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Call Of Duty COD Black Ops Zombies - IOS Ultimate Strategy Guide - Kino Map - Best Tricks & Secrets IPhone, IPod, IPad



This tutorial is dedicated to the KINO Map of Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies on IOS devices.

You will easily be able to get up to wave 20-30 & above with those tricks and with some practice. I will also give you some useful tips along this tutorial what to do.




In this walk-through tutorial I will be going over every step of the way to be able to own and master the KINO MAP.

In my opinion this is the best map of the game, it's pretty simple and quite fun to play in multiplayer.

Use your Knife


1) Wave 1 to 3

Ok so right when you start you will want to only use your knife to kill the zombies from wave 1 to wave 2 or 3, depending on how many players are in the game (the more players, the harder the zombies are).

If you do this you will get quite a bit of extra cash to buy better weapons a bit later. This is very important, those waves are very easy and will kill the zombies in 1 hit, and then 2 hits. If you get overwhelmed, use your pistol first and then finish them with the knife.

Grab a Quick Revive


The trick to be able to knife a lot of zombies is to keep running around all the time, never stay still, always be on the move.

Once you hit wave 4 or so grab a Quick Revive from the blue vending machine behind the bar.

Open that Door (Top of the Stairs)


Wave 4 to 10

As soon as you hit wave 4 or 5 about, you want to go and unlock the door at the top of the stairs on the right side.

Notice i'm already at 4800$ at this point.

Get a PM63


Then buy a PM63 on the left hand side, on the wall there. Kill all zombies with that gun for the next 2-3 waves and reload there to build up some $$$.

That should build you up a good amount of cash right around now. And remember that the key to stay alive is to keep moving all the time, never stop for too long unless you've got a safe corner to shoot from but ever then I find that those are rare too, you will quickly get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of zombies, just keep running all over the place and shoot, refill, repeat.

Kill Zombies with the PM63


Unlock next couple doors


Once that's done go back upstairs on the right and simply unlock the next 3-4 doors until you get to the theater, just bolt for it. Also take note of where the mystery box is if you see it on the way.

Grab a weapon from it if you want but I would recommend saving it for later.

Turn Power Back on Inside Theatre


Turn The Power On

As soon as you reach the theater, go straight to the end and turn the power on (located on the left side next to the curtains).

And then on the same wall to the right, get an M1000, this will be your weapon of choice for the next several rounds/waves and then it can be used as your secondary weapon.

Grab A Juggernug



After a few rounds of killing zombies with your M1000 it's time to get your Juggernug in the middle of the theater.

A tip here to kill zombies at this stage of the game is to keep running around the front of the theater stage and gather big clumps of zombies and use your grenades. Always use your grenades, they are very valuable.

You can also then leave a few crawling zombies and go about your business without being disturbed, for example if your looking for the mystery box or going to activate the link later on, etc.

The Juggernug distributor is located at the right end of the center of the theater. The Juggernug is what will keep you alive in the later rounds, it's absolutely crucial, without it you will die in a second.

Grab the Claymores



Next thing you want to grab is the Claymores at the front of the theater, sort of on the left side. It cost $1000 so you might need to kill a few zombies to get some cash to buy it after you get the Juggernug but otherwise it's quite cheap and very useful at killing clumps of zombies running after you.

Grab a SpeedCola


Speed Cola

Now the next step is to get your SpeedCola. Since it cost about $3500 you will need to kill a bunch of zombies with all the new perks you now have.

While you do that start heading back to the middle of the map as you can see on the picture. This is the next most crucial element of the game as it will allow you to reload about twice as fast to keep going.

Grab the Bowie Knife


Bowie Knife

Here again you will need to kill another wave or 2 of zombies after you got the SpeedCola and head back to the Theater.

The next thing you need is the Bowie Knife. Why? Because it's a great way to save on ammo and finish off zombies much faster. At that point your original knife is pretty much useless.

It's located right next to the Juggernug distributor inside the theater. It's about $3000. You only want to use it to finish off limping zombies, it will also give you extra cash for using it.

Mystery Box

Complete the link

Complete the link

Mystery Box

At this point of the game I like to head for the mystery box (some people will go much earlier, it's up to you). I stay on it until i find a weapon of choice, such as the grenade launcher which is my favorite or here I got a disintegrator which is pretty much the most destructive weapon of the game since once its upgraded it will kill all zombies on your screen in 1 shot.

Look for the green light on any space plan to find where the mystery box is if you haven't located it yet, or if it gets relocated.

So once you got a good weapon you like you now be heading for the Pack-A-Punch upgrade machine. To do that start at the theatre on the left side to activate the link. Then go back down to the start area of the map to complete the "Link".




This is pretty much the last part of the tutorial for this map. Once you've activated the link, head back to the theater and follow the link. You will be able to teleport to the projector room at the end of it. In there you will be able to use the Pack-A-Punch machine to upgrade your desired Weapon.

Make sure you have at least 5000$ before you get there and don't forget to pick up your weapon once it's ready. I would highly recommend keeping the M1000 non-upgraded as your secondary weapon as you will be able to reload very cheap and still kill zombies by shooting their heads with it. Reloading 2 upgraded weapon is way too expensive and not worth it.

Ending Note

There you have it my tutorial on KINO map for Call of Duty Black OPS Zombies. Once you've got all the above done, it's basically just a repeat of killing waves of zombies and staying alive basically. Remember to use your grenades and claymores all the times on huge clumps of zombies and keep running! Never ever stop!

Also you might notice that I did not mention getting the Double-Tap Power up as I don't consider it's something crucial to the game.



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