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Great Animal Dress-Up Costumes for Kids and Adults

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Animal Costumes For Halloween and Fancy Dress Parties

Ever considered animal dress-up costumes? The days are shortening, the weather is getting colder and Halloween and the Christmas Season are fast approaching. So what costume are you planning to wear for Halloween Trick or Treating this year?

Or for that special Christmas Fancy Dress party? What are you kids thinking of dressing up as to be the star of the show? If you are stuck for dress-up ideas, why not turn your thoughts to nature and wildlife and choose an animal costume? We all have a favourite animal, so which ever one it is that you choose to dress-up as, there is bound to be the perfect costume for you.

So will you decide to dress up as an elephant, a giraffe, a teddy bear, a horse, a frog, or a hippo? Or maybe you dream of dressing up as a member of the cat family, like a kingly lion, a magnificent tiger, a leopard that can’t change its spots or a cuddly pussy cat? You can get your favourite animal costumes in all sizes, ranging from cute, fluffy ones for babies and toddlers, kids animal costumes for all ages, and adult wildlife dress-up to fit all sizes. Finding your dress-up costume is easy, as there is a huge range available both online and in the stores.

Cat Costumes

If you love cats, and would really love to dress up as your favourite feline, then you will find that you have a great range of cat costumes to choose from. For the babies and toddlers, you can get really fun one-piece furry suits with cat’s ears and a tail attached.

Somehow cat costumes seem to be more for girls than boys and for the little girls there are some adorable all-in-one cat suits with ears and tails, or pretty pink dresses with a tiger stripe or leopard print trimming that also have an attached cat’s tail and separate cat’s ears. There is a good selection of cat costumes for adults as well, so whether you want to be a sultry, sexy cat or a cuddly, furry cat there is bound to be a great feline dress-up choice for you.

Of course if you want to make your own costume, you can find all the accessories you will need to complete your cat costume separately. You can get great cat’s ears, cat tails and even the cat’s whiskers in a great range of colours

One of the best known cat characters in children’s fiction and film is the Cat in the Hat, and you can also find brilliant Cat in the Hat dress-up costumes. So if you fancy yourself in one of those tall red and white striped hats and a zany dress suit, you will be able to find a great Cat in the Hat costume online. Only want the hat and other accessories? Well you can get Cat in the Hat accessories separately as well.

Big Cat Costumes

But what if you would rather be a dressed as one of the big cats rather than as a domestic moggy? Well then, you will be pleased to know that there is also a great range of big cat costumes for you. Lions are the kings of the jungle, and there have been some famous lions in films such as the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz and the Lion King, which you can get the costumes for.

So if you want to roar into that Fancy Dress Party this year, choose a great lion costume. For your tiniest lion cubs, there are some really sweet plush one-piece lion costumes, with manes, paws and tails. For older kids there is a good choice of furry, lion dress-up options. When choosing animal dress-up it is always a good idea to check what comes with the costume, so that if you need to you can also get accessory packs, such as a lion ears and tail set, separately to complete your animal outfit.

Of course there are more big cats in the jungle than just the lion. Think you look good in stripes? Then choose to dress up as a tiger. Spots more your thing? Then dress up as a slinky leopard or speedy cheetah. Both tiger costumes and leopard costumes come in babies, kids and adult sizes and if you want to create your own costume, you can get the tails and ears separately.

Other Animal Costumes

Bear and Teddy Bear Costumes

If you kids love their teddy bears, why not put them in a teddy bear costume this Halloween? Or get them a proper bear costume if they want to dress up as something a bit more ferocious? There are some amazingly cute teddy bear costumes for babies and toddlers, with ears, paws and even a ribbon bow at the neck.

Even if you are supposed to be grown up, there are still teddy bear costumes for adults! If you are more interested in frightening people in your bear costume, dress-up as a grizzly bear or big brown bear, and then see who dares to not give you any candy!

Elephants, Giraffes and Hippos

Would you be surprised if I was to tell you that you could also dress up as an elephant, or a giraffe or a hippo? If being a peaceful African herbivore is more your thing than being a snarling wild beast, you can get an amazing range of elephant, giraffe and hippo costumes. Nothing could be more adorable than a toddler elephant suit, with big elephant ears, a long trunk and an elephant’s tail.

And if you are an adult, did you ever think that you could look so good in a dainty little set of giraffe horns and tail? Kids and adults alike can have great fun dressing up in a hippo outfit; just perfect for that wallow in the hollow!

So you can easily find a veritable Noah’s Ark of animal costumes to choose from and your whole family will be able to dress-up as their favourite. So whether you and your family want to dress up as a pride of lions, or you would rather be a whole zoo full of different animals, enjoy partying in your favourite animal costume this Holiday Season!

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CMHypno (author) from Other Side of the Sun on December 18, 2010:

Thanks for reading about animal dress up costumes hhelen, and I hope that you find the perfect animal dress up outfits for your kids

hhelen on December 18, 2010:

Nice article - I will check out a few for my kids

CMHypno (author) from Other Side of the Sun on September 16, 2010:

Glad you enjoyed reading about animal costumes, HendrikDB

CMHypno (author) from Other Side of the Sun on September 16, 2010:

Hi katiem2, there are some great cat costumes, so enjoy! For myself, I have my eye on a cheetah costume!

CMHypno (author) from Other Side of the Sun on September 16, 2010:

Hi Hello, hello, thanks for reading the hub and glad that you found the animal costumes cute

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Katie McMurray from Ohio on September 16, 2010:

I wanna be a cat. Great animal costumes for kids and adults and what a great online selection. Thanks :)

Hello, hello, from London, UK on September 16, 2010:

A wonderful and cute selection. Well set out hub.

CMHypno (author) from Other Side of the Sun on September 15, 2010:

Hey blondepoet, who would ever dare call you a prawn? The animal costumes are adorable, especially the baby and toddler ones! Thanks for reading the Hub and leaving a great comment

blondepoet from australia on September 15, 2010:

From a hubber who has been called a prawn herself this hub is terrific. I think the costumes are soooo adorable.

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