold off until you get overrun then use the teleporter.

11. Pack-A-Punch the weapon you use the most if you have enough.

P.S. Never buy the down stairs to the right because you will have more trouble doing laps and you will have more chances of getting cornered.

Good Luck on Zombies and I hope the tips helped!


The Awesome Zombie Slayer - taz2003

el33t on June 10, 2011:

Okayyyy....Well useful tips...Highest level is 53...

#1 You need a good team or getting past 30 is almost impossible in Team Zombies on Kino.

#2 Stay in first room til level 5-Dogs usually come at 6...Use 5 shots on each Zombie and knife...Try not to pick up any drops you don't need b/c there are only so many that drop. Don'y buy the first or second room weapons at all.

#3 After level 5 open up 1st and 2nd room upstairs. Buy the MP40...I use the MP40 almost the whole game.. No use to csmp...Kill the dogs...

#4 Open up to the stage and turn the power on...BUY the Bowie....Instant kill til lvl 10, but it still kills the nova zombies til 13...Helps with Novas so they don't explode and point rape. By level 10 im usually holding 8k of points and alrdy have Jug.

#5 Key is have coordination with the team...NEVER kite the opposite directions....Kiting is key (kiting is moving in a circle through all the rooms---start at stage-through lobby-back to stage)

#6 By level 17 have all doors opened...2 take the left side---2 take the right...Keep kiting...

#7 Always leave a crawler at the end of each round to use item box, board windows, game-plan, piss break, beer break, whatever lol....

#8 Never ugrade weapons until you are out of ammo....

#9 You can last with wall weapons longer than you think...Don't stress...Atleast you always have ammo...

#10 will get a ray gun and thundergun in your group.. Always have a combination of weapons...You don't want ray gun and shotgun...Keep a machine gun for headshots and points... and your other weapon should be a path clearer...say you get stuck you want to eliminate quick...

Happy hunting and keep moving...Always need a good team... one person against 4 player zombies is difficult and lasts forever... I got to wave 20 with my team dying every round after 10..The host ended the game it was taking so long...I had 900 kills by wave 20...Can't do it alone

Jason on April 21, 2011:

Hi i uses the telleporter and when u go into the room for a few secounds before your back on ground floor i clicked the table and picked up something and thrn i put it in the real after using the telleporter again can anyone tell me what that is about please

xXCoDeReD92Xx04 on March 20, 2011:

those r pretty good tips but what i do is stay in the first room till bout level 6 or 7 using only pistols and knifes.then when the room becomes over crouded i either open the top door and by the first machine gun and go all zues on them i always let the zombies in tho because i could get max ammo double pionts or instant kill.i wait a couple rounds then move on on bout level 10 and camp in the next room buy the mp40 i found this glitch you can get three gund you buy the weapon hold x and and the grnade button for 15 to 20 second and throw it and then you have three guns. you camp by the next door till you bout to get over run then u camp by the next door and when you r bout to die open it you should be on level 15 16 depends you camp in that room 2 people get the dorr and 2 people get the other widows in that room.then you keep a zombie and you link the porter and upgrade weopons but u all wont be able to do that so you wait for it to cool down the the others upgrade.but find the ? box first if you haven't ran into it yet and shott it 4 times lay down shott it again you need to do it very may get the thunder gun or the ray gun if you do it properly.then you buy jugger nog and speed coola and quick revive and keep trying to get monkey bombs the farthest i have made it doing this is round 45 on solo but you make it even farther online add me xXCoDeReD92Xx04

ZOMBEI KILLER456 on March 06, 2011:


smile 4 da cam on March 02, 2011:

Here is a usefull tip I used, but only made to level 29 because of lacks of Max Ammos.


.:This tip requiers a Thunder Gun or Zeus Cannon:.

.:And monkies (if lower level players are in the game):.

1. Use the teleporter

2. Once you get back to the lobby throw a monkey and have the player with the Thunder Gun shoot.

3. If a player is down you might have to throw another monkey

4. Loop around(with team) till you get to the teleporter

5. Link the teleporter

6. 2 stay in the teleporter and 2 goto link the pad

7. The person with the Thunder gun should goto link pad along with the player with the Monkies

8. Then go back to the teleporter while zombies dance

9. Press the botton to go in to the film room

10. Then repeat this action over and over again

Theese Following tips can help the plan



3. I'll think about number 3.....

Noki14 on February 13, 2011:

here is a tip


2. let zombies out of the window for the 1st rounds so you can pick up instant kill, max ammo, 2x... ect.

3. don't open the rooms until 5

4. don't buy a weapon until u open the room that leads outside or the room with the stakeout

5. when opening the ? box for the first time swith to ur pistol


7. jugger nogs should be good to drink

8. upgrade your best guns that you would keep (ex: ray gun, thuner gun, ect...

9. if you r the only one left just run around the place and make sure that u can make circles around the place so u can kill all the zombies


i cant stress the top one enough.... also make sure when ur teamates die and you r gonna kill the last one you r by a mystery box

and thanks and hope to see u online KICKEN ASS ZOM-BITCH

bradley on February 03, 2011:

Or r u mead bcause i hav a better plan than u would hav ever think of.

bradley on February 03, 2011:

how would u no if u had the ray gun the thunder gun and the monkey bomb at the same time I don't think that u haven't pass the first wave of da dogs yet to that bastard roger hahahahahahahahahah.

Roger on January 27, 2011:

Well this dude above me is an idiot, P90 isn't even in Kino Der Toten. What was the point of making all of that up? It wasn't funny and made no sense. Also, you other two people are idiots. Keep pistols until you make it to the room with the MP40 and buy that. Then once you have the dough go to the stage but don't turn the power on. Once you have 5000 points, link teleporter and pack a punch the pistols to get Mustang and Sally. Then just do laps. It sounds to me like the person who wrote this guide has never been beyond round 15

black..op legend on January 16, 2011:

the other day me and my mate on the 10th round only used knives and we made it to round 45 with only using our knives and then my mate had like 240,000 points and i had 255,050 points and we opened every door and we went to the mystery box and brought a P90 each and made it to round 250 and didn't die and the dangerous hellhound a.k.a nighthound was there and it took us 2hours to kill him he is that strong he's hard to kill but we did so yeaz and we played all day from 12/12 and we made it to round 500.

Tip: if you ever encounter this nighthound hope and pray it doesn't see you hiding you will die in seconds if you let it charge at you so if you do encounter it wear it our dodge it when it charges but my strategy to you guys is keep moving until you turn the power on and make the link ready and then make sure the player who made the link connect is with you at the telleporter cause you can fight them off with the sam turret up in the room and on xbox360 don't hit y while ur in the room with the upgrader cause you go back out there with the zombies and the nighthound

bradley on December 23, 2010:

i found one way to survive. All u hav 2 do is leave one zombie crawling link da teleporter and rebuild all windows 2 perpare 4 da next round then kill da zombie that's crawling. This is 4 level 10 and over. wait in da teleporter until ur overrun then teleport. In da small room upgrade ur weapons or throw grenades outside da window 2 save ammo because they gather in a circle outside that's if someone's outside then when out go 2 da left door that is open and try 2 kill da zombies. Make ur way back 2 da theatre through the alley way and run around in the theatre but don't get cornered.this plan works 4 me and i try 2 run and shoot, run and shoot do this u can survive longer.

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